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Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (with Wii Speak)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Love It

| | See all tyjhgv's reviews (17)

Nearly the same as wild world but much better graphics and game play. Better to play as you interact more through the use of the Wiis point and play motion. Point and press A to talk to interact with stuff like people and move your player where you point. B makes you chat quicker, pick up stuff and run. I also Like how the menu pops up when you stop moving; its much easier than pausing. Overall pretty pleased:)

Do buy it if you liked the other Animal Crossing games! You'll love this.

  i love it

| | See all gizmobaggins's reviews (2)

I played this game on the DS because I wanted something different to what I usually play and found it totally addictive. This version is updated so its even better! Although it is rather girly, there are aspects on a boy will enjoy such as the fishing and bug catching, plus if you know someone who has it you can compete against eachother with a timer. Also the feature where you can transport your character from the DS to the wii is great because you dont have to have 2 entirely different characters if you plan to continue the DS one too.
However, as this is an updated version of the DS and Gamecube games, there is only slight changes to the actual gameplay so anyone looking to play it hoping for it to be totally different will feel rather disappointed. Also only one person can play it at a time, so if 2 people have characters living in the town they cannot play together, only if its on seperate wiis through the wifi connection. Saying that though, the graphics are amazing, the characters are cuter and its an easy playing game that everyone can enjoy.
The wii speak is a good device, I cannot fault the sound quality as it is so clear that you can hear anyone else in the room besides the person you are talking too. The only downside is if you know no one with it there is little point having it as you will rarely use it other than to send messages to people.

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  addictive, cute and girly!

| | See all sizzynat's reviews (3)

It is what the title says. I am addicted and find everything about it so cute. It is very girly, i couldnt imagine a man playing it. I got the wii speak and think the voice quality and clarity is great but i dont know anyone else with it so cant use it within the game. I send my friends voice messages from the wii message board with it instead. I am really enjoying the game and would recommend it for females only.

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  The best game ever!

| | See all fimbles's reviews (6)

I have this game on the ds, and it is really a good game to have, as you can explore and make friends etc. But the wii version is so much more and you can go to the city to explore and pick up some gems from the shops there!.
It is such a fantastic game, you can visit it as much as you like of as little as you like, but if you leave it too long, some of your favourite people might leave. Brilliant. You will just keep coming back for more!

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  Fun addictive game but-

| | See all molloyclan's reviews (3)

Great game good seeing it on big screen same like other one only thing that i dont like about this game that the people go on and on and on... I hope i havent put you off still buy this game!!!

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  Good Game, But...

| | See all floridaorange's reviews (8)

I got this game for christmas because i liked the ds version so much, i decided to get it without wii speak as i thought it looked silly. The main game is basically the same but its good to see it on a big tv screen, the only thing that's bad about it is that all the characters in the game, especially blather, go on and on, and speak for way too long, and it gets very tedious...

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  Keeps getting better

| | See all Seraphimia's reviews (12)

I've been playing the DS version for a couple years now and am very impressed with this version.

There is so much attention to detail and so many hidden gems, that there is a wealth to do and a long life to the game.

There are even country specific events depending on your location which again, is nice attention to detail.

Much of the DS features are here as well as the GC, but there is a whole new level of game play added and not just with the addition of the city, but just in little touches here and there which you discover with every game play.

My only real gripe is the menu being at the bottom, it really gets in the way when your finishing. I use the nunchuck more now, but there are times you still need to point and click with the Wii remote and end up clicking the menu instead of the water which you were aiming for, other then that its superb.

  Another hit!

| | See all vinylmelts's reviews (7)

I'm now a veteran of both the Gamecube and the DS versions of Animal Crossing - and because of that I'm no stranger to the fact that there a very few changes in a new release of these titles, and I really like that!

This game combines elements of the cube version and the DS, the added bonus this time is that you have the city to visit which has a lovely array of things for you to do, and having Gracie contained in a store is great so you don't have to wait for her to appear in your village (DS/GC).

Wii speak takes a little getting used to but it means you're more likely to spend additional time in your friends villages and the auction room will definately help get all the items you need.

This is a great game for those who aren't hardcore gamers or for those who enjoy the odd game with a slower pace. AC:LGTTC is a hit in my book!

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  Addictive as always!

| | See all MoogleMage's reviews (12)

If you've played any of the previous Animal Crossings games you'll know what to expect. A game that revolves around your new life in a village of anthropomorhic animals.

Animal Crossing is such a relaxing game. You can spend time fishing, catching bugs, arranging a perfect garden and designing new clothes.

Outwardly, theres not much difference from the past games, you still start working for Nook as a brief introduction to the game. The town itself looks familiar only this time it has cliffs and water falls which add a little extra something.

The graphics are simple and charming as always, but I feel as though this adds to the game's appeal. There have been slight moderations to the interface, you can now cycle through your tools without having to open the menu with the left and right buttons (which is greatly appreciated) and you when it comes to designing you can design the front, back and arms seperately (which is again greatly appreciated).

Holiday events make a welcome return from the gamecube version, with more to look forward to than in Wild World you'll be able to obtain unique items on certain dates. The animal photograph feature from Wild world has been removed sadly so now the animals don't seem as important as they used to and you'll find yourself not caring when they move away.

The city area of the game, which I was expecting to be some sort of huge online hub, is nothing more than a few extra shops arranged around a fountain. Most of these shops were available in some other form in the past, Shampoodle having been in Nook's final shop however is now open from the get go.

The Wii Speak feature is a neat little device but the sound quality is questionable, although I was speaking to people in the US so distance might have been a factor. It still beats using the remote to type. You can also use a USB keyboard if you're not feeling talkative or confident.

Theres enough here to keep everyone busy, although if you've invested time in Wild World you may find yourself reluctant to start anew again, you can transfer your character and catalogue but not bells or items. While not having changed dramatically from its former incarnations there are enough little tweaks and extras for you to fully enjoy the experience. You'll soon lose yourself all over again!

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  Good game worth the money.

| | See all NicoleB43's reviews (1)

My son got this game, not from play tho.
And this is him doing this review.

Love the game, just like the others!
But the could be a downfall for people who what a new experience as its just the same start as animal crossing wild world.

But over all the game is great brings back the memories of the first animal crossing on the Gamecube!
Buy this game. ^^