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Fable II

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (336 reviews)"

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  Pretty good

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

I used to be a fan of RPGs a long long time ago, but then lost interest and went into mindless violence. I collect games and hardly play them, so Fable II just sat in my collection gathering dust. I started playing a few games, and I picked this up thinking that I would put it back on the shelf in an hour. but a few days later I am still playing and although I got a bit bored trying to find all of the keys and gargoyles which I never saw one of, I am heading to the island as I type this review. I recently got Fable III due to playing this, so I personally must have found it a good game. If you do not like RPG's give it a miss even though there is combat, if you are a heavy RPG fan only you can decide as you would be into this genre, but personally I would recommend it based on previous RPGs.

  A little dissapointing!

| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

As a big fan of Fable 1, I was really looking forward to this game but it left me a little disappointed. It starts off quite engrossing and promising but once you are grown up the game focuses on social interactions between you and the towns folk which is like spending all your time on face book but to imaginary people (a bit sad).
I was a millionaire within a couple of days and some stuff that you could do with you cant buy or get hold of until you have completed all the quests (what's the point in that?).
The quests are good but there are not enough, you can complete the game in a couple of days. weapons are OK but spells are poor with no real need to use them.
Rewards from most quests and secret areas even the really tough ones are exciting to try and get but aren't as good as what you can just buy and like I said it is far too easy to get rich; just buy weapons in the market place and sell them in the castle gardens to traders...
However the game initially is enthralling and is worth playing the trick is just not to expect too much and to just use the game a time filler as you wait for the next.

  Fable 2

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Great game loved playing it. The only fault i would give it is the dialogue, poor interaction with other characters. But top graphics and story line will be getting the third!!!!!!!

  Try it.

| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

I hated oblivian but bought this on a blast and was very surprised i liked it,this really is a better game than the elder scrolls as the fighting is not choppy and the graphics are better even if they look a tad dated for a 2yr old game.
My only niggle is this plays like a childrens fairytale which is a good thing but i wouldnt let your small children play it alone as you can collect condoms...yes condoms and can hear yourself having sex with your in game wife which is quite funny and made me chuckle,but this is a great game and you should at least try it.

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  Fable 2

| | See all Surioniify's reviews (3)

As much as i love RPG games this one didnt take my fancy i got bored easily the graphics were good but the gamplay wasn't all that

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  bordem = zero

| | See all penfold117's reviews (5)

ok, whoever seas this game is too short is either a noob or an idiot, there is soo much to do other than the main quest line in this game and literaly everything you do had a consequence, now you can if you want to play though the main story and be done in about a day and a half and put it on your shelf never to be played again thats fair enough but the developers dident just make a main big story line, get out and explore the world, do other quests, get some loot, go and buy a mansion, get a family. i know there has been allot of quiries about it being glitchy, myself i havent come across any problems so i cant specualte but if you like allot of freedom and real life consequences like if you eat too much cheery pie, you will get a fat (it happend to me) then i highly reccomend this game.

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| | See all 360trade's reviews (21)

An amazing game and any person would enjoy playing this, if you dont have xbox live this is a must buy, soo much fun, love the storyline although it might come across as quite ordinary.
Must buy game :D

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  Just wow.

| | See all FUTiiLE's reviews (8)

For under a tenner you have to buy this, ignore any negative comments. Fable II is pure brilliance. For all of Peter Molyneux's quirkiness and peculiarities he sure does know the ingredients for a great game. The achievements for this game are so easy too, i've got them all but still find myself playing this game every now and then 18 months after buying it. This is in my Top 5 games of all time. GET IT!

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| | See all jackthereverand's reviews (5)

great game, played it for hours when i first got it, the places are massive and there is so much to do. unbelievable game. must buy