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Fable II

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (336 reviews)"

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  This game is a must.

| | See all David7992's reviews (2)

Considering the fact that Fable III is coming out in October with Project Natal, This game is a very addictive and fun game to play. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, Fun and enjoyable! If you're planning on getting Fable III then you should really consider playing number I and II just to get a little idea of what the story is about.

  Just sheer genius!

| | See all Ritchiekins's reviews (1)

Hands down best RP game i've played in a long time,
and even though do to an acedent i did not foresee, i have had to re-order a copy,
Totally worth it,
I love this game.
Try it because i know you will too,
the combats amazing the story is incredible and the hands on feel is just stunning. but
it's the moral choices that you get to make that determin how AWESOME this game actually is!!
5 outta 5
And yes, i love it so much i have pre-ordered the third!

  Best game ive ever played

| | See all TitchEhpoo's reviews (3)

So much to do, great storyline, once completed you can still play for hours. 11 out of `0 superb x


| | See all DANTHEMAN26's reviews (5)

I love the interactive side of the game. I enjoy being evil and the story line is good. I love the freedom of being able to go where you like. The combat never gets boring due to the mix of melee, magic and ranged weapons. Cant wait for fable 3 to hit the stores later this year.

  5 Stars isnt enough!

| | See all James91w's reviews (13)

I got this game as soon as it came out! It is beyond amazing, I myself do not go for achivments, but this is one of the few games that I acutal felt like I wanted to max it out!

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  very good but a little easy

| | See all Fearon92's reviews (1)

a fantastic game with a lot of variety, especially since you choose everything your character can do, good choose of combat styles with melee, ranged and magic to choose from. there are also many sidequests to keep you occupied. my only problem is that the game is a little too easy, i was never really challenged to much by anything in this game.

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  Awesome RPG

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Fable 2 is an awesome Xbox 360 exclusive with a compelling storyline, awesome gameplay, good graphics and an all-round good feel to the game. It's not a very long RPG but a good one at that. It's funny at times and you can have children, get married etc. Pretty easy achievements.

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  Breath taking

| | See all Jackarsenal1992's reviews (24)

This game should not be missed by anyone its amazing and there is so much to do that everyone can go on it. The game has a huge lifespan and you can play it again and again and if you liked the first one then you will love this one. Hope they step it up even more for Fable 3 next year.

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  Nothing like as good as you think...

| | See all TCBAKER's reviews (30)

There is so much hype about this game, and i really dont see why. Fair enough the map is huge and the graphics are decent. But other than that there is no reason to buy this game.

A word that springs to mind is boring. The quests are boring, more like chores. You just travel place to place finding people/things, and giving them to other people/things. Jobs are ridiculousy boring, all jobs consist of just pressing 1 button at the right time to pour a pint, chop some wood etc.

The dialogue is boring, and not to mention incredibly slow. The people tend to finish a sentace and then just leave 5 seconds gap. So you walk off, and then they start talking again.

I expected an enthralling game which would draw you into a story like Oblivion etc. do. But i played this for 2 hours, and then just realised that i wasnt having any fun whatsoever.

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  "And so our story begins"

| | See all TheLolcatMan's reviews (8)

To begin with, Fable is an amazing game. First or second one, it's the same: amazing. Great music, good story, good graphics, very well done gameplay.
You start as a little boy/girl that apparently is an orphan, "surviving" with your older sister. Murgo the trader comes in town, and has plenty of magical items (somebody buys a mirror that makes you beautiful, as long as you are alone in complete darkness, loll) and a REALLY magical music box. You work a bit to buy that, use it to make your wish to live in the Fairfax castle true and..... the story really begins. Obviously in a terrible downfall.
What makes this game interesting, is that almost everything you do influences the world. Be evil, killing robbing and generically being a nuisance, and the economy of the town you are making a mess will collapse, lowering also the value of real estate. Work hard, kill bandits and be loved by everybody, and that town's economy and real estate value will skyrocket.
Or you can help the people from the temple of the Light, and destroy the temple of the shadow... or vice-versa. No matter what your dog will love and follow you forever. The dog is an interesting part of the game: it can fight (i found it pretty pointless though) it finds hidden treasure like treasure chests, silver keys and plain and simply buried stuff.
There is a lot to do in this game. Not too long story, but a good deal of sidequests that sometimes are completely crazy, like helping a ghost to get vengeance, helping a drunk old sailor to prove that he has really seen a certain ghost, help the cemetery guardian with a "scientific experiment" and so on.
Some points of the game put what you earned on the line: will you lose some of your experience to avoid doing something evil? Most importantly, what will you choose at the end of the game? Took me a few minutes to decide, the first time. Those are the moments where Fable 2 gives it's best, it's not just a decision that will make your character good or bad, it will actually be "you worked hard to get to this point, would you sacrifice some of that for the good of the others?" and believe me, an absolutely good hero does a lot of sacrifices :-|
Everything you do, everything you wear.... all this changes how people will react to you. Big guy with girly clothes? You can do that. Cute female hero with mustaches? Why not?
Dubbing is awesome, and there is lots and lots of british accent here. I love that.
What's bad of this game? Bugs. Huge games always have bugs... luckly here it's (almost) always little things.

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