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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (135 reviews)"

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| | See all ilikegames99's reviews (1)

i bought this game when i was bored with all of my other ones and i am glad i did it is really fun the way you can take people out with the bow and arrow when they cant see you you can climb up into little vantage points where you will find arrows and you can kill the enemy silently 10/10 buy it buy it buy it !!!

  It's alright

| | See all briffster's reviews (2)

This game is alright. The graphics are good. The enemies are inventive. The problems are that this game is very difficult and it's sometimes hard to shoot the damn dinosaurs when they are so fast and take a lot of shots to kill. Also, it's easy to die when there are lots of soldiers with machine guns who are all shooting at you at the same time.
Give it a try.

  a sad average game

| | See all Khuan27's reviews (13)

this game is really a disappointment, its not a bad game at all. it feels incomplete and stiff. its really a game depending on your taste in shooters, i am sure you will be buying for the same reasons a lot of people who have purchased it, but don't expect too much from a short life spam game.

enjoy it for what it is

  a weekend should do it

| | See all iPlayGames1's reviews (11)

i bought this hoping for the magic of the first turok on n64, no cigar im afraid. It lacks the massive weapon selection from the earlier titles and the the campaign isn't the longest. It reminds me very much the of unreal series with its fast pace but has a titch more gore than unreal. However it is overall a very enjoyable game that keeps you busy for a weekend, it cost me a tenner and im happy with it. The best part being the dinosaur stabbing , very satisfying lol.

  Very enjoyable

| | See all mcfcbears's reviews (1)

I became addicted to this game whilst playing and completed it too quickly which annoyed me because I could no longer play the story! I thought the storyline was OK despite what other reviews have said and I could follow it easily. Good use of characters and good gameplay. It is a nice modern upgrade of the previous game in the series, Turok: Evolution. The reason I didn't give it a full 5-star rating is due to the checkpoints and possibly story length. Personally I dislike checkpoints and believe you should be able to save whenever you like, the story is slightly short but not short as many other games out there. For the price here, if you are thinking of buying the game, I suggest getting it.

  Not Too Bad

| | See all TheGaiden's reviews (11)

Turok In My Opinion Is A Good Game Its Had It's Mix Of Reviews and the online is pretty dead but it is still really fun (The Bow Is Awesome!)

  A typical FPS with some nice touches. Personal Rating: 71%

| | See all Mbgaming's reviews (5)

You play as Joseph Turok, a Native American trying to make up for some mistakes he has made in his past. As a member of a combat unit comprised of typical butch soldiers with attitude problems, your mission is to locate a war criminal known as Kane, who long ago, liberated you and taught you much of what you know.

The game itself is a standard first person shooter, with linear levels and uninspired weaponry. However, the game does have some redeeming qualities. The levels are lush and gritty, providing a good sense of immersion and immanent danger, enemy AI will often work together and try to flank you, providing an extra layer of challenge and there are of course, prehistoric nasties who simply see you as walking lunch.

Shooting your enemies is all well and good, but Turok also has more elaborate methods of fighting off his enemies. Predatory dinosaurs do not distinguish between you, your squad mates or the enemy - meaning taking a stealthy approach, and luring dinosaurs to your enemy with the help of a flare gun a valid tactic to help you along your way. Of course, you'll have to deal with whoever, or whatever is standing at the end, and if gunplay is not to your liking, you can go toe to toe against your enemies with your trusty knife.

The knife allows you one hit takedowns on human enemies and small/medium sized dinosaurs, providing a rewarding and well animated scene. However, these do get repetitive, and although appealing the first few times, they do become boring after a while.

The game itself is not overly harsh, if you're in the middle of a firefight and a Raptor like beast comes at you from outside your vision, you'll have the opportunity to fight back in a brief quick time event. These can be rather rewarding, as you pry the jaws of a ferocious dinosaur away from your throat...but again, they do get boring the further into the game you go.

The story is forgettable, but not bad by any means. The checkpoints could be friendlier, and saving mid-mission will still force you to play from the previous checkpoint location upon restart. On default difficulty this isn't too bad, but can become very frustrating on the harder difficulty setting.

Multiplayer is enjoyable, with well designed levels, including a few co-op levels which are well made and fun to play with friends or strangers. Unfortunately, no multiplayer mode allows you to play as a dinosaur hunting your prey.

There is little reason to replay the game, or stick with multiplayer, but the game is certainly worth its current price, providing several hours of entertainment and some impressive moments now and then throughout the story.

  Turok is back

| | See all mikeb20's reviews (29)


The only bad thing about this game is that i have played the game for ages and not 1 acheivement what the hell????

  dont get left behind

| | See all LFCCABLEGUY's reviews (9)

This game was easy to like for me personly partly becoz of the none stop action. And a wouldent compare it to other game like cod. Becoz both games are good but on this u dont die first shot like on cod also the sniper is amazing. The only sad thing is that u cant do a split screen

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  Not As Good As Evolution...

| | See all Gamer15's reviews (25)

Turok has many good points, and yet, has many bad points...

The good points are the graphics, the gore factor and the huge arsenal of weapons you can use against the enemy soldiers and the brutal dinosaurs that inhabit the epic Lost Lands.

The bad points include the boring storyline and the unusually high difficulty level. The dinosaurs don't look very attractive or very impressive, but that doesn't hide the fact that they're brutal as hell and would just love to rip apart the protagonist piece by bloody piece...