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Punch-Out!! (Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Best Use Of Controls On Wii

| | See all cutegamesforgirls's reviews (124)

Punch-Out!! is a brilliant boxing game where you play as Little Mac aiming to beat the best. You are wacked in front of a fighter and given the option to dodge left or right, duck or block weaker punches using the nunchucks analogue stick. You punch by thrusting the remote or the nunchucks for a right or left handed punch and you can do this high or low by holding the analogue stick up or down. It works perfectly in practice and is by far the best use of motion controls on the Wii. You come up against 14 opponants who are all amusing stereotypes of countries like France, Japan and Ireland. (Thankfully no English though!) The aim is to avoid their attacks and knock them out or just win by decision. Once you fight through them all, they come back much stronger and the game gets unbelievably hard. It's full of charm and character which is demonstrated when after completing the game, Donkey Kong steps into the ring for a practically unwinnable fight. This is a lot better than Wii Boxing and quite possibly is the best game on Wii. I can't recommend it highly enough because very few people seem to have actually bought it. The price is a bit steep but I guarantee it will pay off from the hours of fun there are to be had. Truly a great game.

  its ok

| | See all tullyrulz's reviews (9)

punch out is a good game. when you beat all of the boxers in contender mode (which is really easy!!) you get given a second option where you have to defend your belt, this mode is rubbish, because its really hard and you just cant be bothered,this game should have online but it doesn't ,which is dissapointing.

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  best gamer game on wii hard as nails

| | See all manchesterMAN1's reviews (29)

great game hard as nails! if you enjoy the challenge of old skool games your missing out if you dont buy this game. join club nintendo mac!


| | See all jinko64's reviews (2)

this is one very good game. ace controls and greaty graphics. thanks nintendo you have delivered a gem! once again

  The best Punch-Out!! yet...

| | See all BARKSTAR's reviews (8)

If you liked Punch-Out on either the NES or the Super NES then don't hesitate to pick this up. The game play is as good as ever and the graphics and animation are superb. The boxers now ooze more character than ever before and makes for an overall better experience while fighting them.

If you are a fan of games that require skill and precision timing then pick up Punch-Out!! as it will test you to the limit and has that old school hard but fair gaming feel to it. Fans of the original NES version should be happy as it has more in common with that version than the sequel but the game contains boxers from both games so there will be something here for every Punch-Out!! fan.

Next Level Games and Nintendo did a great job with this and fans of the series and new comers to the game have plenty here to be excited about. Long overdue but highly recommended.

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  Restored my faith in the WII

| | See all sugarfoot's reviews (5)

After recently thinking "is WII sports the only half decent game", this came as a pleasent surprise. Being able to remember the original version on the NES i was quite looking forward to this. Within five minutes after learning the opponents moves you'll find youself playing for ages. However can not play it today as my shoulders ache from yesterday. Buy this one!!

  U know when u really wanna bop someone you dont like

| | See all RAMONES1984's reviews (2)

This game gave me a chance to give a good old bopping to people without being caught. Very fun, most characters are returning from the NES classic apart from one new guy who nobody will like. Multiple control options, classic D Pad is def the easiest as the motion sensor sometimes misses one of you punches and wont register it. Balance board is pretty useless im afraid and does really add anything other than frustration.
Still this is a game pretty much anyone can enjoy and is easy to pick up with minimal effort. But where is the hell is Gabby Jay? I really wanted to give that old coffin dodger a bopping.

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  Classic Punch Out!! Gameplay

| | See all lukedaniel's reviews (40)

if you liked super punch out for the snes your going to love this its classic gameplay with some of the original characters returning includes the option to use your wii remote like a nes controller or to add the balance board for ducking and dodging definaly recomended

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