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Ashes Cricket 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  GOOD in parts

| | See all Deepaa's reviews (6)

This games has its ups and downs but really its one of those games you will only play for a couple of weeks max then it sits on the shelf

  The first and only therefore best cricket game on the 360

| | See all ThePS3Oracle's reviews (19)

In responce to the review written before mine it says this game is almost identical to brain lara is that a bad thing. As brain lara was one of the best sports games ever i still play that on a ps3 to this day. Any way this was the first cricket game on the 360 therefore its the best by default (crictet 2010 is out now but it is exacttly the same) the player names for the teams aint right but this was the same as pro evo in the early days and in no way takes away from the game att all. My one gripe with this game is playing online seems to lag to the point where it is unplayable. i dont know if it is my connection but i have no other problems with any other game. The lag is so bad that when im batting i can see the bowler running in then it lags and im out. But get 2 people who like cricket playing and theres probally only pro evo better than this sports game wise.

  six six six

| | See all doctorisaborofan's reviews (2)

it kill time like winning the ashes I lots of fun playing this but it can bored all day but buy it good buy

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| | See all mickbal's reviews (3)

I purchased this game when it was first released and i have to say that it is quite addictive. However, there are a few issues:

1- the computer scores at an unrealistic run rate
2- the game is almost identical to Brian Lara 2007
3- only England and Austrailia are licensed; the rest do not have correct logos or player names.

On the other hand, there are some positive points:

1- there are online leaderboards, statistics and it is enjoyable to play with others via Xbox Live
2- you can edit the the squads with incorrect player names
3- there are things that you can unlock as you play

Overall, i think it is a surprisingly addictive game which, if you're a cricket fan, is a good buy. I personally do think it is worth £40 but people have differing opinions. I am yet to see a perfect cricket game.

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  Good game if you like cricket

| | See all musicalminds's reviews (8)

Its not that bad but lets face it the fielding not all that,the new batting technique is good,graphics are good their are glitches in the game however their is a patch cummin out for that. But i fell it is a good game because it has no other competition and every1 wants to play it cause england won the ashes otherwise not all that.


| | See all cwwood's reviews (3)

Amazing. Codemasters have pulled it off again. Finally licsensed players. But i must say i am a cricket fanatic and if not a cricket fan still a great game but may be a bit complicated

  Best cricket game on the 360

| | See all thealbear's reviews (27)

If you like cricket you will enjoy this and it's a very good depiction of the sport and the commentary is not bad at all, replays have Hawkeye and the decisions are not always spot on.

All the controls work well and I found it very immersive. My other half on the other hand said it was just as boring to watch as the real thing.

  Brilliant game must buy if your a cricket fan

| | See all mjs4120's reviews (1)

great game Graphics are good but the players names are not changed and it is realistic like the proper ashes with SI botham and shane warne giving you coaching on how to improve your batting and bowling. it is quite hard at first but after a while you will get better especially when you do the coaching all in all great game

  Hit and miss but it's a big 6 with me

| | See all djdmonkeyofdoom's reviews (11)

Always been a fan of Codemaster's cricket game's but this one is the best one of all and show's that alot work has gone into the play of the game. Yes it may not be the best looking game around and alot of the players move the same like they when bowling but oh well.
Bowling- What you get when bowling like in real life LBW wont always go your way even when it should...yes its abit annoying but it happens. Sometimes you will need change the way you bowl to get the batter out. Always fun when wipe the wickets clean out or take a catch with the slips or the wicket keeper.

Batting- Can be easy at times but beware when the bowling change his bowling style half way though his run it can catch you out.

Only thing i wish it had is better choice of players to have chance pick from.

  Nowzats brilliant!

| | See all Riksterxbox360's reviews (10)

In Brian Lara 2007 it was far to easy, you could bowl players out easily and score about 300 runs when batting. But Aashes 2009 is more challenging, life like and the graphics are fantastic. When fielding you have multiple choice of how to bowl, there are different techniques for batting as well. Also there are coaching classes from ian botham and shane warne to teach you better ways to bat and bowl. The ashes is brilliant aswell as one-day internationals, 20 - 20s, and test matches. At first it is quite hard but practice makes perfect! A must buy for people who love cricket.