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Official Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit (includes Rechargeable Battery Pack) - White

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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| | See all bluebro's reviews (2)

absolutely great what more can i say .FANTASTIC for charging your batteries wouldnt be without it ,

  Very Good Piece of kit

| | See all lycanlord's reviews (1)

Im not quite sure why this has god bad reviews (unless people got a bad batch), I ve had this for over 2 years now and its perfectly fine. The batterys charge in good time and last for a long time too. Think it is much better than the play and charge and also other versions as the batterys have a good weight to them and give good feedback when the controller vibrates. Im am now buying the batterys again after 2 years as with all rechargeables, they dont last forever.
I would have given it 5 stars but the charger has started to crack where the battery sits in the cradle.

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  Xbox Quick charge kit

| | See all adam79's reviews (1)

I got a quick charge 6 months ago and as other people have said about this item you'll be very lucky if you get 6 months out of this charner befor like all of xbox items you have to spend more cash to get ripped off by this just to charge batterys.
But saying that i still would get a charge kit so i can get back to halo reach.

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  A must have.

| | See all BigARG's reviews (1)

Quick and easy battery changes. No messing looking for AA's. If you use more than one controller alot, then get a couple of rechargable batteries aswell.

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  complete waste of money

| | See all jimmypubeface's reviews (1)

oh dear as if msoft dont make enough money, why would anyone buy this instead of just a battery charger that you can use for anything? theyre just as good and cheaper thats what i use and its great, msoft are just seriously tight even though i think the 360 is the best console.

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  Good Bit Of Kit This

| | See all Stokie1863's reviews (23)

Having had the plug in and play charger for a while I started to have a few problems with it as it would either not charge my battery at all of it would take hours on end to charge after messing about for arount 30mins to get it to charge in the 1st place(No joke), So enough was enough, I splashed out on this bad boy and it is a much better bit kit, it charges your batterys sooo much quicker as it is run of the mains rather than a USB port I can fully charge a battery in around just over an hour, And on the plus side you get an extra battery with this charger, so If you are looking for a charger for your 360 I really would recommend this one over the plug in and play charger. this one is quicker and a far better bit of kit and does not drain power from your 360.

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| | See all 4footgiant's reviews (14)

i dont know why peopla are complaining. this is a very good product from microsoft. they charge in just a thew hours. a must buy, especially when you think about how many batteries you go though. no question asked BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! u will not reget it

  Well Worth it

| | See all FrEEzA's reviews (3)

This Product is A Must Buy For All Xbox Live Game Head's And For All Gamer's Really. Buy it.


| | See all rob789's reviews (31)

its so funny the way microsoft make you buy their poor quality products all the time including the wireless mic , 120 hardrive and this. Dont bother with this just buy yourself a good AA battery recharger and battterys they last 10 times longer than microsofts and charge quicker.!!

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  Does it's Job, I Suppose!!

| | See all TheGr8Veg's reviews (2)

The comments about saving money on batteries is what i thought about the minute i bought my 360 but i had to ave this cos i was getting annoyed with my xbox staying on after id switched it off just because the play n charge kit was plugged in. The only downside to this (i may be a little picky here) is a really high pitched squeek that's coming from the quick charge docking station only when there is a battery charging! Is this normal???????? Another funny thing i've noticed is that when you unplug the cable from the dock or the plug from the socket, if you listen closely, it sounds like it's going to explode :)