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Forza Motorsport 3

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (86 reviews)"

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  A good racer

| | See all CO19123's reviews (7)

The game is very good the cars handle ok not too bad.
But the graphics let the game down big time apart from the that a grat game well worth the money.

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  Very realistic

| | See all xTaNg0's reviews (1)

this is the best racing simulator around, just a little recommendation, save 45,000cr and buy the dodge viper(the red one) if you upgrade it the speed gets to 10 and you can finish the game with it.

  Realistic & fun racer

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I got this on a lend from friend and I enjoyed it although it did get quite easy and monotonus as you have unlimited rewinds unlike GRID where you have a maximum of five. The cars are real and drive well and the tracks are well designed too. The achievements are pretty simple compared to those of Forza 2. It's a game that you enjoy for the first few hours then gets incredibly monotonus. Worth a rental.

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  3 screen magic!!

| | See all RenegadeMaster's reviews (2)

you can run this game with 3 screens if you ahve 3 xbox 360's and 3 copies of the game. Same with Forza 2.

If you have 3 original xbox's and 3 copies of forza 1 you can do this as well. So you can see all around you.

You can then add a 4th screen, preferably something small like 5" as a rear view mirror. And a 5th screen can be used as a replay screen. So while ur in this 4 screen cockpit everyone else can watch on a big TV with spectator camera angles.

All 3 forza games can do this. Truly an amazing feature.

couple that with the Fanatec Porsche Steering wheel or the 360 wheel and you have a serious racing setup on your hands.

or instead the new xbox Kinect allows you to play Forza 3 by simply raising both of your hands like you're holding a steering wheel.

This game really does have it all, and the car selection and range of tracks is just awesome. Add to that the beautiful graphics and this is just my favourite Race Sim.

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  Great Game

| | See all Trollface2's reviews (9)

This is a great car sim, good visually, nice driving physics, nice to be able to alter the skill level in different ways to help your driving improve, car customizasion is fun, its only downfall is it can get a bit samey, but... its a car sim, you drive cars, it pretty much does all it can! Bargin price really.

  outstanding but always room for improvement

| | See all k8ppa99's reviews (1)

this game was very good at the start with all the old classics all the countries favourites and all the new cars within the game was amazing but then after two - three months I began bored of it started to think of selling it but then once I realised in depth was when you get xbox live with it your expectations and thoughts of it are sky high absoloutly amazing the auction house the well everything is very good just how I imagined it would be before it came out , I recommend it to all of you gamers who love cars and love xbox it will satisfy you fully

  Pretty amazing, not perfect

| | See all tuksta's reviews (6)

Pros: Brilliant graphics, loads more tracks than forza 2 and better tracks too, more cars, better upgrades, great controls, and physics, nicer scenery, better menus.

Cons: the claimed 100 tracks just seems to be an endless array of different configurations for only about 20 tracks. Not a huge amount of new cars, most were already on forza 2 (eg they still only have the CC8S and not the CCX, and the mclaren f1 gt not the far superior LM) you have to pay extra money to get NEW cars, most which were out long before this game! Too many rubbish american cars (pt cruiser/mid 90s mustangs). Loading times are very very long. Some noticeable glitchyness/buginess. In car view is rubbish compared to gt5 prologue.

Other than that, its pretty good, great fun to tune up the little polo gti so that it does a 9 second 1/4 mile! or putting the v12 tdi in the r8. Will definately tide me over til the undisputed racer returns this autumn/winter/next year or whenever they release it.

  Simon Berrill married man!

| | See all v2sjbsi's reviews (2)

Best driving game in my Xbox collection!This game you will not be bored on. done 49/50 accomplishments in 3 months,the last one will take about another 6 months.Storefront and upgrading makes this game interesting.Racing on Xbox live could do with some work on compared to Race Grid,but overall very good

  Forza 3

| | See all Hotrod's reviews (24)

This game is not much different than Forza 2, I've put in over 400hrs into this game designing the paint jobs etc, on about 64% into this game and love this game, you have to buy and sell cars in the auction rooms as it's the only way you can buy the race cars as in the game they are far to dear to buy. This is the best racing game out
at the moment well worth the price I've bought all the download cars/track.

If you can get the limited version cheap go for that as it will be a lot cheaper than this version plus the downloads on top. But other than that it's a great game to play, and some of the designs I've seen done by other people are fantastic to look at, and you can buy these designs cheap/free and put them on to your own cars.

So if you like racing games you can't go wrong with Forza 3.

  Forza 3 - A MUST buy.

| | See all gamemeister2's reviews (2)

Forza 3 is amazing! I never really got into number 2 and traded it in relatively quickly and then here comes Forza 3. What a game! I've not really been a big fan of racing games until this! 25 quid is an amazing price, but you should note that the DLC costs about 20 quid for it all. It's worth it however. With this you get 2 Discs, one being a content disc (Cars, tracks etc.) and a code to download even more tracks! As long as you play on a HDTV then you will have no problem with experiencing the full experience, it is absolutely breath taking - if a little too easy. Overall - a must buy for any 360 owner!