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Too Human

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (108 reviews)"

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  Probably the worst game I have ever played in my entire life

| | See all Morgan080493's reviews (2)

This game seems to be made to played on the sega megadrive (no offence to sega) but it is just so utterly awful it should never have been released for xbox 360

  Awful....just awful

| | See all Kingsly619's reviews (21)

I bought this game and played it for all of 15 mins and I turned it off....put in the case shuddered a little bit about how awful it is and that I wasted 15 mins of my life I would never get back.

I lent this to friends to get their opinion and received a txt a short while later stating what I said.

One of the worst games ever made.


| | See all Phantom01's reviews (3)

Too Human looked really promising when the initial info and screens were released, however i was very disappointed with nearly everything about this game. The gameplay is boring and repetitive, the enemy's are dull and are always the same and overpowered. The graphics are horrible, the effects are horrible, and overall just terrible. Do not buy this game unless you just want another 1000 gamerscore, (even that is hard), highly not recommended.

  Deserves more credit than it recieves

| | See all Vicousvern's reviews (2)

Too Human, a cybernetic / futuristic hack & slash with a touch of Norse mythology.

I bought this for 4 pounds, played through the first hour... and got completely engrossed.

The game is really addictive, great story, great visuals, nice cinematics and good solid gameplay. However there are a few minor aspects of the game that let the overall experience down slightly, the first being very long levels. Some being longer than an hour of none stop hack and slash action, however this isnt so much of a problem since its actually fun.
Another issue is the sheer amount of repetition; however the game mechanics work well enough to encourage the players onslaught by rewarding experience and pickups.
The final issue, is the odd cinematic, the games story telling works really well and its all done to a high standard bar the odd sequence that either looks really bad or just plain cheesy.

Apart from those issues theres an abundance of mechanics that really pull this game together to deliver a really enjoyable experience.

First is the levelling system, levelling up rewards points to spend in a talent system, this system has multiple paths to suit different styles of play.
Another great feature is blueprints; these items enable the player to create pieces of armour / weapons of greater standard than the average item drops.
There's so many features that really do help bring this gem of a game together.

To not give this game a chance it so rightfully deserves is foolish; its a very polished game albeit repetitive but still none-the-less offers a great experience.

Too Human offers a good solid hack and slash with a not so traditional setting; delivering great story and gameplay and will entertain for quite some time.

- Vicousvern


| | See all tifauk's reviews (2)

It's a shame really, after all the time this has been in production and the money thrown at it you'd expect something better!

I'm not saying it's downright awful, quite the contrary. First run through will be really challenging. You WILL die, you will SCREAM utter frustration at times, but it's fun!

I give it two stars purely because it's purely a one hit wonder. I felt no urge to pick this back up and sometimes had to push myself just to complete it

  Not too bad

| | See all Apostolos1981's reviews (4)

It is not the best game I have ever played, but it can be really good fun if you get used the controls.
Good points: Solid story from Norsh Mythology, good fun of gameplay, huge variety of items, armor, weapons, can be addictive.

Bad points: Camera doesnt work too well, average graphics, it can be completed between 10-15 hous.

If you overpass the bad points, its an overall good-game which needs many improvements. The idea and the scenario of the game is good and I hope too human 2 to be much improved next time.

Conclussion: If yoy want to have good fun of an action RPG this game is a good choice, but it could have been much better.

  After Much Diliberation...This Game Rocks!

| | See all JonnySH's reviews (2)

I gave this game a lot of thought before commiting to buying it. I think i read almost every review on the internet, i wanted it to be good, it looked good but all the reviews said it was pants. Eventually i bought it anyways (for 9.99 you cant go wrong) and i'm so glad i did!! This game is awesome and all the things that the reviews critised it for are very VERY minor!! For example, the camera, all reviews say how annoying it is not being able to move it...press LB...simple, it centres the camera behind Baldur. Another thing most reviewers moaned about was the Valkyre that comes when you die and how tedious it is...Think of it as a load screen!! and it's not like it takes you back to a check point and you have to do all of the same bit again, if you have a boss at half health and die, you spawn with the boss at the same amount of health!! This coupled with the xbox live coop feature, makes for a great game!! if you are debating whether or not to part with 9.99 like i was, then i say do, you wont regreat it!! it's not as bad as reviewers say, and the story is great!

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