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Nintendo Wii - Top Sellers

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  1. Wii Fit Plus (Game Only)

    Wii Fit Plus (Game Only)

    New  from  £4 .40

    Available used  from  £4.95

    Adding even more features to the incredible original, Wii Fit Plus promotes fitness and fun for the whole family. Like your very own personal trainer, this virtual fitness enhancer provides a number of different exercises including balance games, yoga, aerobics and muscular workouts.


  2. Punch-Out!! (Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board)

    Punch-Out!! (Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board)

    New  from  £10 .56

    Available used  from  £5.87

    Ding! Ding! Round One! The iconic Punch-Out!! series has now arrived on the Wii! Play as Little Mac, a small fry with a hunger to box, and dish out the pain by punching and parrying your way through a ladder of nefarious opponents to become world champion. It's an absolute knockout!


  3. 007: GoldenEye

    007: GoldenEye

    New  from  £14 .93

    Available used  from  £9.20

    In the spirit of the classic N64 original, 007: GoldenEye offers a storming single-player campaign and multiplayer modes for up to four players. Exclusive to Nintendo platforms, this stunning reimagining of the film casts Daniel Craig as the superspy in a story every bit as action-packed.


  4. Wii Sports

    Wii Sports

    New  from  £19 .95

    Available used  from  £17.99

    Many people at E3 heralded this as the game of the show, and it is easy to see why. Featuring a number of sports including tennis, baseball and golf, Wii Sports perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of the consoles remote controller. Movements with the controller replicate real-life actions! Slice, smash, bunt and strike your way to victory, and above all, have fun!


  5. Just Dance

    Just Dance

    New  from  £15 .92

    Available used  from  £3.99

    Set the dancefloor (your living room) on fire with a tracklist full of favourites and classic choreographies. Featuring songs from Katy Perry, MC Hammer, Cyndi Lauper, Technotronic and more, Just Dance has got the music, the moves and more game modes than you can shake a booty at!


  6. Rayman: Raving Rabbids - TV Party (For Wii Fit)

    Rayman: Raving Rabbids - TV Party (For Wii Fit)

    New  from  £10 .50

    Available used  from  £1.29

    The maniacal Rabbids are back and this time they have taken over Rayman's TV. The bonkers bunnies are on every channel - even the adverts! Play more than 50 TV-themed games, with up to 4 friends or 8 online. You can even use the Wii Balance Board, so what's stopping you?


  7. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    New  from  £17 .91

    Available used  from  £15.98

    Hold onto your seat and get ready for orbit as the long awaited Super Mario Galaxy 2 prepares to lift off! Bursting with new features and gameplay elements, including new ways to travel around the galaxies and an enhanced co-op mode, there's something for everyone in Mario's latest adventure!


  8. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    New  from  £11 .91

    Available used  from  £5.96

    Resident Evil goes all-action in this on-rails blaster. Zombies come thick and fast as you battle through scenes from 'Resident Evil 2', 'Code: Veronica' and all-new levels starring Leon S. Kennedy! The Wiimote becomes your gun as you make the undead just plain dead. Remember - aim for the head!


  9. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (Game Only)

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (Game Only)

    New  from  £5 .99

    Available used  from  £4.99

    In Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, players must transform into mighty warriors to save rock 'n' roll with their axe-wielding skills. Featuring 90 guitar-shredding classics, with 300 more downloadable from launch, this heavy metal monster is the first in the series to feature a story mode.


  10. Big Beach Sports

    Big Beach Sports

    New  from  £9 .10

    Available used  from  £1.74

    If you can't make it to the beach this summer, worry not: Big Beach Sports brings all the fun of beach sports to your living room! Hone your skills in the single-player tournament, then take on up to 4 friends in 6 different sports, including Beach Volleyball, Cricket and Football.


  11. Doctor Who: Return To Earth

    Doctor Who: Return To Earth

    New  from  £32 .66

    Available used  from  £2.21

    Play as the titular Time Lord in this riveting Doctor Who Adventure exclusive to Nintendo Wii. Doctor Who: Return to Earth is a gripping 3D action-adventure game featuring an authentic storyline written by author Oli Smith. No Doctor Who fan should be without a copy.


  12. Wii Sports Resort (with Wii MotionPlus)

    Wii Sports Resort (with Wii MotionPlus)

    New  from  £33 .88

    Available used  from  £10.98

    Wii Sports Resort is an active game with a dozen fun activities. Easy to pick up and play, but with a surprising level of depth, it's sure to challenge even the most seasoned gamer. Bundled with the Wii MotionPlus, prepare to experience the wonderful world of Wii Sports like never before!


  13. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    New Super Mario Bros Wii

    New  from  £29 .95

    Available used  from  £14.98

    Mamma mia, Mario! New Super Mario Bros jumps from Nintendo DS to Nintendo Wii in a unique combination of cooperation and competition. Players can choose whether they save their buddies from danger or battle them to the end - how you play it is up to you... and your friends!


  14. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Solus)

    Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Solus)

    New  from  £3 .85

    Available used  from  £5.87

    Guitar Hero Aerosmith lets you play through the whole career of the legendary rockers, from Nipmuc High School to the enormous venues they play today. And as if that wasn't enough, you also get songs from the bands who supported Aerosmith, including The Clash and Lenny Kravitz!


  15. Kororinpa


    Available used  from  £9.99

    Using tilting Wii's motion sensitive Wii Remote with poise and precision, players must seek to navigate their favourite cute and quirky balls, each with their own look and varying benefits, through complex 3D mazes.


  16. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

    Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

    New  from  £19 .97

    Available used  from  £8.07

    From the people who brought you LEGO Star Wars comes an adventure of historic proportions. Play through the original Indiana Jones movies as everyone's favourite fedora wearing archaeologist - but as LEGO characters! Grab Indy's signature whip and experience the stories and locations first hand.


  17. Summer Sports Party (Play Zone)

    Summer Sports Party (Play Zone)

    New  from  £12 .99

    Available used  from  £4.19

    Welcome to the island of Summer Sports Party on Wii! Play with up to 4 friends or family members though 12 high energy minigames. Choose from 10 characters and enjoy active Wii Remote gameplay to get you in shape for summertime, Nintendo-style!