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Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  dont think of golden axe and its good

| | See all ThePaleOne's reviews (12)

Loved riding all the beasts and the game has a good combat sytem that feels like you are really fighting countering and blocking than button bashing . A bit slow in places but if u like walk along beat em ups then give this a go for 5 pounds . Bad points are wheres the classic music and charecters to play as .

  Taking The Golden Shower?

| | See all mooked's reviews (13)

hmmm as a fan of the Origional Sega games this was a bit of a let down, with finicky controls and bad camera work this game can be a pain! its not all that bad though with nice graphics and character model (a nice touch is when it rains and you look drenched), it does feel like it stays true to the fantasy element and there are some welcome nostalgic returns, but mechanics such as the horrible titan bonus feature and sluggish creature handling make this a bit annoying. £40 is alot of money and would be much better spent on something ALOT better, when this goes cheap then yeah perhaps check it out, but until then I would stay clear.

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  Golden Axe?? a load of Golden Balls!!

| | See all fuzzywookie's reviews (12)

An overall pretty terrible game. It's playable for about the first hour or so then it becomes very repetive. The gameplay is a mixture of frustation and boredom. The controls are badly designed and clunky making the 'Titan bonus' (A major feature of the game) very difficult and totally random to achieve.

The overall game difficulty setting isn't too high but because of the bad control setup and stupid puzzle design the main setting is how much longer can you endure this tripe before switching it off.

Added puzzle elements sometimes seem totally unnessary and simply tacked on in places to add a bit of variety to the monotonous level design. Other puzzles are just ridiculas as they can rely on a knowledge of the a combination of controls not given in the game..ie a crucial jump that is the only way to continue the game involves a run, jump, knockback attack? combo

Riding and fighting with the beasts are one of the redeeming features of this dull attempt at renewing the franchise, but even they feel clunky to control.
The spells on offer aren't too inspiring either. They basically consist of a flame burst ring and a fireball both of which progress in power. The only spell of note is a rather nice 'smart bomb' that produces a fiery Dragon.

The very nice graphics and polished lighting effects are a plus point as you would expect from a next gen console game. The sountrack isn't that inspiring but again it works ok.

The only 'original' playable character from the series is the Female fighter. Which is unfortunate as this game would have been vastly improved with the addition of the original Golden Axe's Barbarian and Dwarf characters, each with unique moves and weapons.
I can't recommend this game to anyone, even the price of Rental would be good money wasted. The great Golden Axe franchise was in need of a next gen game, unfortunately this is not it. The simple fact is there are way better games out there for your time and money. If you want a similar 3rd person based fantasy game I'd definitely suggest 'Viking:battle for Asgard'

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  25% fun. 25% challenge. 25% frustrating. 25% same-ie.

| | See all firedance's reviews (17)

This IS a good game and should not be overlooked. BUT it is retro in gameplay style and ideas and is not a game for all.

Its not that long (about 10hours for an experienced gamer) but is hard and challenging so may take the average gamer longer.
The problem with GABR is that it is very similar all the way thru. Hack & Slash through loads of enemys proceed to the next area and repeat with ever increasing enemys in number and difficulty. Thats it, but thats what Golden Axe is/and was always about.

The combat is incredibly simple and very reminescent of the old Golden Axe's gameplay style, this is not a bad thing however as its also difficult to master and perfect combos.
The addition of beasts and magic adds another level to the combat to mix it up a bit too.

Graphics are very good and move fluid and so is the sound, both again are repetitive tho. Levels and effects look, sound and play very similar but fit very well with the barbarian era theme. Theres a few frame rate issues aswell but nothing too bad or distracting.

For gamers used to next-gen diverse gameplay, engaging story and plenty of action cutscenes GABR will probably not please you, but as a true hack & slash challenging retro experience its a no-nonsense truly satisfying game.

GABR throws a lot at you and asks you to beat it all up in gory HD detail. Its dosen't try to do anything else.
If you like old school Hack & Slash games (e.g. The Devil May Cry Series) you'll love this. The problem is games have moved on and even tho this is a great game it needs a bit more variety and polish to bring it upto the level of modern titles like DMC4.


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| | See all DaveyGravy's reviews (32)

Iv had this game since it came out(at least 3/4 months) and i think im only just halfway through now, becuase it just keeps getting put to the side as all the great games came out over christmas.

However, its not terrible. there is enjoyment to be had here, its gory, limbs fly and heads roll and graphics aren't bad.

Riding the beasts could be better as some feel like they are running in tar but they still can be pretty devastating.

Overall not great and most others games will grab your play time before this one, but when the games dry up in the next few months, it will kill a few hours.

  not bad as you may think

| | See all kratos's reviews (39)

I got this game cheap and have to say it not that bad many people have said its very bad but i thing its ok the game looks ok not as bad as people have said and the game play is ok to i have played games that are worst than this i would say give this game ago if you see it cheap as i did and you might find you like it

  Good, underrated game

| | See all Guesswork's reviews (2)

Although bashed by fans and critics everywhere, Golden Axe is a suprisingly satisfing experience - that is, if you invest the time and effort it requires.

In many ways, this game makes you remember older, tougher times. The simple but unforgiving combat system will punish you severily for each mistake you make, there is no easy mode whatsoever, and the oldskool approach to checkpoints will make you controller fly out of the window. You start the game with two lives, with some rare extra ones to be found during the game, and that is all. Die with no lifes left, and be prepared to retry quite large sections of gameplay.

Even if you invest the time to practice and learn how to survive (hint: most reviewers didn't) the game has its flaws. Many gameplay elements fail horribly: beasts are hard to control in limited spaces since they can't turn easily, it is far too easy to fall to your dead in some places, targetting foes with magic often fails, and the few open spaces in the game are mostly empty. There is also very little variation in the game: even the bosses play just the same as every other monster. However, the core combat mechanic is solid enough, and will give you some epic moments once you master it and are able to leave unscratched the same battles that previously seemed full of cheap shots by the IAs. You'll feel the frustration while you reach this point, though, as the bad camera and the small counter window for most of the attacks won't make it easy to survive.

Graphics are decent, although hidden behind a bland and monochromatic color palette, and the framerate is very smooth (but with evident tearing). Music is forgettable for the most part, except the few great pieces that were taken from the original.

The game is not really long, but it has some replay value in the form of an extra difficulty level and some unlockable weapons and costumes (those are not available in the story mode, but in a 'challenge' mode that is essentially the same as the story). Most of the 360 achievements require unlockables, so they may take a lot of time to get.

Be aware also that there is no co-op. This is apparently important for some people, although I can't figure how they would implement it in a game of this kind (other than on-line) since you need the screen space to see you opponents at any time.

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| | See all Japan4Life's reviews (16)

Whatever you do, don't buy this game. The original golden axe is superiour in everyway! And it like 20 years old.

This game is abysmal! Terrible bland environments and super boring.

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| | See all khurnrhall's reviews (17)

Glad i rented this game, like the other reviewer said good idea but just does not work, its really quite boring to be honest

  Good idea, but afraid its not up to scratch for £40

| | See all Swedish's reviews (12)

Graphics are good but tend to freeze or blur especially when you decide to go for a run; at first thought it was my t.v. but i've got a top of the range full hd and have faster games with no worries. Once you've played it for a while you wont be running back to put it in your console, it gets boring once you've enjoyed all the killer moves and novelty soon where's off. As for the beasts the earlier ones you find are like what you got in the original but as you go through they just become large things which was designed on someones doodle paper.......poor, should of stuck with the dragons. Before you buy I would rent as £40 I feel is alot of money for this game.