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Too Human

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (108 reviews)"

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  an exclusive failure

| | See all EvVanced's reviews (7)

When i decided to make the switch to ps3 i also decided to keep my 360 as there are some very promising xbox exclusives on the horizon. I bought too human and just couldnt believe what i was playing. It is just terrible..im sorry but it is! It trys to play like the mighty devil may cry and fails..the story is terrible, and doesnt flow! The grapics arent bad but due to a terrible choice of set camera angles with no 3rd person rotation you cant appreciate them!!!! Soooooo frustarating! Stick to ps3. If you read this and still decide to buy it then what a waste of your money! Get mass effect for £15! It rocks!

  Could be Better.

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

The ideas are here.Good Graphics that would like a bit more work.Nice battle system.Good replay value.Very easy to finish.Very nice concept.Though it isn't in the end what they promised us to be.Buy it though as something unique.

  Good but not great

| | See all JRP007's reviews (3)

I bought this game on the pre-tense that I had seen it when it first came out and had always wanted to get it, so did when the price had come down. When you take into consideration all the development that had gone into this game i was expecting a masterpiece but I found the game very repetative and to be very honest too short. I have given it 4* as the story line is very good and once you get used to the combat system you can really get stuck in to the huge hoards of enemies. This ios apparently the first of a trilogy and so i await the next chapter hoping it will be better!

  One of gaming's greatest let-downs?

| | See all Oberael's reviews (20)

A game which seems like The Matrix meets Norse mythology should be impressive. Particularly as this title spent years in development limbo. And after all this time, all Silicon Knights could come up with was five dangerously similar campaigns. Even the armours and weapons feel repetitive. The hype and the visuals do not match the gameplay in this lack luster title.
However, considering how cheap it is now, you might want to pick it up for some gamerscore or the numerous reference to the Nordic sagas.

  good game

| | See all painter137's reviews (11)

I think this game is under rated its a good game and i bought it the other day pre owned for alot more than this and its a great price and a good game

Its like dmc 4

  Decent Game

| | See all Kendall128's reviews (31)

This game has a very fighting style to it but it works very well. You push the analog where you want to swing your over sized sword or you can stand back and unload a range of guns at your opponents.
The ranking up is very good aswell.

  Surprisingly Good, but blunt and unsatisfying ending!

| | See all JonesyBCFC's reviews (1)

This game didnt seem to live up to its hype when released, and got some bad review so decided not to buy it. However thought for 15 quid how can i go wrong! I was very surprised to see quite a good game, addictive gameplay, great story, and a game with minimal loading! Obviously it has it flaws, ie death isnt a major issue in the game, the story ends very bluntly, but all in all well worth the money, cant wait for too human too....or 2, whatever!

  Wasnt for me...

| | See all SeMzzz's reviews (140)

I played this game for about 6hours and got though alot of the story. However after a while it became the same old boring thing. Game wasnt for me im afraid..didnt last long enough


| | See all bfg515's reviews (8)

Too human is a complicated game, not because of puzzles or anyting like that. Its difficult because for the first 4 hours of the 7 hour campaign you dont really care. Don't let that put you off the game for £15 is good and worth it, and the storyline picks up near the end and suprisingly i want to play the second to see how it continues as some of the twists were atually worth 4 hour monotomy.

The graphics are ok and generally fluctuate, by this i mean that the graphics change from really impressive to seriosly lacking and from a 10 year project i am quite dissapointed.

The gameplay is by far the strangest and i would say the weakest aspect, word play has been sesignated the right analog stick and the guns to the triggers giving the player the ability to lock on to two enemies. This sounds good on paper, but in practice its not so good. As the actions take up the trippers, bumpers and analog sticks the player has no immediate control over the camera and although generally it is fine. There are portions where the camera seems to be ptting up more of a fight than the AI. This added with the unlimited amout of lives you have and an UNSKIPPPPABLE minute segment after death, it really seems to drag on.

Now for the good bits, the collecting and diversity of items is brilliant on par with mass effect. Except now the weapons and armor changes greatly change instead of just adding a different paint job on the same model. This is brilliant for kleptomiacs, as getting a complete and extravagant piece of armour really gives a sense of accomplishment. The story line is also very good, towards the end with twists and ideas not readily used. I just wished that the story line had been more evenly paced, like for example making the trilogy just one game.

In summary, if you want some easy mindless hours collecting colourful equipment, then you cant go wrong with too human. This game has got alot of good qalities underneath the coat of rust, its just a shame the the coat is so thick.

If its less than £20 then its well worth it.