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Soul Calibur IV (with FREE Exclusive Xbox 360 Faceplate)

Released on 01 August 2008

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

(37 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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With the souls in blade, the Ultimate battle unfolds... Engrave your name in history.

The latest series of the pinnacle of 3D weapon fighting Soul Calibur arrives on Xbox 360. Two swords at their ultimate form of evolution during the reincarnation of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, something else has awakened as the battle between the two swords comes to the final phase, with the resurrection of whom created those swords. Nightmare in its ultimate form awaits Siegfried for the final battle. What lies ahead for the characters twisted by its destiny?

Pre-Order Soul Calibur IV from Play.com and receive a FREE exclusive Soul Calibur IV Xbox 360 Faceplate

  • Online VS for the first time in Soul Calibur series
  • VS Classic - Battle one on one in this classic match
  • VS Ultimate - Play online with your customised Soul Calibur character
  • Critical Strike for each character
  • New Active Matching Battle game system
  • New interactive environments
  • 720p HD resolution graphics
  • Enhanced Character Creation mode - Players can customise their character to look and perform to their desire
  • Special Characters: Lord Vader's Secret Apprentice from "The Force Unleashed" and Xbox 360 exclusive Yoda
  • customer Reviews

     Average rating (37 reviews)


    | | See all shuttermatt's reviews (1)

    Ok, I appreciate Beat Em Up's are short but this is way too short. You can unlock most characters in 20 minutes.

    More importantly, the game is imbalanced compared to its predecessors. I find it impossible to 'juggle', you can't 'counter a counter' and the combat system seems poor.

    I tried learning some characters but it's rather pointless as button bashing is all too easy. At least in Tekken the blocking system makes it more difficult for button bashers to win.

    The graphics and sets are outstanding. However, I was disappointed with this game. I'd maybe recommend renting if you have some mates round. But don't expect to learn a character and kick ass, because its pointless.

    I'd rather play Tekken 3, at least you can do decent 10 hit combo's and spend a bit longer unlocking the characters.

    If your girlfriend doesn't really play games but you want her to feel like she can, then buy this game as she'll probably kick your ass.

     Great Fun - Not for Kids

    | | See all roflwaffle's reviews (2)

    Soul Calibur 4 is a nice easy to play fighting game.

    Out of this 3D fighting game series i have only ever played the 2nd one. I extremly enjoyed that game and still play it on my 360.

    This one (as you probably know) has yoda as the extra charecter as well as the apprentice from the upcoming force unleashed game. Yoda as a playable charecter is not great he is actually fairly slow and his moves arent all that impressive which is a bit of a let down considering the hype, The apprentice i have not unlocked at the time of writing i have faced him in arcade mode and he seemed to be very good.

    There isnt really much to say about the gameplay - it's a fighting game pretty much learn some moves if you want but it really isn't needed.

    Graphics - They are really stunning, from charecter design to stage backgrounds the detail is well thought and done well.

    The costumes themselves though have really gone a step to far this time in my opinion, They were always a little (how shall i say it) 'revealing' in the previous games but this time it is actually embarrasing i mean for god sakes but a bra on or something!

    The charecter Customizing is really good - i have made a awsome bulky dude but given him agile moves but i think it works well. The only hard part of it is the skills section but with a little studying it pulls it of well.

    Overall then - Get this game flawed at it is, it is really good 5 stars all the way, graphics, customization, gameplay and the online modes all really work well and is a great game to play.

    P.S The faceplate you get looks good and all

     Easy to get into. Hard to master. Impossible to put down

    | | See all LordBlackgoat's reviews (3)

    I have been a fan of the series since Soul Blade on PS1 and this game has totally reminded me of how awesome a fighting game Namco can make.
    Easy to pick up (there is a degree of truth to the button-mashing rumours, at least at first). You wil find yourself pulling off spectacular moves frequently without knowing how. however put in a little time in training mode and gameplay gets deeper and deeper.
    This game is incredibly addictive. Online mode works really well (ranked matches could be slightly easier to get into, but is easy enough, you just have to try a few times). Yes there are those who use the same moves over and over but I guess we all have to figure out how to defend against those moves....more training!
    Graphics are beautiful throughout. Character customisation is incredibly in depth.
    Starwars characters were, in my humble opinion, unnecessary. They feel out of place and were obviously included to lure in more buyers! Then again, if it works, I guess it's a good thing! More opponents online!
    Buy this game, if you are a fighting fan (or not), you won't regret it!

     Spaming a'hoy

    | | See all Crafeltafen's reviews (4)

    This game has to main flaws one the story mode is painfully short and two other people. Many people online will employ cheap tatcics of spamming one move over and over untill victorious. However this doesnt factor into my rateing of 4 stars as it isnt the games fault.
    Gameplay is great but some may find it repetative. The difficulty changes for clearing stages with easy to taking hours to clear one of the lower levels. This was my first fighting game and i enjoyed it trumendously, i was a little confuzed at first but this soon passed and now i have all the achievements bar one. So it is accesable to first time fighters.
    The graphics are sharp and clear with a japanesey feel and the sound track is brilliant. The inclusion of star wars is a nice extra but yoda is a bit rubbish really.

     Excellent fighting game

    | | See all Jetsetharrison's reviews (21)

    Usually i don't play games like this (the majority of the games in my collection are RPGs) as i first thought the game would just be repetetive and fustrating. However, the more i played it the more i love it. The character creation is fantastic which brings me to the graphics which are also excellent. There are many different characters to choose from and a lot of depth to the fighting (although at first it seems like all you have to do it button bash). The reason to why i haven't given it 5* is because again it can be fustrating as some fights can be a challenge but overall a fantastic fighting game which i think anyone could pick up and enjoy.

    Rating12+ (BBFC)