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Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City (Includes The Lost And Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all Bigville's reviews (3)

Did you finish GTA IV? Do you like GTA? Buy this! It is really good.
Don't you have GTA IV? Buy the GTA IV + Episodes bundle


| | See all smudge014's reviews (1)

fantastic gameplay end of story. a must buy! graphics are excellent and the way the story is set is great.

  Hours of Fun!

| | See all SilentMessiah's reviews (8)

I've had this game for nearly 3 years now, I play it a few hours at a time on and off, and its great for coming back to. Being a fan of GTA since the start, this has to be one of the best. Story lines are amusing and can warm to some of the characters, plus I think being a European immigrant gives it a harder edge, making the story lines that bit more exciting.

The multi player is amusing, I have had tonnes of fun being on some of the maps with one person up to the max, one of my fave features of the game!

I also like the anti cheat system they have. So beware if your doing any health or weapons cheats as you will disable achievements by doing so, as the vehicle ones seem to have no effect.

All in all a great game! and the price it is these days including the DLC, its daft if you don't have a copy for when your tired of COD and the likes!

  GTA:TLAD and BOGT great games

| | See all Casper16800's reviews (4)

Well firstly I should point out that these games are simply not your average expanded add -ons , they are 2 completely new and different games set in the Rockstar Universe of the original GTA4. Expect all the same humour, wit and playability as the original but with 2 different characters to play with.

The first game the lost and the damned (TLAD) follows the exploits of a Liberty City biker gang called the Lost. This is very enjoyable as you have all the sandbox action of the first game but you are now a hard ass biker, which is pretty cool. Stealing bikes, bike races and shootouts with other biker gangs are excellent additions to the game, and there's even a cameo from some of our much loved characters from the original.

Second game is the ballad of Gay Tony, you play not as Gay Tony but as his bodyguard, which again is pretty cool. This means taking out hostile forces, keeping the club (which Gay Tony owns) safe and basically being a bad ass. In this game there is the added Fighting championship game in which you pay a few dollars to enter and you stay in for as long as possible being pitched against various different guys (first with fists, then knuckle dusters, then baseball bats and knives)

All in all its a great game sequel to an already much loved sandbox drive-em-up...

Great game that's why I gave it 5*'s.


| | See all rivaldo27's reviews (6)

I got this game by accident after a wrong order! But so glad i did,don't be fooled by thinking this is a add on to GTA 4. This is more,two seperate complete games! Although not as long as GTA 4 it's twice as good. Storylines are quality especially the ballad of gay Tony. I hate it when games are way too hard and this is just perfect. One word,Amazing!


| | See all johngarcia's reviews (5)

The game itself is great, with good stories and great voice acting, however what makes this game for me is the online gamplay. I just love getting in a car and running over whoever i can find. Great fun!


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

As soon as i got this for Christmas, i put it in my Xbox 360 and spent ages on it. There are a lot of new weapons, vechicles and characters.

  Best game ever created for me! LOVE IT!

| | See all billynufc2510's reviews (23)

For me, the best game ever created, not for "let's complete it in a week and then get bored." I mean as in entertainment. My friends and I all brought this game, (we owned the original GTA IV) The story line is alot better than the old one. Ballad of Gay Tony is alot more exciting and you don't know what to expect every mission you have to do. The Lost and Damned for me was too dark, I personally didn't enjoy it but everyone else seemed too. The only good thing was that you were in gangs, which for me is ideal for Grand Theft Auto.

Now I move to online gameplay, this game must have entertained me for absolute ages. My friends and I just play free mode and we've worked out that our overall game time on This GTA and GTA IV altogether must be ovre 120 days. It's just ridculously entertaining. It's so funny, I don't come on Xbox to take it seriously, I come on it to have a laugh, play with some mates for a bit.

Best game for me ever, apart from San Andreas, which doesn't have online gameplay therefore I can't compare it to this GTA.

  Good but flawed

| | See all robbieec's reviews (43)

As with GTA IV the story telling is excellent and the graphics however the game engine is still flawed. The driving, slow vehicles, police chases really all do get out of hand at times and im not one for getting frustrated with games but this is one where you will find yourself cursing quite a lot. Still addictive though because of the story.

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  top notch!!!

| | See all apples17's reviews (5)

brilliant game, grand theft auto 4 was brill but this was just as good. the weapons in it are awesome! love it!