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Halo 3 (Classics)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (1006 reviews)"

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  Overated, but still great.

| | See all VaddixBell's reviews (1)

Everywhere I see either reviews of "5/5" or "1/5" and neither is an appropriate score.The game is well designed, uniquely presented, extremely balanced, incredible sound and extremely fun.

However, the story and conclusion ultimately disappoints but it's easily worked through when you play the multiplayer which is constantly update, always different, frequently fun (you'll get the occasional screamer) and addictive.

The story presents issues, but they're easily worked through and I would easily recommend it to anyone.

  Graphics aren't good, even for 2007.

| | See all Honxlu's reviews (1)

To sum it up, great value for money, strong storyline, excellent soundtracks, outstanding multiplayer ( now overshadowed with Halo: Reach ) but the graphics are not what you would expect from such a highly anticipated game. They are a great letdown actually, to what would otherwise be the perfect game.

  great game but not without its faults.

| | See all HardyBadger's reviews (2)

this is a really good fps game but really loses marks on graphics, not bad now but they could be a lot better. certain levels take a few trys to complete and can really become annoying but stick with it and you pass them and its really worth it ! great story line but as i said , only falls down on graphics. definetly worth the money !


| | See all khp247's reviews (25)

The game play of this game is literally fantastic, but at no point in the game am I dazzled by the graphics. The detail is appalling to say the least. It's like playing a slightly upgraded version of halo on the standard xbox. With gears of war played on High Def, I was amazed by the graphics and spend alot of the game thinking how great it looks. Considering we all waited years for halo 3 to come out, I woud have thought bungie would have spent a bit more.....A LOT MORE time on the graphics coz Gears of War makes it look very sub-standard. I expected more from bungie. This game does not test the capabilities of the 360 in any way. Perhaps bungie should have gone to the makers of gears and borrowed their graphics guys for a few months.

  awesome game

| | See all defusedbanana's reviews (8)

awesome game, very deep storyline and great gameplay. good campaign and great new weapons and vehicles. Your marines are a bit dumb, but still a help on all difficultys apart from legendary, where you have to work really hard just to stop them getting killed.
I haven't tried online multiplayer that much, but I think its nothing as good as Call of duty 5 or modern warfare 2. Very good splitscreen campaign and multiplayer.
Overall, 5 starts for campaign and spllitscreen, but if you want good online multiplayer then get Call of duty.


| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

Halo 1 and 2 were fantastic games to play,this isnt as the graphics are bad, the gameplay is boring and for some strange reason it all looks too cartoony and i just cant take this game seriously,this is the ALlien 3 of the franchise.

  Where were the elites?

| | See all SpartanKing's reviews (2)

This Game is great, amazing graphics,new weapons/vehicles and an interesting and complex story.The only downside for me was the online and the amount of brutes and no elites.Great ending, but to be honest I found reach to be far better and online greatly improved


| | See all Mysteriousreviewer's reviews (2)

halo3 is the best game on this website,it is,fun,addictive and frankly awsome

forge is the best you can make maps and then save them, the multiplayer is great match making is addictive and custom games are fun,you can play lots of game types(for example a zombie game type called infection)on the maps you have made.

the campaign is good online with lots of achievments.

overall: amazing game (if you liked halo3 get halo3 ODST)

  One of the best XBOX games.

| | See all Bally00's reviews (1)

Halo 3 is one of the first games i played on the xbox 360. In fact it was the reason why i bought the console. The multiplayer is addictive even if you don't really like the first person shooters. It is easy to get the hang on the controls relatively quickly. The single player mode is a bit short but the quailty of the missions is very high. I think i would recomend this game to anybody who likes the first two games and anyone who likes playing other shooters like call of duty. It still keeps me entertained today but i can't wait for the next game HALO REACH
Multiplayer 9/10. If you buy the maps i would give it 10 out of 10
Single Player 8/10. Bit short but action packed bit. would recommend playing the first two games before you play this game.
Other Modes 6/10. I love making the maps on the forge but it isn't perfect. The video mode is great to record you game footage and take pictures but there should be a game mode like firefight or zombies etc.
Final comments
I think this is one of the best xbox exclusive games and at the current price i would play it before the new game comes out.