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Kinect Including Kinect: Adventures!

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all misslozza's reviews (3)

What can I say about Kinect other than it is INCREDIBLE and I have not had this much fun in ages. You really get into the games and its a brilliant workout. The technology is just amazing, how the sensor detects individual bodies and tracks them. Genius invention and cant wait for more games to be released. I think this is gonna change gaming forever.

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  11 reasons why I enjoyed the kinect experience

| | See all ReviewToday's reviews (1)

Having used the Kinect I have to say that the Kinect is revolutionary future proof and fun to play. Here are 11 reasons why I enjoyed the kinect experience

Easy to set up. Kinect is easy to set up. You do not have to worry about charging up a controller for one and recalibrate the controller every time you want to play.

Hey no controller. Yes it is obvious but i still cannot help but keep repeating that it is easier to play games without a controller rather than hanging on to one and pressing buttons while playing a controller.

More than one person can play on the same unit. Yep the Kinect costs more but if you want to play against a friend you dont have to buy another controller

Your entire body comes into play. (full body motion tracking) Playing by basically moving your hands to playing with your entire body not really a contest in my opinion. You cannot manipulate movements which just spoils the game.

Simple interface. The utter absence of any buttons to press makes Kinect easier to use for the whole family. You dont need to keep track of all the buttons on the controller to ensure that you do everything right.

Social networking integration. We love the fact that you can make a video of yourself playing on the Kinect and send it to your social networks via Xbox Live and KinectShare.

Video Kinect allows you to video chat with friends from their TVs using the new Video Kinect feature. Not only can you video chat from Xbox to Xbox you can also video chat with your Messenger friends and family from your TV set to their PC or Mac with a webcam.

Compatibility Works with any xbox 360

Speech Recognition With Kinect you can control your Xbox 360 console by using your voice. To use Kinect voice commands you start by saying the word Xbox. Then say what you want to do e.g. play Disc

Face Recognition facial recognition is used for automatically identifying users

The Future The kinect is the future of gaming The Wii was obviously the first step in that direction a controller that looks like a remote control the Playstation Move is just a copy of the Wii but I think the future is about having a complete handsfree solution for the living room

  Superb- better than all expectations.

| | See all ozzzy189's reviews (2)

I told my mrs that this would be good for the kids for xmas. little did i know that the whole family including nanna at 80odd years old would be bowling and getting 3stars on dance central ! then last night a friend popped round with his lot to see it working as ironically, play.com didn't send him his kinect so he didn't have it on xmas day and is still waiting. Anyway, that's for him to sort out. As they arrived i heard his mrs say there was no way she was playing any bloomin games. After a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, kinect was fired up and stayed on for over 3 hours ! She now wants the new slim and kinect in their front room so they can all play, this was a total about turn. I just feel for the lad if his new toy ends up being a little less accessible ! Still, his bedroom's very small his dad said, and the tv downstairs is much bigger. Go on, stop looking, click buy and knock yourself out !
Another note. try and get the sensor above the tv, your space requirement goes down massively. i went from 2 and half feet off floor and needing 12 feet, to 5 and a half feet off floor and needing no more than 8.

  Amazing Fun!!!

| | See all angie82's reviews (2)

Its really acurate and so much fun. The game included is more for young kids but we have Kinect Sports and its a great game to have to start off. Love it, great fun and gives you a good workout.

  WoW just WoW

| | See all nickwin's reviews (11)

I'm a semi "hardcore" gamer :-) and I got the kinect for christmas I can say is wow. The control is so good it one to one between you and your avatar and any lag is not noticable. While there is a limited choice of games at the moment what there is are very fun to play. A million times better than the wii

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  Just need some quality games now !

| | See all penny77's reviews (2)

Excellent 5 stars but just want forza and an fps and I'll be as happy as a pig in ####

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  Awesome. FULL STOP.

| | See all JimmyRayman's reviews (9)

Yes people may be complaining about the space issue, but ive managed to play in 5ft of space with no jerky movements on the game at all. It takes a while to get used to the manual calibration of it but once youve got it, the gameplay really is out of this world. For those that have seen Minority Report, imagine that. The sensitivity is amazing, it really is.

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| | See all Bozz1972's reviews (1)

Amazing Technology. All the fun of the WII but far better graphics. Fun for all ages.

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  KINECT for X360

| | See all Chrisplay's reviews (7)

This is a must have, great kit, doesn't have delay in a lot of games, and about voice when there's no1 its ok to talk, but a little bit of noise kinect will avoid you, next year there will be updates hopefully to arrange some delay in some games and the voice recognition. Must buy now!!! Kicks ass sony move and wii!!

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  Fantastic - a great buy ready for christmas fun

| | See all RecklessJones's reviews (1)

This truely is far better than i was expecting. The games are fun and it takes a bit to get used to not having a controller in your hand. The photo's are funny and i think it will be a great addition to our christmas and new year parties.
I'm sorry to say that it puts the wii to shame. I think the wii will end up in a box and not used again.