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Too Human

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (108 reviews)"

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  Demo review

| | See all OwnageOliver96's reviews (1)

when I started playing the demo I thought the combat system was a little like a game I had for the ps2 and got used to it very quickly. The graphics are great and in most of the cut scenes you can still move. A great game that I am going to buy.


| | See all xB1ZZ3LLx's reviews (1)

the demo was great with only 2 playable classes but there will be five classes in the full game and you will be able to play campaign with friends. combat i thought was fun but i do agree with some of the other comments about the gun aspect of combat. its a bit repetitive as all you do is hold down a button until they are all dead, no aiming required. the melee combat on the other hand is fantastic.

  Good Game! Good Game!

| | See all Nealiuz's reviews (3)

Ok.... I have played the demo over and over for about 4 hours in total. At first i was like... 'What a big pile of dog poo!!'.. Then after an hour or so it gets really addictive. I think it just takes a while to get used to attacking with the right analog stick (which is a good way for combos). The graphics and camera angles are spot on! I really enjoyed this game.. its good for the leveling up aspect but also for the weapons which look pretty cool. If you got the odd £40 floating about... go out and get it. This game isnt a must buy though.

  Anybody who gives this game less then 5 stars is an idiot

| | See all Kaiserv8's reviews (1)

AWSOME, all i can say is AWSOME buy it now!!!!
and to all those who doubt the combat system, did u check in the demo to see the lists of finishers? or try equiping a different weapon? or did u use your spiders at all? anybody who says this game is basic or simple, hasnt even bothered to scratch the surface.

Not surprising if your not an RPG fan, as we RPG lovers have a better eye for detail then your typical cod player or racing sim lover. the fact that all moves change with each weapon was impressive also, and the rifles system was neat, having grenades as a seconday fire option is genius.

so in short if you did not like this game, you didnt give it enough time (im fully aware that the demo is short, but if u hunt down all the weapons and experiement a little you will be surprised), it is pure unadulterated GENIUS!!!!!!!

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  Please give it a chance

| | See all Seph25's reviews (5)

I have been looking forward to Too Human for ages now and downloaded the Demo as soon as i could.

First playthrough i was very dissapointed, sure the cutscenes were nice but the combat was boring i just slid from enemy to enemy and finished easily.

Second time i started i got the hang of the combat and the armour and weapon cutomisation. Once you learn how to do the finishers and juggling the combat become addictive and fun.

Hoping the full game lives up to the demo.

PS all characters are available in the demo. Disconnect from the internet and set your xbox to 2009 for the beserker and commando. The defender and bio are unlucked by quickly pressing A then moving to an available character, loads of guides on how to do this online.

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  A must have!

| | See all MrTrippy's reviews (24)

Just played the demo and loved it!! Only disapointing thing about the demo is not being able to play as all classes :( But Meh! Its only the demo. Cant wait for this 1!

Another thing...Does anyone know if you can customize the characters face and scars etc like Mass Effect??

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  Blown away...litterally

| | See all Xbox360King's reviews (5)

played the demo...cant wait for the real thing, some humor, great game play a good mix of close combat and ranged combat....i cant really comment on graphics as im on a crt standard tv but ive just ordered a hd ready tv as well a hdmi cable...just in time for this awsome game...if you have a look on youtube there is a video which tells you how to use the defender and commando on the demo :P.

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  baldur rains supreme

| | See all fanimalgaz's reviews (2)

totally agree with netprime this game is awsome the weapons look deadly the armour looks solid the combat controlls are great cant wait to get to grips with the full game. only 49 days to go oh well back on the demo i go....

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  Too Good

| | See all netprime's reviews (6)

Just downloaded the demo, just finished playing it for the second time. This game is going to be good, its going to be too good, its going to be amazing! The combat engine is unique and works so well, allowing you to switch between firearms and melee instantly, nice looking enemies, some pretty cool armour combinations and from what I've seen on the demo and on videos, it's going to be one hell of a game.

The armour and weapon choices are endless as you can customise them with runes and charms, leveling up is nicely handled, not too complicated but has enough detail to keep you hooked and thinking.

This game, I cannot wait for.. Think I'll go play the demo again, Norse Gods, cybernetic warriors, hordes of robots to kill?! 5 star rating speaks for itself.

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