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Rogue Trooper: Quartz Zone Massacre

Released on 20 February 2009

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

(10 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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Since the discovery that Black Holes could be used as warp gate points to any other point in the Galaxy, Nu Earth has been at the centre of a war between the Norts and the Southers. Genetic Infantry (G.I.) engineered by the Southers, are able to survive in the toxic hell that is Nu Earth without the need for special equipment.

Betrayed by a General within their own high command, the Genetic Infantry battalion were wiped out in the Quartz Zone Massacre and now only one remains. Ignoring orders to report in, his personal mission is to find the traitor. Roaming Nu Earth until his mission is complete, the Norts know him as the "G.I." The Southers know him as "Rogue Trooper."

There are tales of a lone warrior. A man who knows no allegiance but to his own mission and is hell-bent on revenge. He is the ultimate soldier, the last survivor of the massacred Genetic Infantrymen: he is the Rogue Trooper!
  • Intense third-person action on the future war battlefields of Nu Earth
  • Carries the digitised personalities of three fellow G.I.'s preserved on Bio-Chips in his helmet (Helm), gun (Gunnar), and backpack (Bagman)
  • Use the environment to your advantage - conform to terrain, use it as cover
  • Sophisticated enemy AI will learn your tactics and team up to take you down
  • Surprise your enemy with stealth and dramatic kill moves at close range
  • Experience exhilarating combat journeys on Nu Earth military vehicles
  • From story-driven Campaign Mode to intense Split-Screen action

customer Reviews

 Average rating (10 reviews)

 He's blue with a bad attitude!

| | See all SavalasRocks's reviews (21)

What a welcome addition to the rather under-represented action/shooter genre on the Wii this title turned out to be.
Being a huge 2000ad comic fan-those who haven't read it for a while, should pick up a copy,it's as good today as it's ever been- I was most dissapointed when this last generation title failed to materialise on the Gamecube.
Thankfully, Reef entertainment, in association with Rebellion(the comic publishers) have seen fit to give the game a new lease of life and added motion controls on the Wii.
For a budget release Rogue Trooper:TQZM features some impressive presentation, smooth, well rendered sprites and healthy challenging gameplay. Playing through the game also unlocks some nice extras, like art from the comic, the game and the option to veiw the cut screens at leisure.
Using the nunchuck for grenade throwing and the remote for turning takes a while to get used to. But once mastered, taking on the might of the Nort army becomes second nature.
The game also possesses an fair learning curve and a healthy sense of achievement on completing a mission.
The enviroments are suitably atmospheric and evoke a strong resemblence to the comic book that inspired it.
The overal package represents excellent value and for Wii owners who are starved of some third person, action adventuring this is a must have!
Can we have a GTA style Mega-City based game next please Rebellion?

 Exclusively on the Wii ( yer right :P )

| | See all Omegahunter's reviews (1)

Well that what the ad i saw said, but im sure ive seen this game before back in 2006 on the PC.

Yes its the same game same graphics, same plot, even the dvd cover picture is the same all they have done is added "Quartz Zone Massacre" on to the title.

But saying that it was a great unrecognized classic on the PC and well worth a look on if you cant find it in some budget bin for your pc.

My rating is based on the PC version that this is ported from.

 Really Great Game. Buy

| | See all MoJoJoJoe's reviews (1)

This game brought me back to the Wii after playing my 360 for about 6 months straight.

Really cool game mechanics and one of the only 3rd person shooters on the Wii. The only one that has the Gears of war style cover mechanic.

The weapons are all great and the Wii remote pointer makes it easy to gun people down, especially when using the sniper rifle. Throwing grenades using the aim mode can be a little awkard but just give the nunchuk a flick while aiming and it'll go in the right direction.

Graphics are a little dated but it's far from ugly and taking the enemies out by shooting their oxygen tanks and watching their bodies thrown ragdoll style at a wall is always satisfying. The level design is really great too.

Loads of action and great controls make this a great, fun game. Every proper Gamer on the Wii should buy and play.

 Engineered for War on the Wii

| | See all riseoficarus's reviews (3)

Missed the original release, but glad i found it. This is a gem of a game.
If you know of Rogue Trooper in 2000AD, enjoy. If you don't then get to grips with an idea decades ahead of it's time.
Gameplay. Single player story based, or local multiplayer with up to 4 on split screen. The multiplayer is heavily customisable to tailor your needs. you can also play against the machine solo.
Single player. As you progress you can upgrade the weapons and gadgets and get hints on kill moves at the normal difficulty setting.
There are 3 levels, normal, hard and massacre. The graphics are very good for the Wii and the gameplay is engaging, and not easy.
For a Third person game on Wii it offers excellent value and playability.
My previous game was Goldeneye, this compares well for using the wiimote and nunchuck to the max.

 Best action game on the Wii

| | See all frandeman's reviews (8)

I don't know anything about the original version of this on the PC, but I love it on the Wii. It's very hard to get a good splitscreen action game for the Wii, so that's why i'd rate this ahead of the CODs. A lot of the Wii games are aimed at kids, or Mario fans, but if you're neither of those, this is the game for you. The story also is great, and the last stage is a cracker.

Rating16+ (PEGI)