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Kinect Including Kinect: Adventures!

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (62 reviews)"

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  Amazingly Brilliant!

| | See all pixie5979's reviews (20)

Kinect arrived this morning and it's fantastic! It was really easy to set up and install.
I played Kinect Adventures straight away and it was so much fun. I was to busy having fun that i didn't realise how much of a workout it gave me until i had finished.
My 3 year old was itching to have a go and got on pretty well with it. I have ordered Kinectimals for him and can't wait to see him play it.
My other half is playing kinect Adventures as i write this and it's hilarious to watch.
I can't wait to get other games for this and have already got a Top 10 Most Wanted list, including Zumba Fitness.
Highly recommended!

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| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Very clever technology, but it is still nothing more than a glorified eye-toy until developers start to back it up with proper games.

Sports, fitness and party games are about all you will be able to play until something remotely non-WII comes out.

Very impressive tech... needs software support badly.

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  This has got to be the best thing ever!!

| | See all BigTony1's reviews (9)

I got my Kinect yesterday after ordering it in June. I love anything new in the technology circles and have been watching this with interest since it was leaked in 2008 ;)

I set it up on my HD Projector first, but it will not work due to the light beam from the projector and of course the shadows that YOU cast by being in the way - Thought it might cause a problem, but wanted to try it.

Once it was on the 50" Plasma, all went well - my living room has about 10' x 10' of clear space which is best, but it DOES work in a 6' space, but its not as much fun if I am honest - I tried it by pulling a couch up behind me.
As for the games, I have Adventures and Sports, both are fantastic fun and a millions times better than anything I have ever seen on the Wii - you have the superb gameplay with the power of the 360 - a winning combination in my opinion. The bowling and Javelin where my faves, and the hurdles reall;y gave me a workout. Today I am aching a bit which means it worked lol

This technology is still in its infancy and once developers start to push it I think we will see a new genre in video games - especially when the 3D games start to flow out for 3D TV - Imagine how amazing that will be - 3D with Kinect technology - WOW!!

Anyway, if you have kids or you just want a great way to keep in shape without going to the gym or running up the streets full of yobs, then this is for you.

Microsoft have done us proud with this kit, although I think the price may be a bit too high for some with the financial climate being as it is - Maybe they should drop it til after XMAS back to 130 squid?

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  A Pleasant Surprise

| | See all WeeWillieWispy's reviews (1)

As a hardcore Xbox 360 gamer I was seriously worried the Kinect would be aimed solely at casual gamers and families. A year ago I had seen the graphics and couldn't help but think this would be a cheap cross between the Nintendo Wii and the old Eye Toy. However, I couldn't have been more mistaken.

Using a VGA camera and IR projector the Kinect tracks movement surprisingly well and manages to distinguish between player and pet flawlessly. The voice recognition works a dream as well. I went all giggly the first time I played a DVD:

"Xbox. Play disk." It did. First time!
"Fast forward." Again, too easy.
"Faster." Up to 4x speed.
"Faster." 8x speed.
"Play." I've missed half of the original Tron but, all I do is lift my hand and swipe to the left and I'm back at the beginning. Child's play.

Gameplay is incredibly natural. To kick a football I don't press the A button on a controller, I kick. To bowl a bowling ball I swing your arm forward exactly as I would do down at the local 10 pin alley only I'm not wearing some communal shoes and I've yet to put any trousers on.

Of course, I'm referring to Kinect Sports but, I purchased the two together (highly recommended). Kinect Adventures is slightly less fun and with only 5 mini games it is a tad repetitive. On the plus side, playing a game is so tiring, you usually end up going to the kitchen to get a drink or cool off in the shower before you get bored.

Yes, the games are not up to the graphical standard of Call of Duty Black Ops and sure, there's only a basket load of games available to purchase at present but, that was exactly the same as the Wii, the PS3 and the Xbox 360. This is a worthy investment.

Oh, and worried about looking ridiculous? Don't be! Everyone just has to have a go as well. It's the first time I've ever manage to get my girlfriend to play a video game and now we play doubles volleyball and table tennis daily.


| | See all OllieX360's reviews (2)

Kinect is simply amazing! I just recieved it this morning, doesn't take more than 5 mins to set-up. Played Kinect Adventures that comes with it, and I have had so much fun, I didn't realise how unfit I was! lol. I've played the Wii before although it is a good console, I think Kinect is so much better. Have ordered Kinect Sports for this as well, so I'm sure that'll great!

I'm the kind of gamer who likes to get as many achievements out of games as possible, so I will be pushing beyond my limits with this thing, and sure I will get fit even more than I am.

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  Awesome if you have the space

| | See all bosseye's reviews (62)

You've seen the adverts, all those shiny happy people playing in living rooms the size of an aircraft hanger? Tricksy Microsoft eh, forgetting about us in the UK with our titchy houses.

The manual claims 6ft minimum which I know a few people will have trouble finding, but you really need a minimum of at least 8-10ft in front of the TV and a good few feet either side to allow for a decent play space where you can move about without crashing into things. If you want 2 people playing then the wider the better and clearly the further away from the TV you can get, the better. Too close and you'll get errors and people stepping outside the play area and things just won't go well.

So I've had to slightly reshuffle the living room around, I've had to move a small sofa and set the Kinect sensor up so that the TV can be angled differently when we want to play Kinect - don't forget that it needs to be set up, calibrated and then left in its position - every time you move the sensor it needs to redo its set up to confirm the correct play space. A mild pain in the bum, but with a little tweaking its been possible to get a decent play space in a 1930's terraced living room, suitable to 2 people to play.

Set up is nice and friendly with a range of update and fine tune options beyond the basic play area set up.

So, assuming you can find the space, this is a seriously good fun bit of kit. Its also, frankly, a rather spookyily cool bit of technology, scanning your body and mvoements and allowing for all manner of swish gesture based motion control. Its also a little bit weird controlling stuff on the TV with nothing in your hands. Voice controls also feature and although you might feel and sound a bit of a spoon shouting XBOX! DASHBOARD! its undeniably entertaining. It can also be set up to recognise individual players, so if I'm playing a game and my wife wanders in, she gets scanned and recognised and then her avatar joins the game. So clever stuff then.

Kinect adventures is your bundled party games pack and to be fair its a good introduction to control less motion control. The games are fun, suitably daft and surprisingly energetic, even for a toned adonis such as myself...add in two people and its gets even more hectic, all flapping limbs and shrieking, but the sensor copes admirably with translating these terrifying movements into the game. It takes photos too at random moments (Dance central takes hilarious sped up[ prodigy video style videos - awesome)

Flaws, well aside from the space considerations which should put a lot of people off, there hasn't really been any. Now that my play area is set and I've updated my Kinect ID for different lighting conditions I'm recognised whenever I step in front of the sensor and it all goes nicely from there. The only thing I can see being an issue is that naturally the novelty will wear off and I can't really see what kind of games other than party game shovelware (as seen infesting the Wii) Kinect could actually do. We'll see though, so 5 stars on the fun and cleverness factors alone.

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  The Latest Innovation!!!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

This really is the way forward in technology. And Microsoft in my opinion are leading in this field once again.

Yeh ok the Wii. It was a great idea. And give them credit for getting this up and running. But the controller for the wii just turned into a money pit. Those extra expansion packs did little for the wii controller. And costs a fortune.

Now the kinect on the other hand is completely the way forward. You can also play it on any xbox 360 console , which is just fantastic.

I must emphasize that you need to calibrate your Kinect Sensor. Without this you may struggle to get the sensitivity you need.

Next off I love the fact you can put away all your controllers, because you are the controller. But be aware , that there is a height restriction of about 1 metre.

The one draw back at the moment is that there seems to be a lack of games out at the moment. I have seen Forza and Star Wars are coming out, which I am excited about but at the moment there isnt too much.

But still what you have to play with are amazing. I recommend this to anyone who has or hasnt got an xbox. Its just great fun for all the family.


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  Pretty good!

| | See all maclean7's reviews (1)

As someone who is used to playing the Wii and Xbox 360 I was slightly cynical when I heard about Kinect as I felt it was an attempt to combine the two consoles, HOWEVER I was quite wrong. Kinect is really for people who are active or wish to get active as you are unable to play it from a sitting down position unlike the Wii. The cameras on it are very sensitive and pick up every movement. They take pictures at vital points whilst you are playing the games so it gives everyone a good giggle when looking at them. The are a couple negative things I have to say about Kinect. Kinect Adventures is rubbish, no where near as good as Wii Sports as there is 5 games on it which become very tedious after a couple of plays. Also in order to play Kinect you require a large area (you need to start off at least 6ft away from TV) to play it in, especially if there are two players involved.

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  Best gaming accessory ever!!!!

| | See all TomMyatt's reviews (8)

I watched the E3 conference where they demonstarted the kinect. I instantly knew i wanted it. It is sublime. Fun for all the family and a really intelligent invention. I have had hours of fun and i would advise anyone in two minds about purchasing one to do it. The only reason i would knock off a star is that it come with Kinect Adverntures whcih is not a good game. If you do get Kinect you will need to purchase other games like Kinect Sports or Kinect Joy ride as Adventures is just terrible.

  into the future for kinect

| | See all napalm150's reviews (14)

I must start by saying that i petty anyone on here who has not had anything good to say about kinect, ok it may sound like wil or move but to be completely honest its nothing like it and puts ground breaking technology into your xbox.
i did not believe my partner would ever play any games but its hard to get her off it and as for fun 'kinect sports' and even adventures are just fab.
i can't wait to buy some more games and get the family around again so we can repeat the last nights we've just had.
if you have a xbox and are thinking about kinect then stop thinking now and go and get it trust me we have 'wil' and 'PS3 Move' and there's nothing to take this on, it knows you, your face, your bones and and your voice. what more could you want from it.
well done MS and Kinect

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