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Too Human

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  A real shame....

| | See all diabolical's reviews (26)

Unfortunately Too Human is NOT a good game. There are definitely things to like about it that keep it from being a total write off but there are far too many flaws inherent in it and i cannot recommend it to anybody.
Starting with the things that ARE good about the game: The concept and art design is brilliant. The modern sci-fi take on Norse mythology is inventive and well done and reminds me of the book Ilium by Dan Simmons which is a sci fi take of sorts on the Iliad detailing the fall of Troy. It is a shame that the game is so bad because it was intended as the first part of a trilogy and i for one would have very much liked to see where the story led.
The micromanagement and customisation is also impressive, with thousands of armour combinations. At one point i had my Baldur looking like a Norse Megaman. There are countless peices of armour to pick up and craft and it is obvious a lot of effort has gone into the game. The score is also impressive, creating a suitably epic atmosphere at key points in the game,
Which makes it all the worse that the game itself is so lacking. Lets start with the worst aspect. The controls. Theres a reason there are not many games where combat is mapped to the right anologue stick. It DOESNT work, the combat although visually impressive, has no flow to it and the unweidly control system means it is diffcult to avoid being hit and taking damage. Couple this with a camera that makes it tricky to see what you are doing and your character can be hidden under a mound of enemies leading you to just push at the sticks and hope for the best as your life bar depletes. So you'll die, and die, and die, and die,
and every time you die a valkyrie will descend the heavens, pick up your body and carry you off to valhalla before you respawn more or less where you died,. This cannot be skipped and happens EVERY SINGLE time you die. the sequence takes around 20 seconds in total and considering that some enemies you have to grind against and die and come back repeatedly it really starts to grate after the first ten times or so. No carryable health packs means you are reliant upon health orbs dropped sporradically by the foes you defeat, These are far too few to enable you to progress through the game in the manner that the magnitude of enemies would suggest. This game is a total slog, wave upon wave of enemies dispatched to kill you using ranged and melee methods. It's like the game is almost conscious that you cant actually get to a game over screen and taking advantage of it by bombarding you with cheap guided missle shots whilst you struggle against the close combat creatures. This brings up another issue: repetiveness. The idea of taking fantasy creatures like goblins and elves and trolls and mechanizing them is a good one but there is precious little variety and you will kill THOUSANDS of each during a playthrough. Though there are only 4 levels in the game each is stretched out to ridiculous proportions going on for far too long and rendering the game quite boring in places. Indeed at times you will be unsure whether you are heading in the right direction simply because what lies ahead looks so similar to where you have just come from. At one point i wasnt sure if the last level was EVER going to end and with little in the way of exposition or narrative to drine you forwards it often seems pointless to continue and i can see many not bothering.
The thing is Too Human LOOKS good, it has good concepts and design. But its not a movie, it's a game and games have to play well, Too Human doesnt, its too flawed and that's a real shame because it has some great ideas. Sadly they just were not enough. Shame.

  At least it's something new.

| | See all SamJ72's reviews (1)

Even though this game has seen a lot of bad press, it still continues to be one on my favourite games on the 360, not just because it's addictive, it's because it is doing something different than just FPS.
The story in this game is fantastic with excellent voice acting that really draws you in and as it is going to be a trilogy *fingers crossed* the story will become even more engrossing.
The controls are a bit... simple, all it comes down to is randomly pushing the right analog stick around, but for some reason, this doesn't take away the fun of bashing 1000's of enemies skulls in!

The best comparison to this game I could make would probably be Diablo II, it is a dungeon crawler that will leave you wanting more!

  Top Notch.

| | See all ThePS3Oracle's reviews (19)

In my opinion a very very good game that if you give it chance can be very very adicitve, dangerously addicitve. Alot of people have stated about how short this game is as here are only 4 levels but if you trying to collect an armour set you will have to play these a minimum of at least 15 times each depending on how lucky the drops are as the red elite or epic armour are rare as hens teeth. Also anther point i see a few people moaning about the death sequence are people joking or what so you have to wait about 45 seconds for the valkerine (Poor spelling) angel type person to come down. The game is Hard??? i didnt find this at all in a lot of hours playing this game i have only died 4 times every time due to an online parter being poor at the game and shooting the enimies that chrage up when you shoot them and if your on a trolls back when someone else is charging them it kills you every time. However find a decent online loot hunting partner and this game is second to none and at 10 pound your laghing. The one tiny gripe i have with this game is the duplication of items for me personally i dont see the point as the whole point of the game is to look for stuff so if your copying everything theres no actuall point to playing. This duping of items hits every game of this type as anther quality game in Sacred Angel is plagued by the same thing.
For 10 pound you will strugle to find a better game.

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  Going for the underdog...

| | See all ChrisJ91's reviews (31)

I bought this game, and have admitidly only played the first level, but I loved it. I can understand why people get frustrated the way they are, after reading many online articals about the issue of the weapons control. But compare it to a standard RPG, it gives more options than a turn based game, like lost oddysey
The graphics arent terrible, some of the game looks rather nice, and would look a lot nicer, if it wasnt for the camera angles...
I think for the price people are asking, this is more than a fair buy, and doesnt deserve ALL the bad press its getting. At least its something different, which IMO is what the xbox lacks sometimes, especially of late.

  Fundamentally Flawed

| | See all dreamofsleep's reviews (3)

Until now I've never bothered to review a game, but my conscience compels me to warn others about Too Human...

I've clocked in well over 200 hours on it, with one complete epic armour set (class specific) and a few other epic pieces for other character builds, not to mention numerous epic weapons.

So I'm not complaining just for the sake of it - I've given this game more than a fair chance to endear itself to me.

However, that said I can't recommend Too Human to anybody but the extremely dedicated action role-playing, loot obsessed fraternity. The game's negatives seem to outweigh the positives, demanding too much from even the hard-core gamer. Bottom-line: a game should be 'fun' to play, and this seldom is. And don't confuse 'fun' with the addictive nature of loot hunting.

The learning curve is high, with various game concepts (e.g. runes, charms, statistical intricacies, etc.) insuffciently or poorly explained, necessitating undue trial & error or the player having to search online for the relevant information.

The camera on whichever setting is absolutely dreadful, requiring constant manual readjustment and can all too often lead to premature death in the heat of battle.

The control scheme is unintuitive but more importantly, imprecise, which leaves certain character classes at an unfair disadvantage.

The lack of customisation options for the epic armour sets (class specific) is, in my opinion, a stupid game design decision, as is the inability to change or swap out armour/weapon upgrades (is it really necessary to make players spend another 25-50 hours hunting for specific loot because earlier they made a bad upgrade decision or changed their mind about how they want to enhance their armour/weapons?)

The game fails to distinguish whether you're playing solo or co-op online, and thus does not accordingly adjust the type of loot to suit your character class. So if you're mostly a solo player, be prepared to receive a lot of utterly useless loot for your time and effort.

The developers expect you to suffer through so much tedium and frustration for what is ultimately (in gameplay terms) not that much of a beneficial reward, i.e. the epic armour sets.

And there are so many other annoyances - top of my list is that your superhuman character can be a veritable blur of fury in the midst of combat but the rest of the time can only traverse the large vacuous levels at a snail-pace jog, leading to god knows how many hours of wasted time (why??!!); the enemies level too close to your own character's progression detracting from any lasting sense of becoming a more powerful and effective combatant; there's a dire lack of enemy variety; animations are clunky; silly examples of 'clipping' on the main character model, etc...

I won't get into the story, voice-acting, mythology, etc. as this game was supposed to be the first installment in a planned (now probably scrapped) trilogy.

In light of how over-hyped it was, I think this game deserved the poor critical reception. And the subsequent poor sales probaby reflect that and will hopefully discourage other developers from making such a fundamentally flawed finished product.

I respect the efforts of those who collectively worked on this title as I'm sure it wasn't their intention to make a mediocre game, and I wish them better luck next time.

Tip for newbies: use internet searches to provide invaluable information about various in-game concepts, gameplay, etc. A really useful place to start might be (e.g. the 'Armor Compendium' from Silicon Knights community threads), it'll no doubt save you considerable wasted hours and lot of grief.

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  Pathetic exuse for a game!

| | See all Scar182UK's reviews (17)

Well, what can one say about Too Human? This was recommended to me by a friend, although it turns out he just wanted me to waste my money, and he was successful! I was barely in to the first level when I thought, "Is this really a game? Or a cheap 60's doctor who special?" It takes ages to actually get you into the game, for most of it, its just a big cinematic, where you just stand there. Combat is tedious and virtually put me to sleep at the first sign of the enemies. It's hard to think of any group of people which would enjoy this game............

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  Good Fun

| | See all GixxerDrei's reviews (47)

This is an update my review as I actually purchased an Xbox 360 because oft this game.

So my first impression... well when I saw the class selection and layout straight away it made me think of Hellgate London:) and yeah I think they are very similar concepts. Kill lots of enemies, loot and gear up, and they even throw in a team of soldiers to support you. The NPCs just provide an extra hand but I just ignored them and do my stuff.

I do have to agree with one statement, the camera sometimes can be a right pain in the butt:( , I would suggest using the ISO view as it seems to be better.

The online side of it is quite good but you can only play in 2 and only for 1 level then you gotta go back to the lobby and select the next level. Apparently they can support up to 4 players but not implemented, probably something to look forward in the sequel.
Another thing to watch out online is to try and team up with someone who is + or - 5 levels from you. Otherwise you will regret it, the game takes the highest player in consideration, this means you can end up dying from 1 hit or looting gear which you cannot use for levels to come.

I probably regret not getting this when it came out as anyone that preordered the game got a code that gave them some nice epic armours straight from level 1.

No idea about the ending as I haven't finished it yet but if it is indeed part of a trilogy then great, hope they will allow your characters to carry over to the 2nd and 3rd parts.

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  Fun if you can overlook the big problems.

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

A dungeon crawler in the Diablo mould, Too Human is a much anticipated 360 exclusive that has now become a running joke in the gaming world, no thanks to the comments from a certain Mr.Dyack. Too Human is fun... if you're expecting very little, the combat is clunky and unintuitive. However, the graphics are good(think Mass Effect) and the story isn't the worst I've endured, you can follow it quite easily. But, a dungeon crawler lives and dies by its combat and levelling. Unfortunately, this is where Too Human dies because levelling up and buying new skills can be confusing and the combat is very frantic and cluttered. When lots of enemies crowd the screen, it's difficult to know who you are and what exactly it is that your doing. This had so much potential but ultimately joins the what if pile.

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  absolutely dreadful for a game

| | See all Dave82517's reviews (73)

I am not one to particularly enjoy giving bad reviews, but I am sorry I must say this. This has been out for quite a while now and I purchased this pre-owned about 3 weeks ago. I now know one reason why it was a pre-owned game.
What first struck me was the awful control system. You battle (melee, hand to hand combat etc) with the RIGHT ANALOG STICK. I mean, for crying out loud, it is not easy to do. Avid gamers will find that dying over and over and over again will become very tiresome and make the game very very dull. Which is a pity because for all intents and purposes this has some pretty decent building blocks to it. The background story is VERY interesting and the graphics and cinematic sequences are works of pure art, but the gameplay, to use a simply modern term: "sucks".
I write this review to inform gamers such as myself NOT to fall into this trap. The controlling is upside down and not thought of very well, the gameplay is lengthy (which is good) but it is not very well laid out for you. The game, itself is like a mass of space, and you do not even have a map that you can look at during missions when you are in the middle of heated combat and lose your way. Let's face it, it happens and we have ALL been there. But the game developers have left so much margin for error that the game itself is awful, which as I have said earlier, is a real shame.

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