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Mass Effect

Rating: 12 (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (277 reviews)"

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  Amazing WOW!!

| | See all mcgrathjo5657's reviews (1)

This game is great, buy it now you will not be disappointed. The story line is amazing it will defiantly keep you entertained, and has loads of replay ability. Ive already played it twice and am going to play it again, there are so many choices it makes the story different with every decision you make.

This is a absolute must have for your XBOX Collection.

Mass Effect 2 is surly going to be just as amazing and really looking forward to it's release.

  Highly Addictive.

| | See all rowe91's reviews (3)

After finishing and completing this game for the second time, I can safely say this is one of the best RPG titles I've ever played. From the storyline to the effective use of weapons and armor. I highly recommend you buy this game if you enjoyed playing Oblivion or any Final Fantasy game.

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  The best Game ever made

| | See all zzroarjoe's reviews (10)

Mass effect will simply blow you away, its story is amazing and i cannot wait for number 2

  One Word Amazing!!!

| | See all ffcsupporter's reviews (8)

just got mine for twelve quid what a bargin, when i first put it in i couldnt put the controller down just great.


| | See all overmarkus's reviews (2)

This game is amazing i was put off a few months ago because some friends said its rubbish but i went for it and found it was amazing worth every penny


| | See all NinjaLol55's reviews (8)

Quite simply, the best thing to happen to the RPG in a long, long time.

Mass Effect marks, in my opinion, the shift of power from traditional eastern or J-RPGS to western role playing games. Mass Effect is a truly orginal piece of intellectual property that exists in a universe so well realised it puts George Lucas to shame.

Dont be fooled by people claiming Fallout 3 is the best the 360 has to offer, Mass Effect is the top of the RPG crowd. The storyline is excellent, it offers multiple choice conversations that have a genuine, long ranging effect on the game, making it not only attention grabbing but also worth multiple playthroughs. Graphics and sound are excellent and I highly reccommend investing in a HD and surround sound set up to get the best experience from this game.

At such a cheap price, you will not regret owning one of the best games on this platform. I cannot praise it enough.

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  1 year on and its still my favourite

| | See all DaveyGravy's reviews (32)

This will be the series of games that i cant put down in my life.

The story of this game is the best i have ever come across. The world is perfectly put together, and the idea of races from different planets coming together and having a government type setup is just an astounding sci-fi story.

The gameplay is great, combat fun and visuals amazing.

Now if they can just add a tons of side quests and new planets to expore for the second game, it will be almost unbeatable, its that good.


| | See all Mrtakaollz's reviews (7)

This is without a doubt an amazing game! I must have wasted over a week playing this thing, there's so many different storylines to play out, differnet worlds, people to meet, everything! The pure amount of things to do is astonishing, if you liked oblivion you'll love this! A brilliant buy that you'll easily get your money back from!!! Highly reccomended!


| | See all sn1702's reviews (4)

You want this game,its hi def all the way,its stunning engaging and only downfall was no xbox live! But buy it anyway!

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  Paragon or Renegade?!

| | See all melaleuca's reviews (13)

Mass Effect was good. It was big. It was engaging.......and the characters had a stupid way of running that was forever the butt (ha) of jokes around the xbox 360 console fire.....however, when you get past that it's a pretty good buy (i got mine 2nd hand for £9.99!). Best sci-fi RPG on the xbox 360? Mmm....errr....well, yeah, but I doesn't match Knights of the Old Republic on the original xbox...but hey, I'm nit-picking.....

Mass Effect's planet roaming extavaganza is quite big....it has been surpassed since release (Fallour 3, Far Cry 2 etc) but its still pretty big and will give you a good 50 hours on a thorough play-through.

The choice of charater and background is fun, and leaves room for revisits, and the varaition between combat, general planet exploration (bases and driving around) and walking around the main Citadel doing quests is all pretty swell. The graphics are also pretty good (despite the comedy run), and the fact that somebody has had to create other galaxy's and the planets within them is down-right awesome....even the little factual bits on each planet is a nice touch. I enjoyed the buggy rides around those planets you could land on.....even if some of the more rocky ones were a pain....especially when I got stuck (twice) and had to go back to a save that was 10 minutes old(hey, a lot can happen in 10 minutes!)

The storyline was engaging, and my thirst for completing quests so I could level-up made it is highly addictive, but only when you get a grip of the Citadel's layout and how to traverse the galaxy map(prior to this, it is a little slow). I've read reviews that have mentioned the games aimless lack of clarity...but that's only if you don't read the instruction booklet and are one of those gamers that likes to be spoon-fed.....in which case, you shouldn't really be picking up RPG's.....and I also doubt you enjoyed Oblivion and thought that Fable 2 was good.....anyways, I digress....

The 'naughty scenes' mentioned in the news aren't really naughty....it's just, well, a bitt different.....the lead character is fairly cardboard compared to the charcter you interact with to do 'the do", so the whole thing was really rather tepid.....but hey, it gave the game some exposure, and probably helped shift a few units. I was more interested in the YouTube clip showing your character hitting a news reporter and calling her rude names....sadly, I didn't choose the path in game that allowed me to do that particular bit...

All in all, Mass Effect is a worthy purchase that will keep you occupied for a good while. Especially if you're of a sci-fi bent and you appreciate good graphics, an interesting plot and are looking for an RPG which doubles-up as a squad based shooter.

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