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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (135 reviews)"

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| | See all liverpooltd's reviews (27)

great game, good range of detailed weapons, and great detailed and varied missions!!! - only bad point is that the missions get really hard the further you progress!!! overall a game and worth the challenge!!!!!!!!

  Good game

| | See all PSPnut's reviews (24)

This game is great the first time you play it, it gives you an experience not like many other games, but after a while it goes from being too easy to too hard, and you get rather pissed off.. it's a shame because amny of it's predecessors were brilliant, this one just lacks the fun factor that halo 3 and COD4 have, and of course, theres no offline multi....

  A bit disappointing

| | See all UnderclassHer0's reviews (8)

The campaign in this game is extremely hard (even on normal difficulty) however it is also pretty short! The online has a serious lag issues and can get VERY repetitive. Overall I would not recommend this game to anyone! Unless they're a hardcore Turok fan!

  Good game

| | See all Smithytron's reviews (3)

Good game, great graphics and the story is great, ive had this a couple of months now and i still havent completed it, it's a very difficult game and i keep findin myself stuck on one part of the game and can't stop dieing, wots the point of making a game that just gets you angry and breaking the tv screen, if you get annoyed easily atgames, dont touch this game

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  Good for first time

| | See all snoobs's reviews (5)

I have never played this game before but when I got it earlier this week I was glued to it. The best weapons are the shotgun and the bow and arrows.

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  Not as I remember

| | See all SgtShifty's reviews (33)

This isnt Turok!
I got this on the premise that it would slightly resemble the original games on N64.... But it doesnt... Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will remain the best Turok in my opinion, closely followed by the original.
I like the single player mode on this one, however at times it gets annoying, like if you die and have to restart from a cut scene, you cant skip it... That just really grinds my gears!!
As i FPS fan I have given it the time it deserves but i doubt i'll play it again!
Tried the multiplayer a few times but im back on COD4 cos i dont see how that can be beaten for sheer fun!!
So if your looking for a new FPS, id recommend it when the price drops, but dont get too excited!!

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  pretty terrible

| | See all GOWGOW's reviews (4)

i got this game for my birthday cos i thought it looked really good the idea of killing dinos and pinning people to walls with a bow and arrow sounded great ......but its very very hard to pin someone to a wall and there is like 1 move for killing each dino with the knife, although this is one of the best parts of the game as it is quite satisfying. the guns are terrible and if you want one of the worlds laggiest online games then this is for you.story is quite short and got boring after about the end of the first level. Dobt waste your money and end up trading this in for half the money you payed just go and by army of two, call of duty 4 or rainbow six vegas 2.

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  Don't judge it, just play it!

| | See all cherub1000's reviews (28)

Ok so after stacks of critisism I got myself a copy of Turok. What do we have here? Well it resembles a mish-mash of old titles that hardcore gamers will recognise instantly, for example, the first Unreal title, Far Cry, Quake 4 etc. Still this is not a real bad thing as these games were all great in there hay day. Although herein lies one of the main problems with Turok. It feels as if it's affraid to try anythin new so has just polished up aspects of old games giving it the feel of being a bit lazy.

This aside, there a many other areas were Turok shines! Weapons, ok we have the bog standard line up that every FPS falls back on but here your given the combat knife, no it isn't the same as all the rest! Without any doubt I shall say you will find yourself equiped with this weapon for over two thirds of the game, not because the other choices suck but the knife is such great fun to use! Voice acting is also very good, some well known names in the cast, suck as Timothy Olyphant and Ron Pearlman. Game length also is very good, expect to be fighting it out with dino's and bad guys for at least 10 to 12 hours on the intermediate setting and a great deal longer on harder modes!

In all, Turok is half of the game it should've been, by no means is it bad, it shows you some great stuff but lets itself down by being very predictable. I got my copy for £25 and was happy with what I got for the price. If you get the opportunity then go for it as there is a lot of fun to be had here but Turok is simply nowhere near the mammoths of COD4, Bioshock or Gears. A shame as a bit more work would've made this go a whole lot further.


| | See all SwayMckenzie's reviews (13)

Good sinlg eplayer story, some nice weapons to use and orignal ones with the inclusion of a crossbow.

Nice touches with attracting dinosaurs to attack enemies, nice weapons, nice story, online play is not up to scratch, regardless of connection the games can lag a lot at times but it is bearable.

Online the game modes are good and well thought out, maps are a good size but not huge. Dinosaurs and creatures are online too.

This game is better for single player than online.

Decent but could be a lot better.

  Not like other turok games!

| | See all Salmon 's reviews (41)

After reading the off putting reviews on play i was unsure about buying this game but i went for it anyway because ive always been a turok fan, thankfully i wasnt dissapointed, this is a great game and it doesnt let the series down in fact it brings it back up after the shoddy turok evolution.
The main selling point of this game is the knife killings which is unique to this game and it never gets old the knife fighting is great all the way through!

The only points that i mark it down on are:
Humans dont bleed =[
Multiplayer sucks =[
Not as many weapons as the older turoks =[

This game is great for those single player fps lovers!