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Mass Effect

Rating: 12 (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (277 reviews)"

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  Restricted Freedom

| | See all Jaggybunnet's reviews (1)

I had this game pre-ordered since september, and i must say i'm slightly disappointed! not because of the ensuing hype over its credentials, but that it is too restricted.
I had hoped it would be more like Oblivion rather than KOTOR (which by the way is old hat now!)
Don't get me wrong the graphics are truely spectacular and state of the art! However I am not one to be dazzled by style over substance.
There is no freedom in the game, I mean how am I supposed to lose myself in this sci-fi universe if i can't talk to 75% of people in the game?
No, for me the gameplay itself was too old-skool and restricted.
Unfortunately its being traded in tomorrow.

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  360 game of the year!!

| | See all Snads1984's reviews (2)

This game is a fantastic gaming experience it challenges you to make tough decisions that effect the whole game play in a rewarding way. The graphics are the best I have seen yet on the 360 and the amount of depth in the game is unbelievable.

If you love oblivion then you'll love this game, the voice acting is the best ever, there is hours after hours of worlds to explore, and the combat is as good as any of the close range combat 360 games.

Oh just buy it now OK!


| | See all DAWGY30's reviews (20)

Well i have to say ok ok lets get the "wow the graphics are great" and "cool guns and beasties to kill" and look at it as it is. Nothing more than another shootem up lacking a follow on multiplayer option.
Who the hell sits there and makes this decision?
Personally id have to say that 90% of gamers crave a good ass kicking multiplayer i e COD4 / GEARS OF WAR/HALO3. 2 name a few all great games with a kickass multiplayer option whats going on with this world for real
i even got rid of bioshock for the same reason and maybe its just my opinion but i think i stand with many on the belive that a single player only game is very short lived and leaves u with a short time b4 ur trading it back in with the only winner but the ppl who made it and leaving US out of pocket and no carry on feature in the game.
so stick ur pretty graphics and good guns where the sun dont shine and are we really that shaded by the lack of featured that we dont understand anything better

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  Massive and Effective

| | See all puzzledmonkey's reviews (23)

Before we start, firstly let me say that I love this kind of RPG style game and therefore you do not need to take what I say in this review as gospel.

Mass Effect is an awesome game, so far. Firstly the graphics are outstandingly crisp and clear. The character design and animation is equally superb too. Ok, so occasionaly the texture mapping loads a fraction late and therefore 'pops' but that really is a minor quibble.

The action areas of the game really reminded me of Ghost Recon in the way the characters behave and operate. This is impressive, since this is only one part of the whole game experience in Mass Effect.

The squad commanding using the pop-up command wheel takes a little bit of getting used to but it becomes second nature after the 3rd or 4th hostile encounter.

Now, as is the nature with RPG games like this, there is a lot of the game spent having conversations and investigating which is what this game is really all about. The fact that the combat system is so effective is an added bonus and simply helps to make this game feel more complete.

Also, the Light/Dark side of your character as decided by decisions you make is more shades of grey than Knight Of The Old Republic was. You can build both Paragon points (light) and Renegade points (Dark), so your character is not as clear cut bad or good as they were in KOTOR. Could be interesting.

Now, you will know whether this style of game is something that you like or don't like, so I'm not going to try and persuade you to buy it based on it's Ghost Recon-esq fighting system or anything else for that matter.

If you liked KOTOR or Jade Empire then you will love this game. Another Space Opera sir? Yes please.

  mass addicted

| | See all mrkillerking's reviews (4)

if anyone has played knights of the old republic and gotten drawn into a world full of jedi then this game is a must for you bioware have came through with another cracking storyline and emersive world with many different locations to vist and races to see the gameplay has a ghost recon advanced warfighter feel with a third person view there is no more need to input a command attack like kotor just prees the trigger button and fire you'r gun i advise all kotor fans to try this out as it is rumored to be the first part in a trilogy

  Good God, what a game!

| | See all JediJim's reviews (11)

Let me start this review by saying that if I could award this game with a hell of a lot more then 5 stars, then I would!!

I have waited for this game for so long. Ever since completing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 on the Xbox i've been hankering for another RPG in this vein. Yes, one scruple about Mass Effect is that people will liken it perhaps too much to the KOTOR games in the fact that the story is pretty much the same and there are lots of similarities involving the structure of society within the games. In KOTOR you have the Jedi Order, galactic peacekeepers and weilders of, "The Force". In Mass Effect you have the Spectres, galactic peacekeepers who are able to use "Biotic" powers similar to The Force.

The graphics and sounds in this game are really out of this world. There can be a slight drop in frame rate when there's a lot of action going on but generally this doesn't happen often and the sounds just totally immerse you in this immense game.

The size of Mass Effect will keep you going well into winter as there are countless worlds that you can explore in any order you like mostly.

This review will never do the game justice. If you like RPG's or even Shooter games, just buy this and you won't be sorry.

The best game on the Xbox 360 yet. No exceptions.

  Game of the year for sure

| | See all Marshall1985's reviews (9)

Graphics are the best on xbox 360, Huge story mode, Great voice acting, Huge worlds to explore, Great cover system, Interactive story line

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  Amazing to say the least

| | See all Realmanzman's reviews (3)

Greay interactive story telling. A whole Galaxie to explore, good combat and eye catching graphics- what elso could you want!!!