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Cursed Mountain

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  A good game,good graphics if you can finish it

| | See all jacmam's reviews (2)

Started this game and was loving it,graphics are good but like one of the other reviews,stuck on 'defending the shrine keeper' and cannot get past this stage,have tried everything but just keep getting killed.If you get hit your energy levels go down very quickly and your movements are a lot slower which makes it easier for the enemy to get you.


| | See all HL671985's reviews (1)

I am stuck on ''defeating the shrine keeper'' can anyone help me?? is it a disk problem or is it my spakky movements? :(

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  SUPERB GAME!!! [4 stars for the abrupt ending.]

| | See all guitarkid's reviews (4)

For me, this game stands out as one of the greatest games I've played. In terms of horror, it doesn't come close to the gore of comparative horror games, such as Resident Evil 4. But Cursed Mountain does horror with class, and has its fair share of jumpy moments. For me, the artistry of the game has to be its main asset. The ascension of the mountain is truly beautiful and required me to pause on several occasions to appreaciate the breathtaking surroundings. There is plenty of fighting, with a choice of awesome weapons and and as the game progresses, the majority of ghosts require exorcising. The bosses are excellent and intimidating. The plot could be described as slightly twisted, and comes to an unexpected ending... but this is a game that focuses more on the gameplay and the graphics. Cursed Mountain has been criticised for being too difficult: I would agree that a few parts are very difficult, but this only adds to the satisfaction of completing the game. All in all, a brilliant, suspenseful, gem of a game, and one that I would gladly play through again.

  A long slow walk garnished with a hint of gameplay

| | See all Crestfallen's reviews (18)

Cursed Mountain is an abortive attempt at survival horror which surely never even worked on paper. The majority of time playing is spent trogging through empty streets, mountainsides and villages, occasionally indulging in repetitive railshooter-esque combat with identical ghosts. There is absolutely nothing to do in the game, you literally push 'up' until you eventually get told to retrace your steps before you can move forward.

There's nothing to collect apart from a few scraps of paper (same old storytelling method delivered a lot less cleverly than we've seen with BioShock and the like) and healing incense sticks. You can occasionally find a permanent max-health boost but that's it. 'Puzzles' don't seem to happen, instead you're told to go back and wave the Wiimote at a previously blocked door, have a few more battles then press on. The character moves painfully slow making progress even more grating to achieve.

I find it hard to be eloquent or descriptive about the game since the hours I spent playing it just vanished leaving me with nothing to show for it. It needed puzzles, some interaction, some interesting combat (or a combat-avoidance mechanic like Clocktower 3). Even then I doubt it would pass muster, it's so hair-pullingly dull. As someone who's enjoyed survival horror since Alone in the Dark (never mind Resident Evil) I'm gutted that one of the hopefuls of this console generation has turned out like this.

Cursed Mountain is an extremely poor effort that will very quickly be forgotten, not least when one of tmodest few survival horror games hitting the Wii (hopefully) is a playable experience. If you're absolutely dying to play it then sure give it a rent, but I sure as heck don't recommend it to anyone for purchasing.

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  Good on Deep Silver.

| | See all Stuee1's reviews (1)

In my opinion the Wii needs more third person survival horror games, so good on Deep Silver for bringing one out. Cursed Mountain has great graphics, superb sound effects and a great atmosphere. It is also completely original by setting it on a mountain. A good start.
The game is in the vain of Resident Evil 4, which in my opinion is the best game on the Wii. Whilst it is not as good as Resident Evil 4 it is a valiant effort and I am thoroughly enjoying playing the game.
On the downside the game leads you only in 1 direction and the combat can get a little repetative. However, the story unfolds well and it makes you want to see what is round the corner or up on the next ledge so to speak.
If you liked RE4 you would probably find this game thoroughly entertaining. I do.


| | See all nonibum's reviews (6)

I was disappointed with this game. I took it back the next day as I didn't it. It was rather slow and I found nothing was happening a lot of the time.
I'll be honest, it scared the bejeezus out of me when something jumped in front of the screen.
I was looking forward to it but was left unimpressed. Each to their own of course.

  good attempt

| | See all darfor's reviews (25)

nice attempt at this type of game. the graphics are really good, the sound is superb, especially through a surrond system.
downsides are that the game does get repetative, also i completed it within 2 weeks. a few jumps,but not as bad as the ads make your think.

  Just didn't really interest me at all

| | See all Straughan88's reviews (54)

I bought this game thinking it would be a decent survival horror game for the Wii, but I was highly disappointed. First of all, it isn't really that scary at all, and all the horror elements in it have all kind of been seen before. There isn't really much to do other than just run around trying to find where to go, the combat is really weak and the story is confusing. I gave this game the benefit of the doubt and played it till about the 3rd or 4th chapter and then just gave up, it didn't really grip me or hook me in at all.

  Great Mountain!

| | See all shadowgp's reviews (10)

This is just an example that RE5 would be possible for Wii.

It reminds me a lot of Resident Evil 4 but you will agree that this is something good!

It has Great Graphics (the city in the start is amazing) and Great use of the surround system.

Must Have!

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