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Let's Tap (includes 2 Tap Boxes)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Let's Tap proves that simple ideas are the best at times!

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As I have been a gamer for over 20 years with the good old ZX Spectrum being my first gaming machine. I always find it very exiting to find a game like Let's Tap which is original and most importantly is extremely playable by yourself or with friends and family. Let's Tap has five completely different modes for you to enjoy which are as follows: Tap Runner, Silent Blocks, Rhythm Tap, Bubble Voyager and Visualizer which are all controlled by tapping your fingers/hands on a box which your Wii Remote is laying upon.
Tap Runner is my favourite party game where up to four people can race there little man across 16 different tracks which get harder as you progress because of the different traps and objects. You tap the box to make your man run and double tap it fast to make him jump hurdles or electric floating balls. Other dangers you will come across are larger pillers which go up and down which can flatten your man if he gets trapped underneath one. There are cool spring boards for you to jump off and tricky type-ropes for you to walk across.
Silent Blocks is a cross between the game Jango and Puzzle League (Nintendo DS) which is easy to play but hard to master. You have to remove blocks from this large tall tower and try and match at least three colours of the same to get points. If you can't match your colurs up then it will be game over and your tower falls to the ground. You have a maker which goes up and down and when it reaches the block that you want to remove just tap the box. Sometimes if you are lucky or skillful you can have a chain of combo's.
Rhythm Tap works by tapping in time with the markers on the screen as they pass your touch point. The darker the rhythm mark the harder you tap. My partner and five year old daughter like this party game best. There are over 16 songs for you to master your rhythm along to.
Bubble Voyager is a space battle shooter which is crazy mayhem fun in four player mode with friends and family. You have this one screen in which you can fly from one side of to the other and you must try and blow eachother up with these huge rockets. To change direction in battlemode just don't touch the box and your rocket man rotates and once you are facing the way you want to go, tap away and then twice fast in order to fire from your big rocket gun. In single player mode your rocket man flys across the screen in a scrolling shoot 'em up which is bit like Jet Pac - ZX Spectrum cassette game - Ultimate Play The Game. You tap to make your rocket man fly and stop tapping to let him float downwards. To shoot you need to double tap as there are nasty mines and over objects which block your path. There are some nice little bonus items for you to collect such as the Starfish which varies by colour on what it does. Power Capsule restores your energy and Fire Shot launches a perimeter of fire to devastating effect. Last of all the 3 Way Shoot which fires missiles in three directions instead of one.
Visualizer has you filling the night sky with beautiful fireworks. There are three different patterns which require a firm, medium and light tap. Paint, River and Ink are all good fun visual experiences. Gem Game is a tricky little game where you have to tap the box to throw your coloured balls up in air so that they go into containers.

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my 2 and a half year daughter old and my 27 year old partner enjoy playing this... they are addicted to this game and it is a good challenge for co-ordination! Have enjoyed this game really much! :-)

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  Good for those on the autism spectrum

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I dont need to explain what this game does as it has been explained in previous posts.

The reason why this game is good for those on the autism spectrum is because:
Visually stimulating
Bright colours to keep them focussed
Games are controlled by just tapping
Gamers can drsw with this programe, create different visual effects, play atheltic games and rthym games at the touch of a tap...

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  lets tap

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i think it is important that you understand the 2 tap boxes are just cardboard boxes that actually do nothing except that its a good place to put your controller and for this reason i feel cheated by it

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  The Best Party Game Since Warioware: Smooth Moves

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Most party games suck on the wii. FACT!!! Warioware is probably your best bet for a party game where you won't get annoyed from how rushed and chep the game feels and all the waggle that really doesn't need to be there. The problem is that was a nintendo game. What about 3rd party developers? Nothing, until now. Sega have come out with Let's Tap, a unique and colourful little game from the creator of Sonic. This has 5 different games to play by tapping on the box (2 boxes come with the game if you order the special edition). This itself making it unique by not using the wii remote. The remote just sits laying down on top of the box and feels the vibrations from tapping. I was looking at this when it was first announced sometime last year and was curious then. Sometimes its good to try something new and different and see what you think. For 17.99, this is a bargain and should be played by everyone who likes to have fun with their wii when friends come round. The only problem I found with it, was sometimes it feels unresponsive, but I think that is only because of the amount of or lack of pressure you're using when tapping the box. Highly recommended!!!

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  Well Worth The Money!!

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I Brought A Japanese Import Of This Game And Found It To Be One Of The Funnest Games On The Wii.

So Much Infact That I Brought It On Here As Soon As It Came Out, It Is Definetly Worth The £17.99 Because You Get The Game And 2 Tap Pads So That You Can Play It With A Friend. :)

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