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Warhammer 40000: Space Marine

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  They could have done so much better !

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Firstly, I am a massive fan of the Warhammer 40k universe. The imagery, storyline and rich history provide a classic must for a game of depth. I know it has been said, but why the hell did they not give the game to Bethesda Studios for a game akin to Oblivion and have a space marine that can level up, buy new weapons, lead a squad and generally engorge the player with tales of daring do and rich gameplay ? Simple answer; 'Money'... bang out another generic shoot em up/hack and slash and rely on the licence to roll the money in !
Lazy just lazy and it annoys me that like most decent licences companies fritter away the deep history and backdrop to another dumb down game and ignore the richness of 40k that makes it so engrossing.

Ok now thats my moan. As a generic shooter/hack and slash quite good fun but it should have been called 'generic off the shoulder killing things game'... I mean its ok but 'Just' Orks.
I mean where are the Eldar, the Nurgle hoard, the Necrons, the Chaos marines and the real bad biys of the 40k universe ?...nope just Orkses. We all know they like 'Wah' but why was their no choice of race ? A massive disappointment to a older lover of Warhammer who wanted rich intelligent gameplay. Lazy and disappointing frankly. If you are a fan do what I did and buy for a tenner from a car boot. Hack and slash and then moan.
I just wish that one day someone will make the 40k game of my dreams. This sadly is not it.

  Fantastically Brutal And True to it's origins.

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Another short and sweet review here. Having played alot of dawn of war 1 and 2 I naturally wanted to step into the boots of a space marine and this game gives you that chance.

You definantly feel like you are one of the emperor's elite space marines in this game combating dangerous enemies who will do what it takes to kill you, since is proved alot since they do not fight fair by attacking in mobs during the campaign but its all part of the fun.

Your weapon arsenal is as brutal as the franchise itself with weapons ranging from chainsaw swords to melta cannons that vaporize ANYTHING that gets close. The visuals are very impressive aswell with alot of detail in the game, just a shame that there is alot of brown and grey to look at aswell.

The campaign itself is very good but it lacks ambition the developer truly played it safe with this one which is all fine since it gives out a decent story with alot of violent gameplay for you to make use of most of the time.

And finally the multiplayer launching with only two modes capture the points and team deathmatch the game feels a little rushed on this part especially with only 5 maps to play on at launch, maybe DLC will cure this. But do not let that discourage you, the maps are decently sized and varied although the colors are not.

The level of customisation in the multiplayer rivals that of saints row you can makes any marine you wish ranging from a legionaire of chaos to a pink marine proving his comfort with his sexuality as he does battle.

In conclusion a very good title for when you just want to kill things fun multiplayer a decent story and lovely visuals when they aren't grey or brown. 4 stars, I took one away for a lack of risk taken by the developers.

  Great for 40k fans, a solid 3rd person shooter for the rest

| | See all Lemminguk's reviews (6)

I waited for Space Marine to drop in price having been put off paying 30+ pound for it on release by mixed reviews. The game is definately not of the same top end quality as Gears of War (to which it is often compared) but is still a very enjoyable single player experience and a decent multiplayer.

The Warhammer 40,000 Universe is well represented boths for fans and new comers. Enough plot if given to explain the endless blood bath of combat you are thrown in to and the weapon variety is excellent with the heavy weapons feeling suitably powerful and the top notch melee fighting.

The single player game is however a bit disappointing. The levels are very long linear corridors leading to open arenas over and over. The health system is also annoying as you have to stun and kill enemies to regain health but this leaves you open during the kill animation and you'll often be killed by larger enemies or rockets etc while trying to do this. Overall however it's still a decent single player game.

Multiplayer is also good fun with decent variety offered. Standard modes are class based and well balanced. Despite the levelling system you are able to copy the setup of a player who kills you so unlike COD etc you aren't automatically punished for not dedicating your life to playing the game.

Last week they release a new mode for multiplayer which is much like the horde mode of Gears of War. Putting a team of you up against increasing waves of AI attackers. This new mode is a good addition to those looking for a co-op experience but is again misses the mark a bit with a poor respawn "lives" system which sees poor players quickly rob your team of their respawns resulting in most players being easily destroyed by later waves.

  Unfortunately war gets boring=(

| | See all dubsterjt's reviews (3)

Warhamer 40000 space marine really came out well in the reviews at some points even being compared to gears of war so i thought i would give it a go while not completely satisfied with the game i still had a lot of fun the weapons are a blast to use and slashing through hundreds of enemies with a sword/chainsaw does feel good it does get extremely repetetive with bosses and enemys not really getting that much harder as the levels go on.
personally i am not a fan of the collectable war hammer figurines so i cant comment on the pass over from workshop to console but i am sure they got alot of it right as the detail in the costume and locations is very nice to look at.

over all i gave it a three because one it doesn't deserve a two but lacks the story and drive to really be a game to remember
if your a fan give it a go if your not give it a miss


  Waaarrrggghhh - A Pretty Good Effort

| | See all Newmski's reviews (21)

Got this on release day and have played a few levels. It's pretty good - good graphics, good gameplay, good story. Good - but not, in my opinion, fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of "hack and slash" games and unfortunately this definitely falls into that category...although with guns added for longer range attacks! It feels odd that there's no control option to "block" the enemy attacks - only a dodge option - this seems to mean that when you are surrounded by Orks (which happens often) in a mass melee you can't avoid taking hits? Anyway, that's a small gripe especially as "execution kills" restore your health easily enough.

It looks like single player should last a good few hours, although each of the levels I've seen so far do seem a little samey...

Multiplayer looks like excellent fun - fast, frantic and violent, although a couple of times it experienced some serious lag, so I hope that gets sorted.

Overall then, a good game - especially if you like the Warhammer 40K universe. Worth buying, but I can't help but think it's just a stop gap until GOW 3 is released...which Space Marines has more than a passing resemblance to...

  Amazing but not long enough!

| | See all RagingBull's reviews (3)

This game totally lives up to the demo and exceeds my expectation in terms of playability and graphics it is a great portrayal of the 40k world and you wont be dissappointed until it ends far to prematurely after about 8 hrs game time, its not so much of a campaign as a foray, if it was a true campaign like in DOW etc this would be a relic, unfortunately the Online option does not bail it out either, its essentially a straight death match with lots of cheating and bad pings.. if only they had done horde mode like gears of war, oh well next..

  Has something all games need!

| | See all AlexGOThair's reviews (3)

Got Space Marine two days ago, it is a really good game. this is coming from someone who has gone off shooters almost completely due to how samey they all are nowadays (COD, Battlefield, Halo etc..). I played the demo and i thought it'd be worth buying, and how right i was, i've been playing lots of multiplayer and i'm very happy with how it works, it seems well balanced, the customisation is very good, lots of different armour types and as far as im aware all of the paint colours available from GW. the only complaint about multiplayer is the two gametype modes, which are Seize Ground (Domination for all you COD players) and Annihallation (Team Deathmatch). both of these modes puts you in control of either a space marine (3 different classes, normal foot soldier, heavy gunner or air assault) or a chaos marine (same classes different names). I feel it could do with one more game mode maybe, but obviously its better to have two decent ones than three mediocre ones. so i'm still happy with it anyway.

Now onto singleplayer campaign, i've played about 3 hours of this campagin so far and i like it a lot, it's a bit gears of war esque, but that i feel is just cos its a third person with big armoured men running around with guns. There is no cover button, cos frankly you don't need it, you just roll away and evade for a second to get your armour back online. the campaign's story is everything i expected it to be, it has a great absorbing storyline, the opening cutscene was brilliant, like it was a genuine movie. The graphics themselves are great in the cutscenes, i'd give them an 8/10 ingame, just because of the fact that when you kill an ork in the execution mode it doesn't look convincing, and there are only about 3-4 execution animations per each weapon that can be used for executions which is a bit disappointing. Plus there's a few other little things about the the graphics which are nothing major whatsoever.

So from what i've experienced so far in Space Marine, i feel it is the start of a new era of 3rd person shooters, i think it could get just as big as gears did when it first came out. But all of you people who think its instantly a nerds game because it's based on the models and strategy game, think again. if thats your reason for passing this up, you're seriously missing out.

i give this game 4/5, only just missing out on 5/5 because of silly little things really.

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  In the grim dark future, there is only war!!

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Played the demo, and i can't wait for the full game! Been waiting a long time for a proper 40K shooter (okay there was fire warrior) But this should fill the gap nicely! For the Emperor!

  Amazing Demo!!

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This game has be long over due for its release into the world, the demo of this game is stunning in the way that you feel like your in the mind of the space marine you are playing
Gore Guts and Guns best combo you can ask for, any warhammer gamer will love this
Add it to your Collection!!!

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