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Kinect Including Kinect: Adventures!

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (62 reviews)"

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  device can only get better

| | See all bazzadelboy's reviews (1)

been playing this for a few days now and still getting the hang of it,but its new so thats exspected,the lag part for me is the set up part you dont get the aquired space right from the start then this will slow things down,also takes a few plays to get all day/night time set ups,so be patient and make sure you have enough space,to be fair im happy with what i have seen and played and theres going to be many more games and updates that will improve this great little device even more, so patients is the key, 4 stars for now a its early days .......

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The thing most xbox fans have been waiting for is finally here, Kinect!
You don't need a controller, just be yourself and it is really fun to play.
Loads of great games!!!!!!!!

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| | See all josh14399's reviews (8)

kinect is a great for kids its basically a more advanced version of the ps2 eyetoy. sadly the device has a noticeable lag for example when you wave your hand you will see your hand wave with a delay on screen. This lag isn't as bad as a webcam but it is noticeable. if you have a kid who plays too many videogames this device will be great for them because although they are still gaming at least they are getting some exercise. i rate this low due to the lag but apart from that its a nice new way for kids to play games.

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  Fantastic & worth the wait. You will not regret buying this!

| | See all Markomac's reviews (4)

This device is amazing! Yes, the price might seem steep to some but Google search how much the components cost and you will see that MS are making very little from it! They have made this as accessable and cheap as possible.

I have had no issues with Lag. Please remember that lag issues are due to calibration and game differences. Some titles have been rushed out and are not as good as others. The device itself tracks fantastically.

Of course the lack of space will be an issue for some, but try it out!

It also tracked me perfectly in the dark with only the light from the TV as a source. Voice commands work perfectly. Jumping in and out of games is flawless as well (no pauses or delays).

Last FM & Sky Player work very well with the Kinect interface. Dance Central is awesome.

Face detection for signing into profiles works great as well. If you wear glasses and its not detecting you just pop them off and then slip them back on once signed in. But ive only had this issue crop up once. I am sure it remembers!

I predict amazing things from this device. Games that incorporate Kinect features. Imagine shooting games where you can speak commands or physically throw a grenade or see around a map as it follows your turning head. The possibilities are only limited by developers imagination.

The Kinect webcam chat works great too. Just make sure you have the lights on!


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  Brilliantly Knackering!

| | See all Casshern1966's reviews (2)

This is the greatest thing EVER! We have just enough room after moving the furniture around for 2 player games (at-least 8 feet - 6 foot for 1 player). Unit arrived 2 days ago and whilst the kids are at school I'm at play! The Wii is now gathering lots of dust. Learnt some great dance moves and getting into a great exercise routine and boy can u feel it! Arms are killing me - 10 Stars!!!!

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  Awesome piece of tech - ALOT better than i imagined...

| | See all robbieB1973's reviews (3)

I was skeptical of Kinect like alot of people, however after picking it up on Wednesday, i have to say i was blown away at how good it actually is. Started playing at 2pm, didn't get of the thing until nearly midnight! Really easy to set up, i recommend 6-8 feet of space, although Kinect had no problem picking up two people for Kinect Adventures, and we don't have the largest living room.

And you will definitely ache aswell! You can't simply wave your hand and expect that to be enough (like on the Wii) - you WILL have to move your whole body and interact (i ached like hell the next day) - it's incredibly accurate at tracking your body movements (and i didn't notice any lag to speak of). Voice navigation and hand gestures work perfectly (take a few mins to get used to) - so if you're lazy or the controller is nowhere to be found, it's a breeze to navigate the dashboard!

If you can afford it, and you have the space, i highly recommend picking one up. Games wise, yes the launch titles are a little weak (i picked up Dance Central which is a blast, and Kinectimals which is surprisingly entertaining) - Kinect Adventures is great fun though. Excited to see what else will be implemented with Kinect...

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  makes you feel like tony stark controling his pc

| | See all pauldalt's reviews (12)

i realy like this .................we have a wii and a ps move..............now a kinect......................i wasent shur at first but this things stuning.................2 problems you do need space and the leads a bit short as my tvs on the wall and my ax stand is 4 foot away from it.......... but it i realy love it its so much funnnnnnn


| | See all Martin11's reviews (1)

Absolutely fantastic. Kinect opens up a whole new world of gaming. No longer is the Xbox 360 strictly for the serious gamer, is now caters for casual gamers so now the whole family can get involved. It is better with at least two players though, jumping around your living room on your own can make you feel a bit silly, still quite fun though!! Kinect Adventures is so much fun to play. Even just navigating the xbox dashboard and playing around with the settings is fun.

Oh, and PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE let's not compare this to the Wii. This is on a different planet altogether.

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| | See all lukegsxr's reviews (8)

But, says it needs 6ft for one player, 8-10ft for two players,
i have mine 8ft away, made wall bracket, really push boat out for every last inch, but it needs more than 6ft for one player, i first had mine at 6.5ft, and calibrating it still asked me to step back further??, as soon as u move forward from 6ft, itll freak out,
place high if possible at 6ft high point, as this angle will give u extra length between u and the kinect,
if u have exactly 6ft, watch out,
with my 8ft and longer angle i still cant do two player,
and if u have anyone else watching, they must keep still.
although its funny kicking some balls, some else walks in, sits on the sofa, and suddenly your charecters legs break and crouchs down because its tracked them

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  Very surprised

| | See all thedarkness's reviews (1)

It works! and it works very well, even in a ave size bed room with a bed in the way of the 'play space'! Havent even had any bother playing 2 player, even with my bed in the way of the 'play space'. The product is very quick at picking up your gestures and im genuinely delighted with the way it works. The voice command is also fantastic picking up even a wisper of the word 'XBOX' so no need for shouting. only thing i was abit dissapointed at was the lack of a TV stand packaged with the product so it can go ontop of the TV. Having the Kinect ontop of the TV also helps with the 'play space' giving you an extra 1 foot of room to play with.
Overall very pleased, way better than the wii ;o)

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