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Virtua Tennis 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Not as good as grand slam tennis.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

The motionplus controls for this game are accurate. The gameplay is fun but not as good as grand slam tennis. The career mode is a bit dull as it is too easy and very long. Overall it is a good solid tennis game.

  Good but could be better

| | See all calculator123's reviews (1)

I loved it at the start but when i started to play world tour i got a bit annoyed and bored. It just takes way tolong to climd up the ladder. I have played just over 300 matches and one them all and only 100 in the world..........but then i kept playing a few comps and my ranking froze. My ranking wont go any higher, its really annoying after playing world tour for over 20 hours.[you can see your total time played in options menu] But on the good side, the graphics are savage on the players and venues! Its a good game, but wouldnt rush to get it.

  Good but could be better

| | See all benkernow's reviews (173)

This is good game playing is fun the arcade games are really fun and the career mode is really good idea but it takes to long to up the ranks of amateur then pro even if your playing on it for ages and winning all the time (very disappointing).
The online play is rubbish if you want to play tennis online get Grand Slam Tennis it's way better for that.
Other than those 2 problems it's very good.

  Nowhere near Grand Slam Tennis

| | See all getafix's reviews (2)

I ended up with both Virtua Tennis and Grand Slam Tennis. The latter is much nicer graphically and better for the game play, although some mini-games ideas for VT2009 are interesting.

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  Best tennis game so far.

| | See all AaronSales's reviews (6)

What a game! Theres a huge amount of variety which is quite hard to achieve in tennis. They've added some fun mini-games which are interesting, there is a world tour mode in which you create your own tennis player and work your way up from rank 100 of amatuers to reach the pros, then rank 150 to 1 in the pro league, which takes plenty of time. Also there is a good training game in which you can achieve new playstyles which effects how you play. There is an arcade mode where you play as a pro eg. Andy Roddick and go against 5 stages of pros which get harder each match. With motion plus it is very accurate and the matches are quite short so you don't drag on, the only negative thing is there isn't enough pro players.

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  Not much

| | See all DarthJon's reviews (18)

Not that great. Bad graphics. Alright game play. Got annoyed with it in 5 mins. The original is alot better than this. Long live the Dreamcast!!!

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  Great looking game but too easy.

| | See all Long80's reviews (1)

I was really looking forward to this one being a big fan of the original coin-op and wii sports tennis. The first few days of gameplay were good. The tutorial mode with Tim Henman is a good feature and provides an interesting way to learn the range of shots the game has to offer. Once however you've mastered the control bar to time your swing you can pretty much put the ball wherever you want whenever you want. The world tour mode is a great concept but after winning 40 games straight and moving up the rankings with ease I'd had enough. A real shame!!!!

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  Bloody Fantastic

| | See all yogibear2008's reviews (1)

The Game is Brilliant just like playing the real Game except your not doing all the running around. The Game is very accurate with the motion plus attached to your remote I played the Game when I received it and played it for about an Hour was great. But when I went to work the next morning under my arm was Hurting with all the swinging I was doing you get right into the action. One of the Best games I have Played for ages. Thank you Nintendo


  more than an arcade game!

| | See all markym26's reviews (4)

i'm really impressed by the gameplay on this one, i was initially going to buy grand slam but decided to go with the reviewers choice and got this. at first it was a little hard to get the hang of, i think i was overthinking the wii motionplus, but u just gotta trust the genius of it and do as it says! best to keep the wii remote in the middle between shots and you gotta keep moving about and not stand and admire your last shot. all in all i'm still happy with my purchase and looking forward to playing it a lot more and mastering it! still, i wouldnt mind playing grand slam just to see what its like - there's still that little niggling doubt in my head that i might have made the wrong choice.. but then some people who bought GST might be wondering the same about VT. Solution? Buy both!

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| | See all GlasgowGlasgow's reviews (2)

What a great game, really shows off the wii's control system. Very easy to pick up and play. The controls are really responsive and the online matches add some longevity. Only just started the world tour but if it is similar to previous versions then will be great fun. Plenty of top name player incl murray, nadal and fed. Enough to keep most sports fans hooked for a while. Def worth while buy!