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Mario Power Tennis (New Play Control!)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

After a bit it gets boring, but it is really, really, really fun if you love mario games (like me).


| | See all Parky1995's reviews (3)

I dont see how people can right bad things about this game. It's great it's no ment to be serious and exactly like life. Like all other mario games it's just ment to be fun and for me it is! It's got great features like new players ; special shots for each character and it has new courts and minigames! So i'd say buy this game!

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  tennis ? are you sure ??

| | See all slickness's reviews (17)

on the face of it this looks like a game of tennis, but in reality its far from it.

nothing you do actually has any releation to a game of tennis, despite all the swinging around you do its mostly irrelevant to whats actually happening on screen.

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  thought this would be the bees nees

| | See all manchesterMAN1's reviews (29)

had this on gamecube and it was a classic, thought the wii version would be better with the new controls however, the game is just to hard on ace mode with the wii remote, u cant direct your shots enough to win points, funny thing is this game looks great in widescreen 480p better than most wii games and this is a game engine for the gamecube


| | See all JJamieson's reviews (4)

If you were looking for something similar to wii sports, this is not it. You seem to have very little control of the sorts of shots you play but the really irritating part is the grunting sounds that come from your opponent. Rubbish!!

  Like Tennis? Like Mario and Company?

| | See all Sixpack's reviews (8)

I'm sure everyone has played wii sports tennis and thought they want more control,
I was one of those people and this game didn't let me down,
Untill Motion plus comes out i reckon this has great ball controll,
Graphics look great,so vibrant and smooth,
Characters are as you would expect from the Nintendo world - cute and annoying but dont put you off playing what is overall a great tennis game.
Would have given it more stars if you could play people online and if the characters didnt keep saying annoying little phrases all the time.

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  Stick to Wii Sports Tennis

| | See all druster's reviews (12)

This game is not good at all nintendo, It comes no where near to wii sports tennis, Its more for 4 year old kids that are just happy to hit the ball back to the other opponent with no skill involved,
The game play is unpredictable, you have to guess what shot your players going to do next as it doesnt always do the shot you want, where as with wii sports tennis you have control of what shots your player does. May be for 4 year olds, Not for adults who just want a bit of fun with skill involved. DISAPPOINTING game.

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  Mario Power Tennis

| | See all Tomtomone's reviews (3)

I love this game, or should i say my 7 year old son loves this game. Feels like you are playing tennis, best game yet.

  Another excellent game for the Wii

| | See all robandjayne's reviews (7)

The latest from the Mario games, It is not in the same league as Mario and sonic at the Olympics or Mario Galley (but what is?) but still very enjoyable as a two or four player game.

It is a game that needs to be played a number of times before you can start to really enjoy It, controls are Okay use the Nunchuk It makes the game harder and more enjoyable. you don't really need to do much to return the ball, but you can with a lot of practise effect the way It is delivered, the power shots are okay but not that exciting, nothing that we haven't seen before.

First time I played it I was easily beater by my little boy who is 5 and I am competitive.

I can also see this being a good game with a few adult friends with a few drinks.

They are loads of different types of games, which will take a while to find your way through.

I enjoy a Wii game that my Boy and his cousin (both 5) can play together, it is a joy to see them laughing , and this game made them both laugh, jump up and down, and be bamboozled all at the same time, Excellent!

Another excellent game for the Wii.

  Such a dissapointment

| | See all Koppens's reviews (1)

I was really looking forward to this game, as the original Gamecube version was pretty fun and the idea of Wii control mechanics sounded like a great premise for having friends over and playing a more in-depth game than Wii Sports tennis, oh how I was wrong.

For a game that is relying on the gimmick of having new (and better) play controls it sure does fall flat. The controls are not very responsive and fickle about what it classes as a swing. You'll find your self holding the remote down to your waste most of the time waiting for the ball to bounce to you and swinging as hard as you can, but the power of your swing doesn't determine the speed of the ball and you'll find after a few games that your arm will get tired.

The games graphics have been cleaned up and it looks nice and vibrant, it's an easy game to pick up and play but once you start wanting a more technical game you'll start to see how shallow the game really is.

For a relaunch promising new features and game controls Nintendo have really dropped the ball on this one and where Pikmin (and soon to be Pikmin 2 and Metroid Prime) Have lived up to the gimmick Mario Tennis has never felt more like a cash cow.

You'll have fun with this game for 10 minutes but don't expect anything more from it. I traded it in within a week of it being on shelves. I'm just glad I only paid £25 at Play.com rather than £30+ on the high street.

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