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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Great alternative fun!

| | See all JimmyRayman's reviews (9)

Yes its not Call of Duty or Battlefield, but if you thought it would be you shouldnt own an Xbox 360. Its a brilliant little game, being able to vault, climb and slide tackle while shooting is excellent, you can customize your character in near endless ways. The levelling system is good and the graphics are cartoony, but not over the top, if youve played team fortress on the orange box, imagine that! Each class has its advantages and disadvantages which you can use to your advantage after a few games!

Overall a great little game both to play offline and online! Definite buy, especially with the free dlc coming soon.

  Seriously Underated

| | See all roryw87's reviews (1)

I wasn't aware of all the 'hype' for this game, I tend not to read about games before they've come out as I've found myself disapointed before. Therefore I didn't actually know much about this game at all. I can honestly say that this game is great fun, though I'm not sure on the longevity of the gameplay.

I've seen people describe it as trying to be like call of duty combined with various games (boderlands etc).This is certainly not true. It's defiantely not trying to be like COD, so if you go in with that mentality you're bound to be disapointed. What it is is a refreshing take on the FPS genre. Someone described it as Team Fortress 2 + Mirror's Edge, which is pretty close I reckon...although tbh I don't really think the parkour stuff is a big part of the game...climbing up things to get to areas quicker/ give a tactical advantage is but there's no serious PK like in Mirror's edge.

Campaign mode is short (as is the 'challenge' mode), on normal I completed both sides in about 6 hours I think. Online is good, but again limited to the 10 or so maps.

The challenges you have to complete each level are well thought out and slightly different from the normal

There's a decent amount of customisation available for your character and weapons.

Overall I think this game is great fun so well worth a punt now it's come down in price.

  loving it!

| | See all BlackRose1988's reviews (9)

I'm not a big fan of fps-games, but i love Brink. lot's of fun playing multiplayer online. can understand the dissapointment if people don't have the possibility to play online, but it's brilliant!:)

  BIG let down!

| | See all ajwynne's reviews (1)

Got this game a few months ago, played it for a few days then got bored. The format of the game is weak. When I saw the ads for it I thought it was more like a traditional shooter. Little did I know. It now sits in my game draw unplayed and unloved!

  brink is great!

| | See all josephw's reviews (6)

When it first came out I thought "thank you!" a game that mixes over the top parkour moves with a first person shooter so I definetly thought thats the game for me. usually I stick with free roam drive about shooting people or zombie killing games, (Big fan of zombies!) but this was like a completly different game for me and it didn't fail to impress the level objectives can get a little confusing but still a really great game. you should buy it if you want a change from CoD.

  Let down

| | See all robcmc's reviews (8)

I understand the initial appeal of this game, it looked a good game to invest it. But there are way too many flaws. Multiplayer is OK for a while, but the main problem is the story. I mean, it takes a good 2 clips to kill anyone, yet you can die so easily. The graphics are, again, only OK. The main let down however is the AI. It doesnt help you at all, more often that not it just seems to get in the way. Honestly, I would recommend leaving this game and waiting for the new battlefied


| | See all RiGoddamDiculous's reviews (1)

I don't usually write reviews but have been compelled to do so for this game. AVOID THIS GAME. The game is really designed for multiplayer yet has the worst multiplayer experience ever. The lag time is awful, to the point where the game is unplayable online (plus it's almost impossible to find any other actual players - not surprising due to the bad lag times) So it's a multiplayer game that is unplayable in multiplayer leaving only single player. And this is even worse. It's been said in other reviews but the AI spoils the single player, it's terrible, really frustrating. In summary, spend your hard earned on something else, you'll only regret buying this, I know I do.


| | See all epicKINGR's reviews (10)

I bought this game hearing mixed reviews, but I can say if you like ur action shooters then this is a great game! I found the missions alot more tricky even on easy compared to most other shooter games so definatly more of a challange! But personally I love it!

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  In Theory...

| | See all smoore528's reviews (8)

In theory, this should be a great game; brilliant innovations with regards to objectives, customisation, and movement - but somehow the game seems very "thrown together". The single-player campaign is short, and very sporadic, there isn't really a "story" to it, at least not a very good one. The single player gameplay is more or less a massive disappointment, the AI is clumsy and useless at the objective-based side of things, and to be honest the "parkour" aspect is very clunky and doesn't fit in well with the setting of the game. The campaign is playable, and even exciting at times, but this is short-lived as you will find yourself finishing both campaigns in about 2-3 hours. As for the customisation, it is better than the likes of Call of Duty or Medal of Honour, but it's still nothing to write home about, and as far as the weaponry goes it leaves a lot to be desired, there is no variety, and the attachments are poor to say the least. I can't say the online aspect redeems the shortcomings of the singleplayer campaign, because to me it seemed more of the same.

I had wanted to give this game 3 stars, and truthfully I still do - the game does have it's moments of excitement, but these were only momentary and don't speak for the rest of the game. Unfortunately I had many more bad things to say about this title than I do good things, which is a shame - it had so much potential. I wouldn't spend more than 20 pounds on this game, you'd be wasting your hard-earned dosh! Feel free to give this game the benefit of the doubt and give it a try if you see a good price for it, but for me it was nothing short of a disappointment.


| | See all Kaze101010's reviews (2)

the game overall is a let down in my eyes. the gameplay sucks. the AI are worse than FIFA 11's. the only good thing about this game is the character customization which is really good and it's something to do with your friends. but alone, its awful