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IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey (IL2)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Bad control options and boring

| | See all AmazingFactory's reviews (1)

This game forces you to fly with your left hand - pilots fly with their right hands - this makes it unplayable
Combine this with the usual combat sim problem of: enemies are usually about 4 pixels and it is pure dullness
The only good thing is trying field landings in a spitfire - but with left handed controls even that is spoilt
How any developer could be so stupid as to not give control options for RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE is beyond me - no sale
BTW apache air assault DOES support right handed controls

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  Best attempt of air warfare simulation on console

| | See all Redbavon's reviews (11)

Really good graphics and sounds for a console "flight" simulation. Better than other competitor's but still controls didn't make you feel as you play on PC. If are an orphaned PC flight simmer like me, I can recommend this new chapter of IL-2.


| | See all Manx86's reviews (1)

The demo just blew me away, the damage that you receive affecting the slightest move ability, the environmental scenes and weather that surrounds you and the awesome sounds effects from the bullets hitting your aircraft, to the distance thud of planes hitting the ground. You really do get a sense that you are up there in the clouds with the sympathy of protecting your wingmen. I knocked the one star down because there has been some sacrifice. The sharpnes and extra detail of damage, aricraft and landscape, the ulternative firing ratios, no german cockpit views and a few more mecanicle switches and button which you cant use in comparison to 'Wings of Prey' - (Birds of Prey, Pc Version). Unless you pc is slow or you dont have one, this will keep you busy and a lot of fun and easy to play with the joypad. :)


| | See all Hotrod's reviews (24)

This game haves some great graphics and the game play is good to, but has you progress through the missions it starts to go bad because the ground units are bad to hit and half the time you can't even see them. I got to the point in this game I had enough of it, to me this is a hard game to play never got to the online bit, am glad I rented it, I would just rent it first and see how you get on with the game.

  4/5 Great game overall but missed a few bits

| | See all doom88's reviews (1)

I thought the game had great graphics both on the aircraft models and the scenery. The scenery looked really good in the game especially flying around Kent in England and the aircraft models were nice and the damage effects were great i.e. bullet holes in fuselage, chunks and holes taken out of the wings and oil sprays on the canopy.
There are quite a few planes to fly throughout the game but i think it lacks on some classics such as the Avro Lancaster that played a major role in WW2 and should have been included in the game alongside a dam-busting mission.

The missions are a bit on the easy side and tend to be quite samey, but I suppose there's not much else to do when flying a warplane than shooting enemy fighters and bombers out the sky but overall it's a very enjoyable game to play.

I would say another thing it lacked was the ability of split screen multiplayer without being connected to xbox live.

  budgies of averageness

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

Graphically fairly decent.Game play wise a bit dull and samey on arcade mode(and far too easy),realistic/simulator are nearly unplayable.Do not expect a pc flight sim,the xbox controller can't handle it.it's a game to kill a few minutes on at a time on single player(every time I try to get on line I have problems with the server).worth a look if you fancy a change but not great.

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  Bandit at 12 O'clock

| | See all Fwibble's reviews (3)

If you want a short arcade shooter then you will not be disappointed with this game.

If you have played the PC version of the Sturmovik IL2 flight simulator series then you will not be impressed with this.

After playing this (also the PC simulator - Whirlwind Over Vietnam by the same people) I got the impression the IL2 boys need another firm to hire them.

I took it to the second hand store on completion in less than 8 unsatisfying hours.

It looks ok and that is all it has to offer as a flight simulator. You cannot change your gun crossover points, all of the Gunner positions are in 3rd person view only and the cockpits of some planes are not even available !

I can only assume that the game companies meddle with the creation process of writers because It is perfectly clear that the software programmers of IL2 know their stuff when it comes to accurate plane or helicopter design in fine detail, so what goes wrong ?

Could have been so much better just like Whirlwind could have but failed miserably. What a pity.
If you want a simulator leave it alone and maybe one day we will see one.

  Don't expect a revolutionary WW2 fighter

| | See all j2000nr's reviews (9)

Some games you can fall in lover with immediately, it doesn't matter if the game isn't all that great, take as an example Earth Defense Force 2017. It is on of the most ridiculous games ever created, the graphics are ropey as is the physics, but for some unknown reason i fell totally in love with it, maybe because it was so bad, it became good.

This game i found hard to love, its not that its bad, its just that its not good. I personally feel that the graphics are pretty good, the damage that the planes pick up as they dog fight is very nice to look at. There are some good points though, in arcade mode the planes are easy to control and you can get some satisfaction from shooting down your enemy. Another good point of the game are the cutscenes, these take the role of old news reel footage and do add to the game, but i can't think of too many more good points.

I don't actually like being too negative about games, but there are some points that need addressing. The single player game is short. Don't expect more than 6-8 hours, that's if you do all the single player missions as well as the campaign. The campaign is split up in to a series of battles, within each battle is a series of linked missions. But they don't feel linked, there is no sense of continuity, which is a shame as it makes it hard to get in to the game. Another problem that i found was when i tried to play online it would never work, apparently the IL2 servers were unavailable. This could just have been a problem my end but it just put the final nail in the coffin for this game.

Apart from arcade there are two other modes, realistic and simulator. I couldn't do realistic, let alone simulator. This is not a bad point as it is good that the game makers have tried to add something like a flight sim mechanic to the game, but it takes patience to master.

This is not a bad game, its just not a good game either. I have only played one other plane game on the 360 and that is blazing angels 2. Which i feel was a much better game, in that it made me smile. This game won't do that


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  a great little game!

| | See all Sirchunkalot's reviews (3)

I am a great fan of the old Il-2 simulators on the pc and to be honest i was worried about buying such a game for the xbox, however i was pleasantly surprised by Il-2 Birds of prey. it has not lost its simulator feel altogether and is well blended with elements of flight sim, and basic shoot em' up style gameplay. Graphics are good ( especially the detail on the planes and battle damage), good length campaign and a decent selection of online gaming. Dont be put off by the simpleness of the first difficulty setting and the near impossible realistic and simulator settings - it doesnt take long to work eveything out!.
All in all a definate buy and a great price - check it out! :)

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  Was i expecting to much?

| | See all Ibomol's reviews (6)

As a great fan of Microsoft's Flight Simulator for many years i know alot about how planes fly and such.
When i look at the box for this game (and some reveiws) i was impressed so i thought id get myself it.

Well.. when i bought the game i tryed it out in arcade mode first (i always start on the easiest mode) it was ok, but tbh nothing special it was just tail a few planes and hold the trigger.... i thought 'far too easy' lets try the next mode...

Thats when i felt ripped off, id spent around £30 for a game which quite honestly... dosen't work.. you cant realisticly fly at all, the slightest movement of either stick and you go spiriling to earth in a stall.

Then theres the graphics, come on? we are in 2009 now, we have had beautiful games like Assasins creed and Gears of war, and what am i looking at here? it looks quite honestly like the graphics of Flight Sim 2002 on PC.

I hate to say it, but this game left me feeling cheated out of my cash, i have since sold it and lost a £5 and somehow i still feel cheated as this game is suited to xbox arcade or windows 98 rather than a true xbox game.

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