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Sonic The Hedgehog

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  Pathetic the Hedgehog

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

Camera angle is awkward to say the least, knowing what to do is the same. Sometimes you have people who pop up where as before they were not there, The game is full of glitches that make the game pathetic.. I am a 41 year old bloke who collects games more so than playing them but I thought that I would give this game a try and it is the worse thing I have ever done, brought it and tried playing it even more so.

  Its not really as bad as people say

| | See all DannyBoy1701's reviews (8)

Most people mention the problems that can be encountered, but i played through it with no problems whatsoever. By installing the game on your xbox 360's hard drive loading times can be reduced and many of the glitches will stop.

  awfull game.

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

This game came with my xbox and it was so bad i even stopped playing my xbox until i got a new game. this game is an adreniline rush. but its just terrible. if all you want is sonic go for unleashed or alll star racing.
Do not buy this game your making a mistake


| | See all ajhockham's reviews (20)

I have to say, I really did enjoy this game. The achievments are a little hard to obtain, but just makes for a really good challenge :)

  Not Bad but could be better

| | See all shyamrajani's reviews (5)

The graphics and gameplay is quite good, however it is hard to control. I would reccomend buying it because even though quite a lot of it is hard, it is really fun to play. The multiplyer mode is brilliant when you are with a friend as there is battle and tag, for 15pounds, it is well worth the money. However, it is quite hard to get gamerscore so don't think that this a game to get gamerscore but instead is a game to enjoy, to get gamerscore takes a lot of effort!

  Worst sonic game out so far

| | See all amanrulez's reviews (14)

Sega tried to re-create the franchise, but failed miserably. There are countless glitches in the game, many pointless scenes and terrible camera angles. The game is bad even though Sega had to rush this game, but not all of it's bad (e.g: the music). Play it if you want, bt don't get high hopes!

  Sonic the Hedgehog; Brilliant game or SEGA's downfall?

| | See all Jords6806's reviews (5)

This game was full of glitches and was quite challenging, but I never gave up on it and can write the review. Sonic the Hedgehog has a unique storyline and brilliant themes for the characters, but the game may've been either too hard or full of glitches. The game had a few characters that weren't needed such as Amy Rose, who was in it for a couple of levels and one or two cutscenes and that was it. This game also had a similar villain storyline as seen in SADX, Eggman gets double crossed, etc., etc. The game also has good town missions, but it is kind of impossible to get some achievments. This game has quite unique levels and has characters with unique skills, e.g. Blaze's pyrokinesis & Silver's pshycokinesis. The final compilation of levels and final boss seemed hard and takes a while to complete it, but not impossible. Overall: Average
Reason for rating: Little attacks that were unique or different, but good (to help people on anger managment courses)

  Glitchy but its Sonic

| | See all ShadowX's reviews (7)

The game itself might be quite old but even for the standards of 2006/7 it it very glitchy, the game feels rushed and very unfinished, there are a variety of glitches none of which are of any help to the player but often feature you falling through the map on the last section of a level if your not careful. Sonic, Shadow and Silver's stroies all mix quite well and the stroy on the whole isn't a bad one but its the gameplay on some levels which let it down, playing as Sonic yes it does feel like imporvements on games like Sonic heroes as your homing attack it far more accurate however on the times it does miss you will often find yourself falling off a cliff or other obstacles, but dont be fooled by these the game itself is actually quite easy, most enemies go down in a 1-2 hits, bosses are easily finished off with the exception of the last story solaris but some of the speed stages as sonic feel like you are controlling a shopping cart full of rocks going down a particularly steep hill.
Overall id say this game has many flaws and was too ruched for christmas and for Sonic's anniversary but still if you are a Sonic fan it would be worthless not to have played through it at least once.
PS. The Music is EPIC thats one of the plus points of all Sonic games Epic soundtracks and songs

  I like the plot, but boy, is this challenging or what

| | See all Kuningassukka's reviews (3)

As said, I do like the plot, it's quite interesting. The graphics are great, gameplay is good, I like the stages in general BUT. Why, oh why is it so damn easy to die? There's like hundreds of places where you have to be 100% accurate with your actions or else you'll die. And die. And die. I don't even know how many times I had to see that damn continue screen. If you concentrate on anything else for just about 2 seconds, you'll probably fall to your death.
But, if we don't think about dying all the time, it's a good game. Not great, but good.
So if you like Sonic and have good nerves, go ahead and buy this game, but if you're one of those angry gamers and don't wanna break your TV throwing your Xbox controller to the screen, do yourself a favour and stay away.