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Halo: Reach

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (125 reviews)"

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  Great Camping and Multilayer Action Packed Game.

| | See all MayaGurung's reviews (1)

The most underrated Halo Game yet for me just try out the 'matchmaking if you don't believe me. It deserves 5 stars not 4 and you hating COD fans know it.

  Halo a great multiplayer game

| | See all Nanoq1's reviews (1)

Halo is as allways a great Multiplayer game. If you like game like COD you will like this game, just to bad that it's only for xbox.

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  Must have for Xbox360 owners

| | See all Mikilas's reviews (1)

As an owner of all halo games (except the antology) I must say Reach is the best shooter I've ever played on the Xbox. The gameplay is pretty good: a great varity in levels, weapons, vechicles ...
One second you are searching what happend, the next second you are defending a base, after that you are on a rescue mission, you get into space... I never had the feeling of doing something twice or tought it was getting boring.

The details of this game make it great. If you zoom in on the most maps in the distance (for example the 'spearhead') you can view scorpion tanks & warthogs fighting off banshee's & other covenant vechicles. The textures look great, the explosions look great...

Shortly: A good game, doesn't get boring, great graphics, good (typical) Halo multiplayer... A must have! (For sure when it's only 12.50EUR on play!)

  A good ending to the series.

| | See all Soujiro85's reviews (8)

And it should've been, "Halo 4" is not a halo game without bungie in the drivers seat.
Reach on the other hand, very strong single player, best and most thought out story of the series, introducing a squad of spartans to connect with was a turn of genius, made the campaign much more then just a run and gun that they always have been. If it was on single player alone it would've been a 5 star from me.
However, the multiplayer lets it down.
Contrary to what many people will say, Halo mulitplayer has declined steadily since Halo 2. Halo 3 proved itself in its own right. However reach became to "child friendly" with its multiplayer, flying around with jetpacks, turning invisible at will. Fun? yes, for 5 minutes or so, combine that with the screaming teenagers that basically makes you run everyone on mute, just to be sure, and it ruins it.
For big fans of the halo series like myself, this is a great buy, but if you're looking for a competetive shooter, wait for MW3 or BF3.

  Halo Reach is fantastic

| | See all Am3ricanPsycho7's reviews (1)

I'll be quick and direct, get this game. Iv'e never played Halo before but after playing Reach for a couple of hours, the online is fantastic. If you own an xbox, you owe it to yourself to get this game. And at 12.99.... why wouldn't you!!!

  Great way to begin the trilogy

| | See all samZ001's reviews (1)

Reach is a great game and in my opinion the best Halo of the lot! The graphics engine received a long overdue update and greatly looks the part now, smooth sharp and colourful graphics worthy of a game of this popularity! Campaign is good and is fresh thanks to being your own fully customisable Spartan instead of Master Chief, you can change nearly anything about your character! Multiplayer is fantastic, the game modes and options for each are immense as is Co-op with 3 of your mates through the whole campaign! You gain experience with whatever mode you play and rank up after certain stages which is also very satisfying! Stats mad players will have a field day here too! Whether you like Halo or not it's a fantastic game in its own right and at this price it's the best game buy on this site! I've had this game now for over 6 months and it's still my most played (i have alot of games)

  A must buy

| | See all darthridley's reviews (2)

For me Halo is the Jewel in Microsofts Xbox crown and for me this is the best game in the series. Has non-stop action to epic set pieces and for the price play has it for it's an absolute steal.

  Reach-ing out for the next HALO.

| | See all Shaughnessy96's reviews (21)

Apart from my vivid memory of playing Halo: Combat Evolved on the old Xbox, I don't know that much about Halo. What I do know, is a good game. And this is it.

Halo: Reach has a stunning campaign with great visuals, sounds, and a good storyline also. The main part of the game is its multiplayer like any game, and yes the multiplayer is amazing. Love the Big Team Battle game mode where there are vehicles that can be controlled, also love the sniping game mode which adds even more value to the cost.

Halo: Reach has made me a huge fan of the franchise now, and come November 15th, I can't wait to relive history and play Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which was a great idea to update the game and re-release it. If you're a fan of Halo, or just a fan of shooters, this is well worth the low price it is now.

Highly recommended.

  fan boy's come on !!!!!

| | See all ionlysellgames's reviews (10)

i have a ps3 and an xbox360.......sorry ps3 but this is one reason to own xbox360 ... the game is wicked and yeah if it was on ps3 i'd buy it ............xbox v ps3 ..get over it kid's there both top console's

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  So much to do!!

| | See all JVHGamer's reviews (1)

This game is a fantastic ending to Bungie's rein of Halo. It's a fantastic ending to it, and one everyone should buy. The best feature however is the sheer volme of things to do:
Campaign: A great story
Matchmaking: !Years! of fun
Firefight: Wave defense mode great in co-op
Forge: Make your own maps!!
Theater: Make screenshots of your favourite moments!

Is this the best shooter ever? To some, yes. Is it the best shooter package ever? Most definitley!!!

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