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The Conduit

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (39 reviews)"

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  Online play has its problems

| | See all Rob0411's reviews (12)

This game has fun online multiplayer, although there are lots of bugs and glitches which occur too often and spoil the enjoyment. The music is good and the graphics are great for a wii game. The single player campaign is great fun and can be played in lots of different difficulty settings.

  An average 3 for a alright game

| | See all Samladdy's reviews (20)

I bought this game last year for my birthday and since trhen I have been on it since christmas doing the story mode and online multiplayer, and over all its not a bad game but this was a Wii title that promised soo much but gave so little.

Gameplay is reasonable but I found some of the controls a bit to annoying, and control sensitivity was very frustrating at times. Weapons didn't seem great aswell unlike COD it has one weapon for each type, such as a USP-45 for a pistol, a MP5 for a sub machine gun, and a spas-12 for a shotgun. This shouldn't get people down but I think they should of added more weapons for each classes and they did not even include a single sniper.

Multiplayer was pretty good but the match making was unfair, the match making is based on a voting system where people vote for map, rules and weapon list to use and alot of people chose to use explosive weapons in small enviroments which spoilt the game, but when your in a normal game with normal weapons its fun, just tricky and sometimes laggy but it doesn't put you off completely.

In over a reasonable 3 stars for this game suits it, it promised alot for Wii gamers but didn't meet the standards or a proper hardcore FPS shooter, I dpnt want it exactly like COD but it could of been better then the COD titles for Wii already. Conduit 2 is out this autumn and by the looks of it we are promised alot again and it looks alot better, so hopefully we will be getting a Wii game we deserve this year. So for my final verdict it is a good game but beware of some of the annoying controls, enviroments and online play.

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| | See all vivinoir's reviews (2)

I was gutted to see that it had no co-op option but the multiplayer wifi makes up for that. Also people will at first find it hard to use the controls but after a while you get use to them.

  to sensitive

| | See all inqisito's reviews (1)

i was looking forward to this game and now i have it i wished i had never bothered.
if your a part time console player this game takes some getting used to it didnt seem to matter what settings i put the sensitivity at the game was still poor. Low just made it respond way to slow in turning, Middle was like balancing a marble on the tip of a small stick and high well bag of marbles on a small stick spings to mind GRRRRR.

If you moved he controller to quick it would go off screen resulting in what ever your doing going wrong then having to muck about waving the remote at the screen to get response back.

Maybe i got a bum game but thats been enough to put me off very dissapointed i doubt i will play it again so its off to the second hand shop it goes

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  Very Good

| | See all DanG81's reviews (17)

Single player isn't bad but multiplayer is awesome!
Very good game from Sega, i would recommend it purely because of the multiplayer option

  High Voltage thrills from Sega

| | See all SavalasRocks's reviews (21)

For a console who's main selling point has been it's Wii Remote controller, the Wii has been strangely poorly served when it comes to quality first person shooters.
High Voltage software have attempted redress this imbalance with the slightly derivative, but otherwise very impressive, The Conduit.
I'd had initially been put off this game, by some highly derisory reviews from various review sites. But it just goes to show that the critics don't always get it right.
First the bad points:
The storyline(such as it is)is your usual, run of the mill, alien invasion variety-with a bit of political conspiracy thrown in for good measure.
So far, so not particularly original. This is the major criticism that can be levelled at the game, there's nothing in it that other gamers with other console systems haven't played before. On the Wii however, there are few simiar games of it's ilk, which makes it a welcome change from the shovelware and inferior ports that often plague it.
Far more impressive are the excellent graphical touches-like lighting, water effects, above average enemy artificial intelligence and some impressive "ragdoll physics the programmers have managed to squeeze out of the Wii, making it a highly attractive game to look at, for the most part-some bland backdrops and levels, not withstanding.
As hoped, the Wii-mote lends itself perfectly to the FPS genre and aiming and taking out the enemy is both intuitive and fun.
Also directing the position of your grenade throw is made much easier with the flick of the nunchuck, than it ever would with a conventional D-Pad controller.
You can also tweak the control system exstensively to fit your preferred gaming style.
Overall, High Voltage software should be congratulated for creating an impressive debut game for the Wii and I hope their future games build on this success.
While not a AAA product, due to a few glitches, this is none the less a AA product and if you can pick it up for 20 pounds or less you can consider it a bargain!
Happy gaming.

  so good.. more please sega

| | See all Jagleics's reviews (13)

wasn't sure whether to get this or not.. but I went ahead and ordered.. wow.. this game is fantastic.. and the online multiplayer is where the fun begins... seriously recommend

  Pretty good game....but a bit short lived

| | See all Toneloc's reviews (2)

Bought this game after reading reviews and I love fps, and the thought of using the wii-remote as a weapon always wins me over. The Wii has been lacking in decent fps games but for all those people dissing the fps games on the wii, I think you will find the wii is a family game console and not really for the hard-core gamer. However The Conduit is a pretty good game. The problem being what I have found.... the game is a bit short lived.
The multiplayer online is good, if you can wait for an eternity for the system to log you in, thats where the proper challenges and the hard-core gamers go.
I liked it, could have been better, but then again.... so can a lot of other games.

  Hype didn't deliver

| | See all IdigN1's reviews (1)

I pre-ordered this and was very excited when it finally arrived. Had been watching gameplay videos and reading stuff about for a few months. When I finally got to play the game it was a big disappointment. Yeah the grapcics and controller customizations are cool but the game just gets boring very fast. The levels are all the same tube-running and you see the same few enemies all the time. The ASE is a cool idea but in the end you didn't have to use it too much and not very innovative. The hidden armories and wall texts just weren't that fascinating.

While the best looking fps I've played on Wii, definitely not worth the hype. You play it through once in a few hours and that's that. No replay value at all. And the ending was so not grand or interesting at all. When the titles started to scroll I was like "huh, was that it?". After a week and maybe 12 hours of playing I sold the game.

  Great game

| | See all TheBarman's reviews (9)

If you like FPS then you will love this game, reminds me a lot of the original half life game, which is high praise for any game.