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Kinect Including Kinect: Adventures!

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Wicked Sweet, Ignore All But A 5 Star Rating!

| | See all MAD4COLLECTABLES's reviews (1)

Right where to begin, wasn't sure on this, but hey ho I'm a tech junkie so who was I kindin, got it and for once sat and read the manual, gutted 6-8ft distance for play (my room is at the very most 6ft long and I only have 2ft of width for playing space, so tiny tiny), plan was to have in the living room, stuff it couldn't wait ripped open the box and plugged in, it set up fine and within 5 minutes I was playing happily very responsive, box is awesome, vollybally wicked and hey I'm the king at table tennis, tried out the Adventures this too is excellent, although you definately need space for Finest Evolved or a Two Player game.
I can honestly say after playing with this thing for an hour I was grinning like the 'Cheshire Cat' never enjoyed playing a game so much, simple view if you can afford it GET IT!
You can't help but give this thing a 5 star rating! I I think there is really only one downside and thats whilst playing it takes images and then shows you on screen for saving and web publication, don't mind making an idiot out of myself, just don't need being reminded of it.
Hey KIDS are gonna love this!

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  Easily the best INTERACTIVE gamer system out there :-)

| | See all Maniac007's reviews (2)

I got my Kinect yesterday after ordering it in June. I love anything new in the technology circles and have been watching this with interest since it was leaked in 2008 ;)

I set it up on my HD Projector first, but it will not work due to the light beam from the projector and of course the shadows that YOU cast by being in the way - Thought it might cause a problem, but wanted to try it.

Once it was on the 50" Plasma, all went well - my living room has about 10' x 10' of clear space which is best, but it DOES work in a 6' space, but its not as much fun if I am honest - I tried it by pulling a couch up behind me.
As for the games, I have Adventures and Sports, both are fantastic fun and a millions times better than anything I have ever seen on the Wii - you have the superb gameplay with the power of the 360 - a winning combination in my opinion. The bowling and Javelin where my faves, and the hurdles reall;y gave me a workout. Today I am aching a bit which means it worked lol

This technology is still in its infancy and once developers start to push it I think we will see a new genre in video games - especially when the 3D games start to flow out for 3D TV - Imagine how amazing that will be - 3D with Kinect technology - WOW!!

Anyway, if you have kids or you just want a great way to keep in shape without going to the gym or running up the streets full of yobs, then this is for you.

Microsoft have done us proud with this kit, although I think the price may be a bit too high for some with the financial climate being as it is - Maybe they should drop it til after XMAS back to 130 squid?

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  Worth the wait?

| | See all degs1001's reviews (1)

I have been waiting for this for about a year but was it worth it? the answer in short is a resounding Yes. The unit is sleek and stable and looks great with a black TV and stand.

When it comes to setting it up you need to have the KInect in the middle of the TV and be able to stand 6 feet back from the TV. This is very important if you don't have the space then this will severely affect your game play. Once you have the kinect in the right place and you start to play then it will take 10-15 mins for you to realise you actually have to move your feet, and not just lean and wave your arms around like you do on the Wii. You also need to watch for the light fittings when it comes to jumping (well I am 6 foot 4 inches) all in all its a great piece of kit and I loved every minuet of it it can take a bit of tinkering to get the position right and it is worth locking the dog or cat out of the room. But for me its a must have

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| | See all I2ROUNDS's reviews (10)

great like the review below you need space, a must buy is dance central its fun and great to learn new moves gonna be good for christmas!!!hope more great games come out for this

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  Kinect - Amazing, much better than I predicted

| | See all rossrod's reviews (1)

I had heard good things and bad things about Kinect, being a Wii lover I purchased it. Yes you do need about six foot in distance from you and the TV to play 2 player, 8ft would be better as the view range is limited. This however is the only fault I can find, it truely is awesome, myself and my girl friend were playing it all night! When you run it does as well, far superior to the wii, was stunned how god the motion tracking is. Utterly blown away, for I 129.99 it actually is worth every penny! Love it :)

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  So good!!!!!

| | See all badgersounds's reviews (6)

Arrived about 12.00 today, unpacked and got it set up in no time. Once i got to grips with the dashboard using just my hands and voice which is great!!! i played a few games...

...after a few hours i have to say that kinect is so much fun and it has potential to be great!!! only a few good launch titles i know but I'm sure next year some great games will be coming out for this device!!!

i had no problem with any space issues and even if you occasionally bump into things, it doesn't matter that much i used to with the wii!!!!!

5 out of 5 for kinect

4 out of 5 for games (more soon hopefully)

  Knocks the Wii Out!

| | See all Loonymoo78's reviews (2)

Totally brilliant-lots more energetic than the Wii and loads more fun too! Definitely one for the whole family. Kinect Adventures is surprisingly good-expected it to be a bit pants but has kept us all amused for hours and can be really tiring! lol Just one thing-it requires you to be 6-8ft back from the sensor so does require quite a bit of space. Also we are all just under 6ft and we needed to be nearer the 8ft distance. That said it is worth ditching the furniture-who needs a sofa?! Just get it and you will know what we mean! lol


| | See all gds1972's reviews (2)

This has huge potential
However you need to be able body and also need to have allot of space available to be able to use this to its full potential.


| | See all 000Ecx's reviews (1)

If you don`t have space, don`t buy this. I bought this for me and the wife to play together but we are gutted. You need a fair sized room to play this. I have a good sized livingroom but not big enough apparently. Our tv is fixed to the wall so no chance of changing the room to suit kinect. An eight ft playing distance for two players is going to leave a lot of kids disappointed, when the average kids bedroom probably won`t suit. If however you have a big room then i`m sure it will be fabby.

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  What will they think of next

| | See all Oatayne's reviews (5)

kinect is finally out! Just finished having my 1st go and what can i say. Ye its a bit iffy when u play for the first time but after a few goes its great and easy to master. the way it capture ur movements is great. Though i would be a bit cautous if you dont have the space. but other than that its smashing great for gettin you off the sofa and getting more involved in the game, keeps you on your toes. if your not the type to go gym to get a bit fitter then this is great for that little work out. Great for giving kids that little exercise. Voice activation is amazing if you cant be bothered to wave your arms on the dashboard just start saying the phases, Xbox............ smashing. All we need now is a few top rated games to work along side this nifty little gadget, and we have winner.
Move over nintendo wii, theres a new cat on the block!