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Sonic The Hedgehog

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  Total garbage

| | See all Salmon 's reviews (41)

Dont waste your money.
After SA2 all sonic games have failed and this is no acception!

The opening movie is amazing but after that it just dies, the gameplay is boring and annoying the story is the worst yet and the new hedgehog silver is a total flop!

  lol people say it ruins the old names.

| | See all ozzy69's reviews (10)

well think about it.... on the sega yes it was amazing because it was in a league of its own.. now theres 3d games like this all the time..

i think its a brilliant game. just when the first ones came out for sega they seemed amazing but now wev seen similar games to this it isnt so unique but its still great..

1 bad thing... THE LONG LOADING SCREENS OMG like loads the whole map again just for a 10 second chat lol

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| | See all graham9996's reviews (2)

if you liked sonic adventure two you will love this! The gameplay, Colours, Music and levels are so much like SA2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it.

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| | See all Debbles's reviews (24)

I was so excited initially to get this game.
But the controls were unreliable and game play was poor.
Not enough save moments, meaning you have to start long levels from the beginnig. Which is frustrating.

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  My entire Being tried to like this game, but it was No GOOD

| | See all Thedoctor324's reviews (16)

This was the final straw for this long time sonic fan, i will always love the original Mega drive sonic games even the dreamcast adventure titles but this new game Sonic the Hedgehog undeservedly named after the original Mega Drive release back in 1991 is a mess of glitches, poorly programed physics, camera issues and all this is wrapped up with poor uninspired voice acting from 4KIDS. Stay the heck away from this title if you wanna play great/good sonic games play the original titles , the Advanced series on the GBA , Sonic Adventure battle 2 or Sonic Rush on the DS.

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  A Buggy, Unplayable Mess

| | See all Silvergunner's reviews (18)

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) really is an insult to the original Mega Drive game from 1991, it has to be said. While the original 16-bit platformer was a refined, graphically beautiful speed test, this is the absolute reverse. It really is a buggy, unplayable mess with last-gen graphics running at what feels like 12fps, a terrible control system, and a camera which is so bad, you usually are looking at the underside of a platform.

In basis, the game plays more like an Beta edition, and was abandoned halfway through development. Normally, I have high regard for Sonic games (Sonic Adventure 2 especially), but this leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and really does spoil Sonic's Reputation.

So is it worth playing? Not at all. You'll start by sitting through a long intro movie, then play a level where you fall into a pit and die constantly. Then another movie, then another unfair level, and in circles. There is absolutely no fun at all in this game, and playing it is just a chore. Sonic fans should stick with Sonic Rush on DS - Its more faithful to the Sonic series, and is a brilliant game. Unlike this... thing.

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  Worst game ever!

| | See all Danr1983's reviews (4)

What can I say, ok, I managed about half an hour until I just gave up, the camera moves so much and so quickly that for the first time playing computer games, and I'm gettting old (I had the original Sonic on the Mega Drive) I got motion sickness, personally I think Microsoft should be ashamed to sell this.

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  Another lame sonic title

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

Oh dear this game is truely the worst Sonic game i have played in recent years and thats saying something. As a long time Sonic fan since the days of the Sega Mega drive i was really hoping for something more. It came bundled with my 360 when i bought it last november so i can't remember how much it was at the time. Played it once, hated it...gave it a second chance and gave up on it completely. Traded it in and bought something else. Want my advice? Purchase the Sonic Mega Collection for the Xbox and relive the glory days of Sonic when it was worth playing, these titles are over a decade old and are still loads of fun. Alternatively download some of the titles off Xbox live.

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  In this case, old beats new!

| | See all Pepin86's reviews (21)

Now, without trying to sound too old; in my day, Sonic was a legendary game. It has good graphics for it's time, couple of new characters were introduced in each game, good levels, and you knew where you stood.
GRAPHICS: Well, yes, the graphics are better than the original...But hey, it was made 16 years ago so I'd expect that. And it's in 3D! ... erm, great? Really, the graphics may be better than they were, but they're not what you'd like to see on an Xbox 360. I'd expect to see this on a Cube, or PS2.
STORY: Well again, comparing to old, original Sonic *had* a story, but it was simple, straight forward, and you really didn't care that much. With this they've tried to make you more interested in the story, but really, there's no point. It's not the type of game where you really want 10 weeks worth of cut scenes. Never was.
COMBAT: Well, it used to be jump, and there was a degree of skill involved, because you had to jump at the right time and speed to clear jumps, and hit enemies in the right place. Now you just keep tapping the button to perform some weird, unimaginably hard to control, homing jumps....it's a button bashing game at best.
PLAYABILITY: The camera angles are poor, the control over your character is dredfull. Just keeping your character on the map is hard enough. It's the sort of game you think "Hey, that might be a bit of fun..." Then you spend 12 hours on the first level falling off the edge of the map ever few seconds and you loose your hair...Probably see a lot of these traded in.
OVERALL: If you enjoyed Sonic, like I did all those years ago, or even if you're new and want to get into the amazing Sonic series, I suggest to you one thing; Get the originals!! Download them from Xbox live! or buy Mega Collection and play Sonic 1, 2 and 3. They were the games that defined the era. I don't even consider this game to be a Sonic game. It's an imposted. It has to be.

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| | See all Gibbo293's reviews (19)

This game is hardly worth a star.It is awful. The first next gen sonic game is not great and it was a poor attempt at converting a classic but hopefully if they try again they might get it right.The games graphics are just below standard at best and the gameplay is boring.Also it takes about half an hour to load the startng screen and then it takes another 15 minutes to start the game, and then it takes another 15mins to start the level.The loading times are dreadful and most definatley need to be improved.I hope if there is another sonic game that it deals with these problems.But AVOID this game!

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