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Grand Slam Tennis (with Wii MotionPlus)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Best new sports game in ages.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

Grand Slam Tennis make great use of the motionplus. It feels like closest thing yet to playing real tennis and is a real step forward for motion controls. The career mode is a bit underdeveloped but otherwise this is a great game.

  Would love online play if it wasn't so buggy

| | See all CASBOLT's reviews (1)

This is close to being a perfect tennis game. Like anything, it takes practice, but after several hours play (with nunchuck) you can place the ball, lob, dropshot and aim your serves. Beating the computer in grand slam mode is easy when you serve and volley and you rarely lose a game.
It should be brilliant playing online and working your way up the rankings, but is extremely frustrating as the ball can bounce twice on your opponents side and they still return and win the point. Often you win the rally and the point goes to the opponent.
This wouldn't matter so much if the matches were longer, but over 3 games every point counts.
Also many people online will quit before play starts if their ranking is lower than yours, they do not lose points for this and is annoying.
Could have been such a great game, but i cannot play anymore as winning is too much down to luck and this is INTOLLERABLY frustrating.

  Great but could be better

| | See all Diceman's reviews (1)

I've had this game now for a little while and i do really enjoy it. However i feel that the grand slam mode lacks a little depth, for instance, in other games like virtua tennis and topspin there are several mini-games throughout a season which this lacks a bit. Yes, there are the compulsary pre-tournament games which are ok but there should be more training focused games.
The graphics are on one hand really good, the chartoony graphics for the players work really well but i have to say, compared with other ea series games the crowd looks like cardboard! It doesnt affect gameplay but i feel that ea could have done better here.

Overall i would recommend this game to any tennis fan, it does take a little getting used to, i think the key is realising to take your time on shots and not to rush them and use the nunchuk! - If you don't the computer puts you in some awkward positions and its tricky hitting the up or down arrow to move baseline - net. Nunchuk makes this no problem.
Great, but could have been better, heres seeing what 2010 brings...

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  Great and Frustrating at the same time

| | See all Corkball's reviews (7)

When it is working right it is one of the best games I have played. But regularly the handset doesn't respond or the player just swings when you don't.
Also when not using the Nunchuck the player positions himself very awkwardly leaving you no time to readjust your shot.
I am enjoying the game but I find myself screaming at the TV in frustration at times.


| | See all Charles78's reviews (4)

In the first week I thought this game was great - but now the shine has really gone off it.
Feels like it was rushed to be out in time for Wimbledon.
The Wii motion+ is not very responsive compared to other available games. I want all of the players in the tournaments and not just the tiny handful of real players who range from John McEnroe to Andy Murray. Andy Murray has never won a Grand Slam so he's clearly on the box to boost sales.
Could and should have been so much better. I've been a fan of EA games since John Madden 1991 on the Sega Megadrive and just hope they try harder next time.


| | See all reap945's reviews (1)

This game is great takes a while to get used to but once you got it theres no stopping you fantastic with wii motion plus

  Has flaws, but good game combine with nunchuck and motion+

| | See all JezKun's reviews (6)

Okay, when people say that this has a tough learning curve, they mean it will not take hours, but DAYS. This game is hard to get the hang of - hitting the ball is fine, it's just timing when to hit the ball. The game works much better with the nunchuck plugged in so that you play the shots you want to, and not where the computer places you. Once you get the hang of it, this game can be really fun, but be ready for the frustrations of going up a difficulty level. Playing with friends and family can be fun, providing that they can get the hang of it. The main game is very short and the whole game has a lot of flaws such as the motion control needs to be reset mid-game, the voice acting is absolutely abysmal and the visuals can be very, very plain and ugly. Overall, however, it is worth the extra money for motion plus (without I would have given it 2 stars) and the game itself can be very entertaining and tiring. This game may cost you more than you bargained for in that you are likely to destroy pieces of furniture along your frustrating journey to become a Grand Slam champion but in the end you will feel it's worth it.


| | See all simofuma's reviews (3)

This game is great, but really hard! I'm playing from 2 days, what can i say, it's absolutely fantastic but sometimes the remote control misses some movements, i don't know why. And it's very hard! Maybe Borg vs. Nadal is an hard match for me, but i won only one set in 5 or 6 matches! If you don't like easy games, that's for you! I have to go now, Nadal is waiting for me!

  Backhand isn't great

| | See all hoisin's reviews (8)

I like this game, it looks great and for the most part plays really well, however, playing backhand shots without the nunchucka is a nightmare. It perceives your arm movement into the backhand position as a shot which makes you miss the ball by a mile. Really REALLY frustrating.

From what I read, using the nunchucka will cure this, but I'm not speedy enough around the court with that yet.

Practice practice practice.

  The future of Wii is here

| | See all TheJoker23's reviews (2)

What can I say. This game is brilliant. However, there is a MASSIVE learning curve. I played for around 3-4 hours when it arrived and must have won about 3 games overall and I consider myself a good tennis player. I wasn't to sold on wii motion plus thinking it was a bit of a let down. I returned to the game today. Wow. What a difference practice makes. I won a match, a five set thriller. Everything i tried responded beautifully and I understood how it worked and it does work perfectly. I am so pleased and excited as Wii Motion Plus works and is not a gimmick. I should also stress that I use the nunchuk to control your player, without it you can end up in the wrong position and it can be annoying.

In summary, you gotta give this game time. But when you do, it pays off big time. This is what the Wii was supposed to be about. Well done EA. The only negative reviews this game gets is from people who are impatient and don't give it enough time it seems as it 100% works. Don't miss out. See you online!

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