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My Fitness Coach: Get In Shape

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  Excellent - Really Works

| | See all kel1980's reviews (1)

If you are looking to tone up after a huge weight loss then this is fantastic. Really gets you toned and motivated with lots of helpful tips along the way. I hate the gym and classes, etc but i love this and you can choose what parts of the body you wish to tone up which is good. Would highly recommend this to anybody.

  We have the technology!

| | See all kevmoo69's reviews (4)

If you're looking to improve your fitness, this is for you! No matter how fit you think you are this will push you to the next level. I'm pretty fit and healthy, take regular exercise and cycle, hike a lot but this really surprised me! You can set your exercise duration, goals, difficulty and everything to suit what you are after. The on screen look of the routines is very good indeed, it's been well thought out by the developers. The range of exercises is good too ranging from beginner to experienced. This is definitley well worth the money if you are serious about getting fitter! Never mind the six million dollar man. . . .if Oscar would have used this he could've had the six dollar man! Better, stronger, faster! and cheaper than the gym!

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  Very good but has been improved on since.

| | See all Maffuman69's reviews (7)

Missus got this game and every-one has had a go it since. Quite a good range of exercises on it but has been surpassed by 'your shape' since. Can`t really grumble at the price though.


| | See all chocolatemama's reviews (1)

This fitness game is alot better then i thought it would be! I have many fitness DVD's and also go to a gym so am used to working out. Maya (the personal trainer) is a great coach and the workouts are very well done without being over the top. I worked up such a sweat and was really surprised by how much i felt the exercises!! Have been doing this for a few days and really feel like i have had good workout once i have finished....body is aching something chronic right now! Def recommend for all those serious about getting fit!


| | See all DanG81's reviews (17)

My girlfiend is doing this right now and it is hilarious to watch!
She seems to be breathing heavily and sweating which is what its supposed to do i guess. She says its really really good and would recommend it.


| | See all squink's reviews (10)

Maya certainly puts you through your paces and for that i'm thankful, there isn't a session that goes by where sweat isnt dripping off of me, although I find the learning curve a little steep, for example the yoga even with the tutorial it goes way to fast, she doesn't know what your posture is so you could be doing it completely wrong for all she cares.
Also when she asks you how you're doing you get to pick one of three responses but the amount of times i've accidentally clicked the wrong one because the responses are so tiny and close to one another.
Saying that if you want a work out, This is certainly the game to get.

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  What Wii Fit should have been

| | See all Netliz's reviews (1)

This is no game, but is a fab way to get fit using the Wii from the comfort of your own home. If you're like me and don't like visiting a gym, or don't feel like going out to an aerobics class once you've got home from a long day at work, then this is a great alternative.

It is effectively an exercise class in your living room; each session is unique, pulled together from 500 different exercises, at a level to suit your abilities (you interact to say how hard you're finding the routine and Maya will reduce or increase the intensity next time)

You can also choose your daily focus depending on how you're feeling, eg upper body, cardio, core body, lower body, yoga etc.

The one downfall is that there seems to be a lack of explanation in the instructions about unlocking new rooms and music, as seen by the various questions raised on blogs etc. I fell foul of this and did numerous workouts without getting any unlocks. It seems that in order to obtain a workout credit that actually counts towards unlocking, you have to do a workout on the exact day that you've pre-set in your calendar and for the preset time for that day. If you can't make a commitment on fixed days (as I can't) for the same day / length each week, then I've found a "cheat" - instead of setting your calendar in advance, then after loading your profile & before selecting your workout, ensure you set your calendar for that day for the length of time you're planning to exercise, and remove any commitment for any other days. If you do this each time you exercise (it only takes an extra minute) you will never 'miss' a workout, and you'll get unlocks quicker.

Some other reviews complain that the exercises are a bit repetitive, but then so are aerobics classes / videos. Wii Fitness Coach gets you to do reps of say 10 then rest for 10 seconds then do another set of 10 reps which seems reasonable to me.

Overall, the best Wii 'game' I've got. I also have Wii Cardio Fitness Coach, which is mainly Boxing, so I use that for upper body workouts and Wii Fitness Coach for Core / lower / cardio etc. The yoga doesn't rock my boat, and Maya's a bit quiet during the Yoga routines which doesn't help when you don't know what you're doing, but still good!

Doesn't keep stopping for you to select new exercises like Wii Fit.
Chose your daily focus for exercise (eg upper body, core body etc)
Set your time eg 15, 30, 45, 60 mins (every little helps!)
Every workout is different so never gets boring.
Intensity is set to a level you can (in theory) cope with!

There is only intermittent interaction (wii remote is not used so Maya can't tell if you're keeping up, or on the sofa with a huge bar of chocolate)
She doesn't give you much time to get any equipment ready so you have to have it out ready to use and move to it quickly, but you can see ahead to know what exercise is next.

The pro's far outweigh the con's and I'm really pleased I've got this (and Wii Fitness Coach Cardio). Stopped using Wii Fit as it is not in the same league.

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  Great workout

| | See all uncleJoe's reviews (5)

I thought thought this was going to be just another workout video type thing that I'd give up on after a week, but I have to say how wrong I was!
I had been using the fitness software that came with the Wii, which was fine, but a bit slow and too easy to wimp out on.
This is completely the opposite. You set the type of workout you want to do and the duration and even the music you work out to and then for the next hour, or whatever, the trainer puts you through your paces. No long pauses, no irritating 'encouragement', and no wimping out. There's a handy countdown timer showing how long you have left, but it cleverly fades in and out with each new exercise so that you don't clock-watch.
I'm already noticing a difference in my own fitness.
The only things it loses points for are that you can't keep track of your daily progress, and some of the exercises require more room that the average persons lounge. Apart from that, highly recommended.

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  Fun and enjoyable

| | See all R8chie's reviews (1)

I have been using fitness coach for 2 weeks now and i have pretty much stuck to my workout plan. I actually look forward to doing it and enjoy it and find myself wanting to carry on once my workout has finished. I havent found it too repetitive and can honestly say so far there is no excercise i dislike. My body does sometimes ache for a day or two after a workout - depending on what workout i have chosen and for how long. It also keeps me motivated and makes me feel pleased with myself. I find it a thousand times betted than workout dvds.
Well reconmended and well worth the money - bargain!

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  This game made me quit the gym!!!

| | See all Krissiec's reviews (9)

I loved the gym, until I got this game, I have since cancelled my membership, best thing I ever did. This game is excellent and has seriously made me fit and toned, I look much better in 2-3 months, than I did with going to the gym for years! I would HIGHLY recommend this game, its excellent, and alot of fun, I am on this nearly everyday :)