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Sonic The Hedgehog

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  sega team.....WHAT happened?

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

sonic is the best mascot there is so lets make a really bad glitch fest that is sonic for xbox 360 and ps3.
i tried to like this game but it was painful and i dont think ANY bug testing was done on the game.
good points,visual were ok and music was good.

  Its not THAT bad...

| | See all ChrisJ91's reviews (31)

Yes, OK, you die a lot. Yes, OK, theres not even always a reason for you to die on it. And yes, the acheivements are NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, but isnbt that what sonics about?
Whn i was a little kid, I played Sonic on my friends beloved dreamcast, and we'd NEVER make it past the third level. This could be down to a challenging game, or us being 6. But I liked this game, quite a lot. It's nice to see sonic going, and yes, there are vital areas that need attention, but you do get a LOT of gameplay out of it, if you stick at it. I spent 3 days over christmas, with my cousin, just trying one level on multiplayer. On the third day, the wierd control system finally kicked, and we had soo much fun. BUT. Who is Eggman?
We want robotnick!!!!!

For this price, it's woth it. It's a colourful, challenging game, one that you could love, once you get used to it.


| | See all Oberael's reviews (20)

It is apparent that the developers wanted to bring a freshness to the franchise as it made the transition to next generation gaming, but it's just irritating. Be prepared to die. A lot.

  Boss after boss!

| | See all franbeec's reviews (4)

I felt this game was full of the worst parts of a game - defeating the boss. It was literally boss after boss. Just when you have defeated a boss you think there will be a nice level full of adventures but they just bring on another enemy for you. This is the same with Spyro the dragon for the 360 - very disappointed

  Not quite...

| | See all SoloGamer's reviews (16)

SEGA still think that getting sonic back up to the top will happen if they completely change the game. I mean it's fun for a while but it's rather hard and the controls are fiddly. Plus there are too many humans... If you can get it for under a tenner then do but otherwise put it back on its shelf.

  ruined one of the best games ever

| | See all 360king's reviews (18)

we all loved playing sonic on the old sega, but unfortunately they've completly ruined it. Way over complicated for a start. and now sonic talks? theres just no need. If it aint broken dont fix it! sadly they've tried to fix it and its just blown up in there face!

  Agree with previous reviewers, game good

| | See all LaughingMan247's reviews (10)

I picked up Sonic the hedgehog, thinking that it would be more like the Dreamcast version that i loved and worshipped. I am pleased to say that sonic on 360 does retain some of that awesomeness. The game is basically exactly like the Dreamcast version, except that when you pick stages, you have to run round the stupid town of soleanna. This is the most annoying bit of the game, because you have to complete pointless challenges to unlock the next stage. This is where sonic on 360 excels the most, because the stages are excellently made and designed and you really want to time attack the stages to try and get the best time. To be honest if you are a sonic fan and don't mind doing stupid challenges then this game is perfect for you. Otherwise just download the original 2d version of XBLA or get a dreamcast for £20 :D

  Nothing Like the original!

| | See all Richonline's reviews (3)

if you played the demo, forget it, they made that level for the demo (using parts of a similar level from the game), and it really just shows off the bad points of that game, and none of the good ones!
even the music wasnt inspiring!

firstly, i'd like to get the bad points out of the way, firstly being, its nothing like the original (but i knew that before i brought it)... the camera couldnt be more annoying, it either doesnt lock on the bosses when you want it to, or it does when you're trying to jump to a platform, which is behind you! or it just plain faces the wrong way. i died quite alot because of the camera.
the other thing i dont like are the controls, sonic adventure had it pretty much spot on, but some where along the line they ruined it, and the most annoying thing by far, is all the loading sequences, it loads WAY to much, if you try and talk to a mission person for example, you talk to him, accept his mission, then it'll load it, but it'll load the guy talking again, for ONE sentance, then load the next bit of the mission, and when you finish, it'll load him again, for another sentance, then load again to get you back to the game. c'mon, even sonic adventure didnt do that!!
oh, and super speed levels are just suicidal, and the adventure fields could do with a map, other than on the loading screen.
ok, now the good points!
its Sonic! he's awsome, and he's been awsome since 1991!
the levels in the game are pretty well made, allowing you to take a few different routes (as some charactors anyway), the knuckles/rouge levels are abit easy, seems you can just fly across most of them, but equally good, except for rouge (and tails) dont have very good attacks meaning you just avoid most of the enemies.
the cinematics are excellent, and the story is pretty good too (althought it doesnt feel as epic as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2), still Sonic hero's was terrible, i didnt even bother playing past lvl 2. so its improved atleast!
playing as silver is alot of fun, throwing things about and levitating (for a short while), if you stun your enemies you can even throw them too! Shadow is back again (anyone know how he came back in the 1st place?), he's pretty cool but in sonic adventure 2, he was pretty much the same as sonic, in this game he's drives cars and attacks differently, but its more fun not to use vehicles, as the vehicle controls arent brilliant.
you get to play as most of the charactors, which is good but i prefere the sonic adventure charactor select, with all the seperate stories, but its still good to run around as amy, tails, knuckles, rouge, the robot (forgot his name) and blaze.
the bosses are all really easy tho, which is disappointing, but they are fun to beat.
i've only given this game 3 stars because of the niggles they seem to have added since sonic adventure, which was a 5* game for me.
if you can see past the annoying niggles, its really is a fun game, but your main enemy really is the camera.

i dont really concider this an up or down side, but the games physics system seems to slow the game down a fair bit if too much happens at once, which also seems to stop controlling registering, meaning alot of falling to your death. lol
but i dont blame the game, its more of a hardware thing, probably doesnt happen on the PS3 version.

this game isnt worth more than £15, so dont pay full price for it, i only brought it while i wait for sonic unleashed, and because my dreamcast has broken!!

this is really only a game for sonic fans, as anyone else trying to find out what the hype is about will be confused, cos if you dont like sonic, and didnt grow up with it, this game isnt for you.

  Unfairly Judged

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Alot of people have said this game is rubbish and that compared to Sonic's early games it's not even worth playing.
Well I think that's a bit unfair, you need to judge this game by different standards and constantly setting them high doesn't really deliver the right message.
One of the things people complain about is the camera problems, but I'm not so worried about that as even good games have that problem.
I'm not terribly worried about voices or story either. I put up with it in Shadow The Hedgehog I can put up with it now.
I even welcomed back the free roaming areas I missed from Sonic Adventure.
But what really disappointed me was the gameplay. It's not very user friendly and quite uncomfortable to play. I found myself losing all my lives on the first level because I was meant to do some stupid actions with a support character.
It may not be perfect or it may not even be average but at least the Sonic Series always tries something new not unlike the Mario series.
In my opinion I think you need to accept the game for what it is and not try and be biased about it.

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  What happend?

| | See all Mule88's reviews (4)

I used to love playing sonic games when I was a kid, but in resent years they have just got well, rubish really the only reason i am giving it 2 stars is because its sonic and he rules but this games sucks, sorry but it does dont wast your money.