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Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City (Includes The Lost And Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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  Gay Tony

| | See all JFCluton's reviews (4)

Ive only played Ballad of gay tony so far and am so impressed find it better than the actual game. For the price getting 2 games for that is quality value. BUY

  GREAT EXPANSION! Well worth the money.

| | See all Allstar180's reviews (92)

2 games for the price of £25 is a ridiculous price for an expansion pack as good as this. I would be happy to pay 25 for the 2.

Lost And Damned is about a biker gang called 'The Lost' and there gang rivals are 'Angels of Death'. You are playing the character of Johnny, he was the leader of the The Lost gang until Billy came out of prison. From there things start to get worse, as Billy is an over the top violent bully type of character as Johnny just wants to keep the peace between the 2 gangs and do good business. This makes a very interesting gripping storyline through out.

The storyline has a lot of substance - in one clip, for those who have played GTA 4, in GTA 4 you play as Niko Bellic a European Immigrant and if you remember one of the levels with Playbox X where you go to see Elizabeth to arrange a drug deal. In that clip you will recognise the clip and the character Johnny from GTA 4, very cleverly been put together. The storyline of Lost & Dammed has every point to it, and makes riding a bike seem great (as I am not one for liking bikes at all).

I have not played The Ballad Of Gay Tony yet, coz I would rather complete Lost And Damned first, I've been on it now for 5 hours and just not even come close to completing the game, so it's quite long. But from reading reviews on 'The Ballad Of Gay Tony it's the best one out of the 2. But so far I have been very impressed with Lost And Damned. I love the way you can call Terry and then meet up with him in a quiet alley some where and he will have weapons for you to be able to actually select and purchase from with in his van, a nice touch to this expansion pack. Well worth having even if you don't have GTA 4 - but a MUST BUY if you own GTA 4.

And by the way, this game doesn't require to have GTA 4 in order to play the 2 games.

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  very desent offer

| | See all number11's reviews (15)

i got the game today 30 euro and its a great offer , i mean 2 games at a fair price , with the side missions you can complete each game in 15 or 20 hours AWESOME

  Great stuff

| | See all willboy's reviews (15)

Two brand new GTA stories on one disk for a fantastic price. If you like GTA then this is a must have. Graphics are fantastic along with the story and gameplay. I am about 4 hours into this and love it!!


| | See all Cidah0121's reviews (1)

This is the best rockstar has done i think they are now worthy of being called " Gaming Gods" just simply amazing what they have done here!!!! 2 Games that would cost around £40 to buy one at a time. but on one disc is good very good i love the game the new weapons and cars not to mension the base jumping
Again Rockstar are Gaming Gods!!

  well worth the price

| | See all Tinkerbell66's reviews (40)

2 great games lost and dammned is alot about shooting and ballad of tony is more about driving. This is an amazing package gotta pick it up.

  Great offer

| | See all Thenel75's reviews (1)

What a price!!!
I am leaving in France and let me tell you this package will cost here around a hundred euros.... madness....

Thx Play

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  perfect for people with jobs!!!

| | See all Booldozer's reviews (2)

I downloaded the lost and damned from xbox live and enjoyed it allot.
I work 45 hours a week and struggle to find time for games like oblivion, fallout 3 and gta 4.
I found this bitesize version of gta 4 much easier to play.
For a start all islands are unlocked from the start, there's no taking your friends out for meals, and the story can be completed in 5 hours (with lots of other stuff to see and do after wards).
I'm sure that Gay Tony will be something similar.

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