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Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City (Includes The Lost And Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all masterplasterer's reviews (4)

Just bought an xbox 360 elite and got this game with it, I have GTA IV on my ps3 and loved it.. Im half way through the lost and damned and its great. If you liked gta IV buy it.

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  Ballad of Gay Tony is the Best Yet.

| | See all GavinoFree's reviews (2)

I agree with many people when they say that the Ballad of Gay Tony is the best one out of the whole of GTA IV. Better than Lost and Damned and the original Nico story. Brilliant characters, brilliant intertwined plot. Every mission feels like the best mission you have ever played thanks to the addition of the parachute, which is why the scoring system fits in so nicely. You can go back and replay individual missions to try and get the 100% rating on each one. I struggled to get into Lost and Damned at first, due to the grittiness that overruns the game and menus, but once I turned off that grainy "Noise Effect" I started enjoying it more and by the end of it I loved it. The characters in Lost and Damned definitely aren't as likeable as the ones in the original story or Gay Tony but it is still worth playing. I think everyone who liked GTA IV should definitely get these two new episodes for hours and hours of refreshed gaming.

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  Best DLC ever, price is a steal.

| | See all mischiefmayhemsoap's reviews (2)

Both are amazing. Lost and Damned is gritty and desperate, only let down is the rushed ending. Its enjoyable, you can tell how much attention went into the outlaw feel.

Gay Tony is really fun and has some amazing set pieces, (including a shootout in coney island and atop the empire state building). Its cool seeing all the things that went on in the backround of Nikos story. If you have played GTA4, Then you need this to finish the party.

there is so much in this game to see and do. theres so much satire and probobly the best soundtrack in a GTA ever- Ska, Dance, 80s pop, Rock.... Funniest game you'l play for a long time.

Comes with the regular loveable GTA cast of scumbags, shysters and degenerates. as usual, the 2 main charicters are a joy to play as.

Only thing thats sad is, this might be the last time you ever play in Liberty City, and it seems that there are so many locations left out, so much amazing looking avenues and alleys that have been left out. Like there could be more stuff to come

in all. amazing. All the loose ends are tied up. Best DLC EVER!

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| | See all sHedPro's reviews (2)

The Ballad of Gay Tony is an amazing game. Not only the missions that make the game but also following the main characters life; including working and dancing in nightclubs, cage fighting and meeting girls all over the city and showing them a good time! Also parachuting all over the LC. The soundtrack/music of the game is its best ever, love the 80s tracks. Just another classic from RockStar.

  Ballad of Gay Tony: Best episode yet

| | See all RDM4534's reviews (2)

Review of the Ballad of Gay Tony only:
Great story, music and mission structure. It easily surpasses the Lost & Damned episode.
Longevity is superb. Being a skilled GTA player it still took me 3 good days for playing to complete the game. One also has the opportunity to repeat the missions in order to complete a couple of further achievements.
As for The Lost and Damned. Pretty good. Worth playing this before the BoGT, as the latter is superior, maybe because it'll be the last episode in GTAIV :(

  A must if you love GTA

| | See all xXxtechnogirlexXx's reviews (6)

Excellent games, excellent price. No complaints from me. I'm playing through the TBOGT and it's my favourite so far.

  Excellent Price!

| | See all CheapSeller's reviews (24)

Great value for money here! Two full games for a cheap price. I will start with BoGT.. This one is excellent! you could spend alot of time in the Night Club's with many things you can do in it such as Champagne drinking where you fizz it up and spray it all over, then you race the other person to drink it all so it all ends up you being drunk and staggering around. You can drink shots and Dance.. The missions are one of the best I have played in the Grand Theft Auto series with all the explosions and variety in them. The Lost and Damned is also a very good expansion which gives BoGT a run for its money because this game throws you right in the action at the start. Handling with bikes feels excellent and makes you want to ride them more. I suggest playing GTA:IV first if you havent played it to understand the story.

  Great Value!

| | See all MrTrippy's reviews (24)

I havent managed to play the game yet because my xbox died - But full credit to play.com! Even with the postal strike chaos the game still arrived on time.

Ive played The lost and the damned and it is a good game, i think the story lacks a bit, but to get it with TBOGT is a great deal!