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Crackdown 2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Get the 1st, its better

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Same city as first just slightly altered and NO TRANSFORMING VEHICLES, when i saw the 1st trailers for this and i saw the chopper and could'nt wait to see it transform but no, the developers thought to themselves lets take one of the coolest features from the 1st game and remove it entirely.

Ruffian Games should be banned from making games for this travesty of a wasted opportunity.

If like me you loved the 1st game and wanted more then keep wanting because this should have never been released.

The DLC for the 1st game added more then this full retail game ever will.

Would get 0 stars if possible.

  it doesnt seem to have any improvements

| | See all samgs1990's reviews (1)

I played the first game and really liked it at the time. this game is no where near as fun if you already own the first. the story that the first game had is gone, so far i have not come across anything remotly like a story after 5 hours of play. the awsome car upgrades that transform the higer your level is has gone, the character changes have also gone all characters look the same in a generic suit instead of their facial hair and tattos changing as you level up. there is no longer different factions just cell and freaks. the announcer does not shut up and will tell you in great detail every time you get an achievement.
the only real plus is the enclusion of more zombies (freaks).
if you havent played the first game then this could be a cheap thrill for you but otherwise i'd say just rent it or give it a miss all together

  Great but misses the highs of the first game

| | See all Bobbylank's reviews (5)

I've played for a few hours now and while enjoying the game for most of the same reasons as the first one, it seems to be lacking something.

The first games missions seemed more structured than this version's missions, and this lacks the sense of progression you made in the first by reducing the gang's weapons, recruits, explosives, etc.

While I do still think this is a great game (hence 4 stars!), it feels a little like the developers opted for an easy sequel instead of pushing the boundaries. Still, I'm going to be playing for many hours yet!

  GTA Pimped Up!

| | See all Yazziiee's reviews (2)

I recently saw this for 10 pounds and thought why not, boy that was a decision i did not regret. This game is so much fun alone or with a friend. You not only get to blow everything up that moves (and some things that don't) you also get an rpg experience as you start from an extremely weak (and pretty useless) character and you work towards levelling up your skills and unlocking abilities. For example if you want to run faster and jump higher you seek out the agility orbs which gives you the ability to fly eventually with a glide suit. Or if you want to be built like a shed and throw cars around then take to the streets and beat the hell outta your foes. It keeps you wanted to progress and keep playing long after you finish the story. If you just want to repeatedly play the story you can also do that and even use the same character if you want to without losing any skills. Its an all round fun and explosive game that is set to provide most gamers with at least 10-20 hours of fun gameplay and thats not even taking into account the online mode. In my opinion give it a go, it won't dissapoint you.


| | See all LH1992's reviews (2)

The game overall is average. Too much focus on trying to involve competitive multiplayer, and the campaign suffers for it. The missions are extremely repetitive and there just isn't as much to do as the first game. Still, it has the same old fashioned Crackdown gameplay, which is quite fun. And the developers made a decent enough job to say that they were rushed.

The game is probably worth under 20 pounds but no more than that.

  Not as good as the first one

| | See all Piemantis's reviews (1)

If you want to play Crackdown and have not played either of them, please pick the first one.
The story for this game is really short and takes about 3-4 hours to complete. As fun as running people over and jumping high may be, it does get boring really quickly when you realise all you can do is jump up buildings to collect a green orb that has no real purpose except for completing a side mission where you run along a rooftop.

Be careful while playing online.....
Unless you are playing with friends, make sure nobody can join your game.
There is a high chance the people will just sit shooting you with rockets to knock you to the floor... and keep you there.

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  im a bit confused

| | See all jjlovesamerica's reviews (21)

I dont get this game. whats the point to it. you just run around turning off machines and clearing out bases theres no missions or story line to it. you just shoot anything and listen to a really annoying dude telling you your not very good at the game. its alright and can be quite fun but i must say but you cant do anything unless you progress your skills. i mean you cant progress your skills its vertually impossible. anyhow get this game when its about a fiver.

  Lazy Producers

| | See all Samstickles's reviews (1)

Extreme disappointment compared to the first which had a variety of missions whereas this one was pathetic just turning on 3 machines and stand still rinse repeat etc etc very poor work from them