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Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero (0)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Fun and frustrating

| | See all ToniWii3DS's reviews (4)

This game has the classic Resident Evil feel to it. It still has the horror element the series has started to lose. As a survival horror fan I can enjoy even a game that was released almost ten years ago like Resident Evil Zero.

This game has some frustrating elements. The notorious "tank" controls are there. I have no problem with the classic controls, until I meet some faster enemies. You have absolutely no way to defend yourself except standing still and hoping you can shoot the enemy to death before it kills you. You can also try to run pass the enemy but this is also likely to fail since the hallways are narrow and the fixed cameras make navigating a bit harder. The playable characters are like robots and there are no side steps, dodge or anything like that. So you are going to die. A lot. Crazy zombie chimps that run on walls will kill you. Weird swamp monsters with long leech-like hands will kill you. Even regular zombies will kill you. And why? Because you stand still and shoot. Why? Because anything else is pretty much out of question. That is almost enough to make this game horrible.

Also the fact that you are constantly forced to leave stuff behind because you can only carry 6 items per character doesn't help to make the game enjoyable. It's really annoying. You can see the stuff on the map, but it's not nice to spend 10-minutes to pursue some left-behind item that you would of course carry with you. If you could.

It is still Resident Evil and the plot is there, the horror is there and the fun is also there. Recommended for RE fans that aren't afraid of outdated graphics and few (quite big) flaws.

  Surivival horror at its best.

| | See all goodwin's reviews (5)

This may take some getting used to if you are using the wii remote and num chuck. But is a great and helps make the game feel like a brand new tital. This is pure survival horror at its best. If you have never played a Resident Evil title the i advise you to start were the horror all came from. The story is great and keeps you hucked from start till finish. It offers all the best in survival horror as it should be but is not a hard game to complete for beginners, but still has its puzzles and plenty of zombies and monsters to kill. So if you want a game to keep you busy and coming back for more. Then buy this game. Its a must have for all.