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Another Code: R - A Journey Into Lost Memory

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Old Silent Movie Game

| | See all IanHar1's reviews (6)

I found too much text, it reminded me of an old silent move of the 1920's era, graphics were ok but to reiterate way too much text, I will not be finishing the game off, another one at the back of the shelf, for when I get old and loose my hearing.


| | See all nibbletthehamster's reviews (2)

it's really fun to play and i found it quite addictive! The story behind it hooks you and makes you want to play more. Plus it's ok if you havent played Trace Memory because it gives you the option to find it out when neccessary.

Some of the puzzles seem really tricky but once you work them out, you'll kick yourself for not seeing how obvious they really are.

Some of the complex story lines and puzzles might be hard for a 7 year old (PEGI rating) to work out. I had my seven year old cousin with me at the time and the bit at the start scared her a bit. But other than that its a really beautiful game! :)

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  it a thinkng puzzles game like the last one

| | See all edward2010's reviews (8)

just love a sequel of another code trace memorys. love how ashley solves mystery of her mother dead and finding the killer and make friends. it a great game if your patient to solve puzzles and carry on with the storyline.

  Great game

| | See all THIEF15's reviews (9)

It is a great game. Most of the puzzles are pretty logical so you can keep on playing. Also a lot of times get the right information so that you know what to do or where to go. A lot of times you get "blocked" if you go the wrong way. Either its yourself or another person saying that you are going the wrong way.

It is also nice that you really need to do some of the things instead of just pressing a button. Like shaking the test tube, can't do it to hard or it spills and can't do it to slow it doesn't mix then (or very very slowly). Might have been a little bit nicer if it had motion plus support but still its nice to do.

There is a little to much conversation when you think about it but I personally didn't had to many problems with that because it did give me a more of feeling of a real life and not just like "tell me what I need to know and then shut up". I would have like to see the ending done differendly. Its incomplete when you finish the gameplay. In the end movie its like, "o yea this and that is also taken care of". (I give 1 star less because of the quick ending, otherwise it would have had 5 stars)

It is a great game for both people who did and didn't play the ds game. But if you did play the ds game you might understand a little bit better and quicker what the story is about. But don't let it stop you from playing a great game if you didn't play the ds game.

  very absorbing

| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

Im about 15-20 housr or so into this game so far and i have to say that im really enjoying the story orientated style of the game. i must admit that some of the conversations do tend to drag on a bit but that what the game is about and if your the type to enjoy reading books and enjoy a good story then its a nice game to just chill out play. I find it very pleasing and conveniant that you can save your progress almost whenever you like which means you could play the game little but often like i do, as long as your not in the middle of a conversation or one of the crafty puzzles which by the way you can abort solving if you want to save your game and you will just start where you saved it. The puzzles are one of the main reasons i bought this game because i really enjoy having to use my brain and solve crafty little puzzles. They are not to hard but not to easy either and some of them have had me scratcing my head for a little while only to get that good feeling of satisfaction when you click on it . The graphics are colourful and nice to look at and the music suits the game as well, however the music can bug you a bit when your in the middle of a long conversation and can start to sound a bit repetative as the tune loops over. i simply turn the volume down until i can hardly hear it until you move on wiv the game then i turn it back up a bit lol. works for me anyway. If you dont like reading a long interesting story with crafty puzzles then this game is not for you but if you do then i highly recommend this truly gorjus relaxing game. Its a bit like a game version of a book.

  Glad to see a sequel but...

| | See all 21milesperhour's reviews (12)

its not as good as it could of been, and doesnt compare to the 1st game on the DS which had: Harder puzzles, more innovative puzzles, darker story events, less meaningless dialogue and a better ending. if you enjoyed the 1st one and want to see ashley's adventures 2 years later in this wii game then i recommend. But if you're strapped for cash, then dont bother just yet, its not worth the rush. Hopefully if there is another game its on the DS again.

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| | See all ACECYBERWITCH's reviews (1)

have played loads of these type of games this has to be one of the best i have tried just a couple of gripes to much tex in places and you have go though it each time you want to restart on of the puzzles wish there was a skip text button like you get in pc games. hope there is an other on the way.

  Great game

| | See all emrulezz's reviews (2)

i thought the game was great i really enjoyed it i completed it in 5 days some parts were a little difficult to figure out but all in all its a good game once you start playing you can't stop playing it i was on it till 2.30 am one day just so i could finish it theres a little to much dialuoge for me i got very impatient and wanted them to shut up

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  Typical CiNG excellence.

| | See all hadouken87's reviews (2)

A fantastic adventure, a little heavy on the text and highly recommended for fans of story-driven adventure games such as CiNG's own Hotel Dusk and the original Another Code, and the Capcom made Ace Attorney series.

A highly impactful and beautiful watercolour inspired art style along with a wonderful soundtrack perfectly complement the serene atmosphere of Lake Juliet.

The game has some really cool puzzles which require you to think "outside the box" (much like the DS original) which never feel "cheap" or "unfair".

My first play-through lasted 19 hours which is much better than the DS precursor, which can be done in a matter of a few hours. There's enough to see and do to warrant a second play-through to pick up on a few things you missed the first time around.

Overall, recommended if you don't mind reading through a lot of text and are looking for an evocative and beautifully presented Wii adventure.

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  An excellent game

| | See all MrBiGIt's reviews (19)

I ve just purchase another code r. i hadnt played the first one but thought i would give this one a shot as i thought it looked like a good adventure game. it is a great mystery! i haven't finished it yet and don't no how long it will be before i do but it is reallt really good. i think its only flaw is the constant talking and reading, most of the game revolves around talking to people, so if you don't want to bother with this and would rather just have a strait forward game then is is not for you. If you want a game to get stuck into then i would buy this, also the graphics are really good! Thankyou and i hope this helps.

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