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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all wantsomecandy's reviews (4)

First of all i'm about 3/4 of the way through this and have not experienced either of the issues mentioned below (frame rate or save bug)...

The most impressive thing about this game is the scale and the depth of everything from weapons to enemies to environment to abilities... The amount of different moves and combos you can string together with dark magic, light magic, armour assisted attacks, ranged weapons etc is great fun... Also, the enemies you encounter are very satisfying to beat, from the massive Lycans to the Giant Spiders, Great Boars and Cave Trolls (all of which you can commandeer, ride and use to navigate the environment)...

Graphics are beautiful \ seamless and the backgrounds and settings are ace... I particularly enjoyed the castle scenes and fighting the vampires...

The puzzles are quite intricate and fully engaging, unlike other games where they are just thrown in to mix things up a bit... Boss battles range from absolutely epic to highly challenging to satisfyingly difficult...

I do have a bit of a gripe though - sometimes the fixed camera angles make navigating very difficult and very frustrating... I found myself walking off cliff ledges or jumping the wrong way to my death because of a sudden, unexpected change of camera direction... Its more of a nuiscance than anything else...

In summary this is a beautifully made game with at least 20 hours of gameplay over 2 discs.... Puzzles, enemies, abilities, characters, storyline and bosses are all quality and the combat \ magic system is great fun...

The only game this year to keep Gears of War 2 out of my Xbox for longer than a few hours... Highly, highly recommend...

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  Nice One!

| | See all Shimrath79's reviews (2)

I purchased this totally randomly and was nicely surprised.Not really into hack and slash ems but the graphics are very good the music is atmospheric and overall a good game.Well over 14-20 hrs game play so value for money.The boss battles range from very easy to making your left thumb drop off due to the amount of rolling you need to do but they are fair!

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| | See all ManThatYouFear's reviews (6)

Great game but is suffering from a game breaking bug, you cant save and exit and if you use the guide button to exit it has a high chance of corrupting the save file, and you can only have 1 save file at a time.

Konami have just announced a fix for it ( but only for the PS3 version), wait a month before you buy, it will be cheaper, and it will work.

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  l Disco 7 l

| | See all DISC0S's reviews (6)

Fantastic game!!!! Lots of it reminded me of super castlevania 4 on the super nintendo!!! Good long action game with a high volume of puzzle and strategy mix.
Fantastic ending!!!
So much better than GOW3.

  Blown away

| | See all Delpoi's reviews (5)

I was lucky enough to be born in the era when games were just starting so retro games were my bread and butter and one of those lovely game sandwich's that used to help my hunger was castlevania i used to spend hours and hours on that game so basic side to side platformer yet so addictive.So when i heard that this project was in production i kept my fingers crossed that they would do me proud and boy have they.As soon as i opened the box and saw two discs ill admit i nearly wet myself cause thank fook it wasn't going to be a short game which most are these days they have spent time with a classic gem and nurtured it.The graphics are outstanding the voice overs are brilliant you get sucked into the story immersed into the world they have pulled out all the stops for this and then you have the action with the fluid movements i cant fault it on any level at all its a masterpiece of gaming cant wait to finish it (which will take a while) just so i can go all the way back through retro gamers and new gamers don't hesitate BUY THIS GAME!...you will not be disappointed :-)

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| | See all maidenheaven's reviews (1)

i brought this game on sunday and i wasnt to sure about it,ive never played a castlevania game in my life and theres 3 reasons why i brought it now 1 FANTASTIC 2 GRAPHICS ARE AWESOME 3 GAMEPLAY IS EASY TO HANDLE,i am hooked to this game,BUY IT!!!!!! if you like god of war type games then your in for a treat,cant fault the game at all.....i give it 5 stars and a big thumbs up.

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  Castlevania Reborn in Spectacular 3D.... and what a treat

| | See all Deadpool013's reviews (4)

I have been a Castlevania fan since the 80's and usually this franchise always fails when tried in 3D but not anymore, Hideo Kojima and Mercurysteam took this franchise back to the roots and reimagined it and this is the way a 3D Castlevania should be, very much a God of War type game but it also has many differences included. I recommend this game to anyone, fans of Castlevania and people who havent even heard of the games before. All I can say is, amazing!

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