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Sonic The Hedgehog

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  Sonic is falling deeper into a hole.

| | See all FincHy's reviews (42)

sonic is one of my childhood memory's when thinking about old video games. but his new 3D games pretty much peaked with sonic adventure 2. this next gen sonic is awful. i am so shocked that sonic has been reduced to this garbage. come on SEGA. get your act together.

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| | See all Theend's reviews (17)

This game has ruined the Sonic franchise really, it had potential but was spoilt, nice visuals, but boring and not so fun gameplay. If you want to check out a newer Sonic title, get Sonic Rush for DS, it sticks to the original 2d gameplay but is a hell of allot better than this.

Download and play the demo before buying tis game, because i am telling you, its a waste of money.

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  Fun but annoying

| | See all Lilmuckers's reviews (1)

This game is really good if you can over the darn annoying loading times for EVERYTHING! you go up to an NPC who challenges you to something, you accept and the game reloads the entire section of the city you're in, just for the npc to say "you must do this" at which point it loads the entire city again.
apart from that for the most part sonic team seems to have ((mostly)) fixed the camera angle issues that plagued the other 3d sonic games, there's the occasional bit that makes you want to chew off your own face in frustration at the camera angles, but so far i've only come across one such occasion, and i'm pretty sure that was a result of me not being familier with the controls for the camera.

i'm pretty sure the game is impossible to compelte, however, since the snowboarding bit for sonic is bugged all to hell. it's the least dynamic snowboarding bit in a sonic game ever... it barely even classes as "dynamic" it's ABYSMAL!
the levels themselves are much mroe like a platformer should be, i think it's the best level design ((apart from the frustrating bugs in the snowboarding and camera angles)) i think to date in sonic games, it's actually difficult. In all other sonic games, by in large, you just pressed forward and you compelted the game, just like that. this game is actually difficult with puzzles (although basic) and multiple ways to complete each level. Bravo sonic team, good level design.

however the quality control is lacking, it seems that has slipped since Yuji Naka left sonic team.
thankfully they've made robotnik sinister again, after spending the last 5 years becoming cuddly and comical, he's actually a sinister enemy again. the BadNiks look menacing, and the story is quite involving.

if it wasn't for the frustrating loading times and the level bugs that make you mash your controller into dust out of frustration, this game would get all 5 of my stars.
alas those things eliminate it down to a paltry 2 stars

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  Sonic the Blunderhog

| | See all RevantSolty's reviews (30)

Before i say anything, let me just say ive been a fan of sonic the hedgehog since the Mega Drive games, and no i wont write an epic review as to why the game is bad, but il just bring up a few points

Firstly, Sonic on the 360/PS3 has this problem with loading, it is infact ridiculus, when wondering around Soleana(sp?) and triggering a cutscene, you do infact have a long wait, then once over, you guessed it, the game re loads the entire level section, this is what you call poor coding.

Secondly, the level design , is quite frankly awful, you will be subject to cheap deaths, because the camera is a joke, its a mess, for example you may be doing a complex amount of jumps only to find the camera goes weird, and down into the water/pit/abyss you go

The Graphics are alright, but dont let the rather nice opening scene fool you.

this is, possibly one of the most flawed sonic games in existance, i would say only buy if your a hard core fan, but getting to grips with how bad/buggy this game is, is a whole new game in itself.

for shame sega. sonic has gone downhill and fast.

stick to the DS/Wii Sonic games, much better, because they arent actually made by Sonic Team mostly =]

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| | See all lee4more's reviews (4)

Wasnt impressed, too hard and nothing to explore. Sonic adventure on the dreamcast was better than this.

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  Just awful in every possible way

| | See all Ravenwolf's reviews (52)

This is probably the worst Sonic game I have ever played in my life.

It takes up the Sonic Adventure style of gameplay from the old Dreamcast classic series and turns it into a complete mess, with insanely long levels for a game supposedly based on 'speed' and the worst camera ever to grace a videogame ever. The camera in this game will cause untold frustration if you play it, and if that doesn't turn you off, the awful controls, far too steep difficulty, and juvenile garbage storyline most certainly will.

Do not buy this game, it really is that simple. I know the 360 is sorely lacking decent platformers right now, but don't try looking for one here. It's awful.

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