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Dead Space: Extraction

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Best game on Wii!!!

| | See all burgstar's reviews (39)

This is an awesome game in its own right and not just a case of "it's good for the wii." It scores across the board in terms of story, gameplay, innovation and value. There is a superb cinematic campaign that intersperses action with a great narrative, lots of more arcadey score 'em up side missions and even some animated comic books. The game play is great - dismemberment means that accuracy is even more important than most shooting games. If you have a wii there is no reason not to buy this game (unless you bought the special edition dead space 2 on PS3 that includes this).

  Fun on Two Player

| | See all BigHairyCocunuts's reviews (18)

Dead Space on Wii, not bad , I used the Wii guns, fun to play but not a patch on PS or XBox versions.
Resi games are as good if not better for these Rail games.
Still better than I thought it would have been.

  great game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this is a great game and fits in well with the other dead space game its the best game ive played on the wii apart from zelda a must buy really good game and with really good graphics for the wii which is normally so so


| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

Dead space was a surprise hit on the PC, it came out of nowhere and has prooved itself one of, if not the best survival horror games ever.
To be honest, although I was looking forward to another dead space game, I suspected this might let me down as the graphics wouldn't be up to much (as with most wii games) and the "on rails"
format would detract from the gameplay.
However the graphics are top notch, really impressed. The game is very well put together, and the story is as solid as the PC game.
The voice acting and characters add a lot to it as its one of those where you actually start to care what happens to them.
The final iceing on the cake it the actual shooting, its spot on. I've noticed with the majority of shooters on the wii that (no matter how much I callibrate) the target cursor is either too slow, too fast or way out of sink, here it works very well.
In short this game is fantastic, maybe not that scary, but its no walk in the park either!

  Great addition

| | See all mrblacksky's reviews (2)

I really enjoyed this game. i have played the first dead space and to be honest i found myself struggling to get into it at first but i had no such problems here. The story is great and straight away your immersed into the plot. The graphics are superb as well as the lighting effects. As one reviewer already said there are no real scary bits but the game itself is still great fun to play and theres a lot of necromorphs to be killed with a variety of weapons.

The game itself is a lot better than some rail-shooters out there and other companies should take note of how it can be done! All in all its a great game not just for the wii but a great game full stop. I only wish it was a little bit longer but thats just me being greedy for more!

  great graphics

| | See all darfor's reviews (25)

the graphics is this gane are very good, some of the best i have seen on the Wii. not to difficult to pick up and play once you get used to controls.about half way through at moment and looking forward to finishing it.
not the most scariest game , but there is great sound and the atmosphere is tense in places.
personally i do not mind playing on-rails type of games, and to be honest you forget ths once you are playing.
for 15 quid this is well worth thr money

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  One of the better wii games

| | See all sideshowdan's reviews (13)

Im a big fan of the PS3/360 version of Dead Space so was looking forward to this being a prequel. Wasnt Disappointed.
In my opinion better than the Resident Evil "on the rails shooters"
Plenty of action, guns, nice little Co-op 2 player and challenges.
Impressed with the graphics, one of the better loooking wii games and sounds good. Not really scary at all but just good fun.


| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

Really enjoyed this game, immense throughout and left you wanting more. Once played through, there are challenge modes, and you can play the main game again on a harder mode which makes the game even more intense. Thoroughly recommended, and we need more games like this on the Wii please!!!!

  brilliant craic.

| | See all bulbous's reviews (1)

if you loved dead space on the xbox you will love this, the best light gun game ever, you get to cut your own hand off with the nunchuk, sheer class, just tell let the kids play. or do. he he.

  An Absolute Blast!!!!!!!

| | See all Simonlee's reviews (16)

Now I've had this game for about 2 weeks now I can honestly say it is one of the best On Rails shooter and Wii games I've seen so far, I like most people were abit dubious about this game coming to the Wii but have to say I was not dissapointed. It is a none stop blasting ride of gore and shocks that will please most hardcore and shooter fans, It has amzing graphics for the Wii as it looks like a lower res version of the PS3 original and some areas of the game will be recognisable instantly to all Dead Space fans, the sound is also very impressive with screams and shouts of the aliens and crew members of the USG Ishimura, D'ont miss out on this great game get it now!!!!!