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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Brilliant PS1 Remake

| | See all SolarNova's reviews (19)

I own the original ps1 version and it never ceases to amaze me how often i remember a game looking great, then go back to it and am astonished at how crappy the graphics was :P .. that may just be due to seeing it on a 42" plasma now, than a 15" crt tv back then :P ..but anyway.

This remake stays true to the original in almost every respect, there are places where the locations of enemies is off slightly or missing and also the writen (and i asume the english speech) is slightly different.

The option for 2 types of speech wasnt really necessery imo, no one in their right mind would want to listen to the english voice acting in a game like this (its horribly out of pace and dont really match the characters). I've heared the japanese voices on their version which tbh matches up so much better, even better infact than the phantomile voices, though it should be mentioned that those phantomile voices were done by japanese voice actors also. Just goes to show, when it comes to voice acting, go Japanese :P

The overall appereance of the game is very colorfull, though im a little dissapointed the orginal cg movies used in the PS1 version werent redone in more up to date CG, instead they use in game visuals. In terms of quality, well 'for a Wii game' its great, though ignoring the fact its a Wii game, the distant graphics is very very blocky, only disguised by a blurr effect which ends abrubtly and can look odd when for example u see a windmill blade go thru the edges of the blur effect.

Personaly, as with all Wii games i buy, i have ported it to my computer and played it on Dolphin which makes it look 4 times better (literally 4x the resolution) and i sugest any1 else who can do this.. does.. . It makes up for nintendo's weak consol.

For what the game is, 4/5, let down only by how short it is.

  OK game

| | See all liamsky's reviews (9)

I bought this game fairly cheap because i thought it would be nice to try something different and yes it is a really good game it doesn't get repetitive and is taxing and addictive 7/10

  if you like 2d platformers get it

| | See all manchesterMAN1's reviews (29)

just a short review. gamplay a graphics are great, its perfect for a lazy weeknd and for 14.99 you cant go wrong (maybe playtrade it after)

  this game is a dream

| | See all jumpedcat's reviews (3)

I haven't played the oiginal game for ps1 actually,so I can't say anything about the wii versione extras.
the graphic is great,the sound too,and the gameplay is very funny.
maybe too simple and sort,expecially if you are an expert gamer,but I still recommend this game.

  Excellent remake of a PS1 gem

| | See all MoogleMage's reviews (12)

Ah Klonoa! This was one of my favourite games on the old PS1 and when I heard it was being remade for the Wii I was thrilled.
While it appears to be a simple 2D platformer you'll be more than won over by its charm and pure addictiveness.

The remake as gone through a complete graphical overhaul and offers a whole bunch of unlockables including time attack, mirror mode and even extra costumes for klonoa. The addition of english voice actors was also included, however, I found klonoa's english voice to be completely out of place. Thankfully you can switch back to the original "Phantomile" version which has characters speaking in a made up language. The extras really add to the longevity of an otherwise short game.

A great game at a great price, theres no way you can go wrong really.

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  Simple, perfectly balanced platforming.

| | See all zombiejellybeans's reviews (1)

An amazing remake of a classic (now hard to get hold of) ps1 game, redone with beautiful new graphics and sound design/voice over.

The platforming remains the same, with tight controls (try to play with the remote turned sideways, rather than with an analogue stick) and classic 2.5D design. It's simplicity and linearity makes sure you don't get sidetracked from the adventure, but the game can reward straying from the beaten path with collectible extras. It's a pretty short game (4-6 hours), but for play.com's asking price of £14.99, it's a crime to pass this up.

So, if the saccharine visuals don't put you off straight away, don't hesitate to pick this up. There aren't too many great games on the wii these days, so please support the ones with heart and thought put into them (I'm looking at you, carnival games...)