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Enchanted Arms

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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| | See all brindlebeast's reviews (8)

For its time this game is very good the story line alone for me gives it a 10/10. The graphics are crisp and clear and the gameplay is very satisfying inlcluding leveling up, capturing new golems and visiting new towns/cities. Also for a change the main characters are actually interesting and each bring different skills to the turn base combat style of fighting. Clearly this style of game wont apeal to everyone but for people who enjoy RPG's or final fantasy style games this is a must have.

  Turn based RPG

| | See all JohnJackson's reviews (18)

I was very suprised by this game in a number of ways. Firstly the story is fanstastic and there is plenty to do in the game when its gets going! It uses the traditional turn based system for the battles used in contless other games but that is no bad thing because the battles are challenging and there are many games which try to use a fancy battle system and it just doesnt work!

Overall this is a very old game now, but if your looking for a good solid RPG to pass the time then get this! Really this is only a 4 star game but for less than a tenner off play.com this is an absolute bargain!!!

  damn,this game is poor...

| | See all Twylight's reviews (3)

i bought this game quiet a while ago now, and only after reading some of the good reviews this game was getting, did i think that i should start to play it again, what a mistake and waste of time. this is possibly the worst game ive ever played, graphics are poor, gameplay is poor, everything about it is terrible. this game is just an lame excuse to try and match games of similiar experiences e.g. final fantasy, and has failed terribly. a must not buy!!

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  Good but a little repetative

| | See all godvalen's reviews (88)

Most games in a level are exactly the same each time you engage a monster. Story alright. Easy 1000 achievment points for xbox live. Would never play againn though.

  excellent easy points as well

| | See all craigyboy301's reviews (57)

This game is definatly worth the money much like ff however you can auto play the battles as well the story is great and what i like its easy gamerscore you get points for very boss killed and thats it no searching etc and what the other reviewer says is rubbish turn based games are still in fasion buy this now you wont regret it

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  A solid game with a lot to offer

| | See all MrGrayman's reviews (2)

Enchanted Arms, while a traditional JRPG in many respects, gives fans of those games exactly what they're after. While many scream the boons of real time combat systems, or faux real time combat such as seen in FF12 - there is nothing wrong with a game actually being turn based. Least not of all one which is honest about it.

With a solid storyline, many hours of game time, and visuals that are definitely a step up from the previous generation of consoles, it's a wonderful addition to the shelf of any JRPG lover.

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| | See all sam1993's reviews (54)

If I could give this game zero stars I would. Firstly it is the dreaded turn based combat. With next gen consoles turn based combat simply doesnt work. Its also just the same as any other Japenese rpg. The same crappy story followed by text instead of speech and followers that suddenly appear out of nowhere to fight for you. Dont buy this game Dont even rent it.

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  A Slowburner RPG - that improves as the game progresses

| | See all Hitman9945's reviews (12)

I must admit that when I initially played the demo to this game, I had mixed views as the graphics looked almost like a port from a Playstation 2 game. Once you get over the initial start bit, that's when the game kicks in. The potential for this game is immense!

There are so many creatures to recruit, and even develop as they gain experience. When you consider that there are over 100 of these, you get an idea of the number of fighters at your disposal. I am so hooked that it is the first title I will pick up - over bigger titles from Square-enix and Mistwalker.

Along with the gambling element later on (allowing you to obtain rare items, weapons & monsters) and the hard dungeons to get the super tough monsters, this game is a must have.

I hope UBISOFT bring out a sequel where they work on the graphics a bit more and expand the mechanics of the game further and they will have a sure fire winner. Highly recommended to all RPG fans as one of the finest on the Box to date.

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  Fantastic Game

| | See all corky2k7's reviews (102)

This is brilliant , before i didnt like rpgs because i never really played them properly but when i played this i loved it its so fun the story is amazing and even the combat is cool i would recommend anybody to at least try this to see if you like it and if u love rpgs defanatly get this.

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  okish game

| | See all adam666's reviews (46)

i played it once and havent picked it up again. its a good game and the story is intriguing but in all honesty i just dont like the battle system at all. not that good tbh. good if you can buy it for a heap price though