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Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars - Director's Cut

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  a brilliant point and click game

| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

i first became a point and click game fan after really enjoying zack and wiki, secret files and secret files 2 which are 3 amazing games with some brain bending but enjoyable puzzles. i then discovered broken sword for wii and now im an even bigger fan off the point and click genre. the game is amazing and while i solved a lot of the puzzles fairly quickly some off the tougher puzzles made me give up and use the hint system. i ended up using 10 hints by the end of the game but was still happy cos i got stuck bad on quite a lot off them but was determined not to use the hints then solved them with great satisfaction. i highly reccommend this game to fans of the point and click genre and to ppl who want to give their grey matter a workout and stop those brain cells from rusting.

  I need help with lock turning clockwise and anitclockwise

| | See all Connectangels's reviews (1)

enjoying the game so far but frustrated as the wii controller only seems to want to turn it anticlockwise

  A point-and-click adventure

| | See all ClarkyJ's reviews (2)

For those who are fans of point-and-click games or murder mysteries then you will love this.

Players flit between controlling Nico Collard, a French journalist, and George Stobart, an American law student who is on holiday in Paris.

A twist of fate brings the two together as they investigate 2 separate murders which are clearly linked together.

You have to wonder if Dan Brown played this game before he penned the classic The Da Vinci Code such is the close resemblance between the 2 storylines.

This game is ideally suited for the Wii. You simply point on an object or person and interact, solving clues and puzzle as you go.

This is a real classic adventure which I cannot recommend highly enough.


| | See all SarahCoo91's reviews (1)

I remember Broken Sword from when it was available on the PS1 and thankfully, the Wii version has remained relatively the same.
I admit, playing the same game twice would be quite repetitve and boring but there are new added extras in this version where at the start you get to play Nico Collard and puzzles that I've never seen before were added in here and there to get you thinking.
Even though I haven't finished the game (nor did I get he chance to finish the PS1 version as it glitched at a certain stage) I would recommend this to any Broken Sword fan; you won't be dissappointed!

  Beoken Sword - Not so broken.

| | See all SG1000's reviews (1)

While B.S directors cut stays true to the original that was released on PC and PS1, the added enhancements fit in perfectly with the game structure, the story remains the same other than the cleverly inserted scenes where you take control of the female protagonist Nico Collard, she gets her own mini adventure inbetween George's. The puzzles are as entertaining and as tricky as I remembered them being ten years ago, but the newly created brain bogglers left me scratching my head, at least for a little while. One such puzzle was a cypher code, in where you have to substitute letters for others in order to read a hidden message, while great, I felt that this should have only appeared once in the game and not repeated. Broken Sword still remains one of my favorite adventure games of all time and if you have not played, then you definitley should. In the words of George Stobbart "Don't shoot! I'm innocent! I'm an American! "

  Still makes an Awesome game

| | See all Binkinator's reviews (32)

If your a broken sword fan you'll know that BS1 is the best (or on par with BS2) broken sword game Revolution have made. Bringing it back onto the Wii was a great move, i just wish there were more games like it for the wii.

I would have given this 5 stars but i didn't like the fact they removed some video animation from the original and think more Wii enhancing puzzles could have been included.

The extra storyline with Nico works well and answers a lot of questions. I hope they do the same for BS2.

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  great point and click!!

| | See all steev0's reviews (16)

i played this game on pc/ps1 years ago and now on wii,
its the best version on wii withought a doubt its got new areas and aditional cut scenes and loads more dialogue.
i really hope they re-release the rest of the broken sword games for wii cos at the end you just want more

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| | See all duffdogs2k's reviews (2)

WOW, This is a great game. Treat yourself. I was gutted when i done the game. I just wanted more. Please bring out broken sword 2 for the wii.

  this aint broken

| | See all ploiper's reviews (17)

i have this on the gba but this version feels new and fesh. i have hardly put it down scinse i got it, it is so extremely fun and the inclusion of the new content is great. a good hint options and voice acting is hillariously funny. if you like point and click games then this is a must buy.